White Extermination In South Africa


South Africa is on Stage 6 on Genocide Watch.

Stage 6 is the PREPARATION stage. Stage 7 is the EXTERMINATION stage.

In the above video, Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch explains why the White Minority and especially farmers are in danger of full on Genocide.

As expected, people who dismiss his theories before they even listen to them, call him a racist. No surprises there... If you watch this video, you'll hear that Dr Stanton was actually part of the Anti-Apartheid movement himself.

But of course, if you're the kind of person who calls someone racist just because he's openly saying that whites are in danger of full scale genocide, you won't watch the video that far.



This blog has been getting a lot of hits from international forums recently. I read through most of them and it seems that a lot of people think that my blog is racist and white-supremacist. This is a BLOG - not a news site. If you want fair and balanced news, go to News24 or CNN. This is MY OPINION and I'm white and I'm getting sick and tired of living in a country (and world) where we are constantly being told how bad we are for being white.

First of all, the stats on here come from other websites. Whether it's 3000 or 4000 or 5000, it's too many. If people are slaughtered and open bibles displayed on their corpses and nothing is stolen, one can probably assume that it's hate crimes.

The government may not be directly involved in the killings, but they sure as hell aren't doing anything about them. In fact, they continue to spread anti-white propaganda and blame everything on whites.

In Rwanda, the government wasn't directly responsible for the genocide either. But people incited each other. The 'cockroach' term is being used in SA as well.


So, maybe it's a Genocide IN THE MAKING. I'm so f*cking sorry.

Do a bit of research - what's going on in Muldersdrift?

Fact is, white people are being murdered in South Africa everyday in the most horrendous ways. Usually for a cellphone. If you want to steal a cell phone, is it necessary to  rape your victim and burn your victim with a hot iron and boil your victim's children in oil? Probably not.

Yes, crime affects everybody. But the government is ACTIVELY inciting violence against whites by blaming us for everything that is wrong in the country. If I were black, poor and angry, I'd also believe their bullshit and go out and rape and kill these people who are responsible for my situation.

What do you think happened to all the MK veterans the ANC trained and brainwashed in their camps. What happened to the people who tortured and killed their own in these camps? Have they all integrated themselves into our wonderful rainbow nation as wonderful law-abiding citizens? I think not.

I don't give a shit if people think this article is propaganda. Innocent people are being slaughtered because they are white and because the ANC constantly tells blacks that we are to blame for everything and that we stole all we have from them.

THE VICTIMS OF THESE CRIMES also probably didn't think about the 'correct statistics and analysis and interpretation of the word genocide' while they were being raped, tortured and chopped up with machetes.

If blacks do this to other blacks it's not racist hate crimes. I am concerned with racist hate crimes against my own people and I will continue to tell the world about these crimes whether some PC idiots like it or not.

For up to date reports on black on white hate crimes, visit http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/


Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1994 to 2012:

Whites Murdered by Blacks

Since 1994, more than 60000 (if not 60000, I apologize profusely and you can replace the number with 'a shitload' - these numbers come from various other sites - and they have increased since I wrote this article - Google 'muldersdrift') white South Africans have been murdered of which more than 4000 were commercial farmers. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. There is also no distinction between white and black victims in crime records.

The estimated number of whites sounds like a lot. But it's pretty much common knowledge around the world that there are 50+ murders PER DAY in SA. From 1994 to 2013, that's around 350 000 murders. So, why is it so hard to believe that 60 000 of those are black on white? It's about 17% of the total murders. But the numbers are not the main issue here. It's the NATURE of the crimes.

As the white population of South Africa was 4 434 697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400 000 white South Africans have left the country, it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy.

Compare that to the 7518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population. (And no, you can't compare people killed by the security forces with people killed by civilians, but I'm sure that if you look up white on black civilian murders during Apartheid, it would still be very low indeed. I'm not in the business of statistics - I'm trying to highlight the fact that it is a lie that the Apartheid government killed millions of blacks)

So, if anybody ever asks you how many black people were killed by white people in South Africa, you can tell them that black people have murdered roughly 100 times more white people in the last 63 years.


White Farmers Murdered by Blacks

There were roughly 128 000 commercial farmers in South Africa in 1980. Today there are 40 000 commercial farmers left in South Africa.

Since 1994, more than 4000 farmers have been murdered and many more maimed, tortured, raped and assaulted.

Go to beeld.com. I guarantee that you will read about either a farm murder or an elderly couple that was murdered EVERY DAY.

The percentages are pretty alarming. Even though it's an inaccurate way of expressing murder rates, one could argue that almost 10% of white farmers in South Africa have been murdered.

The official data is that the murder rate of white South African Farmers (boers) is the highest in the world by profession. It is currently 310/100 000. In London, England, the probability of being murdered is 3/100 000.

It amazes me that white South Africans need to go through lengthy visa applications to enter English speaking nations - isn't it obvious that we should be able to claim asylum based on the fact that we have such a massive probability of being murdered in our own country?

White woman disembowled after killing south africawhite genocide farm murders south africa old men murdered
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anc condones killing of white children in south africa on farmsfarmers murdered, anc, nelson mandela condones murder


Infant wrapped in newspaper and torched

Hi-jacked, raped and stabbed to death



The ANC did a pretty good job of killing their own without the help of the Apartheid government.

The main ingredient of genocide - HATE SPEECH:

Genocide has to come from somewhere. People won't just go out and start killing people because they feel disadvantaged or because of a wage dispute. They need to be called to action.

The world is turning a blind eye to the hate that drips from the ANC's lips. The ex-ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema, defied a court ruling that banned the ANC from singing "Kill the Boer" just hours after he left court. The courts are run by "racist whites" according to the ANC Youth League and they don't have any respect for any ruling unless it is in their favor.

Ronald Lamola, the current president of the ANCYL, is trying his best to outshine his predecessor by stepping up the hate speech against Afrikaners.

On 18 June 2012, Lamola told ANCYL members that "Land reform needs an act as forceful as war" and that it was an illusion that land would be given back to black South Africans "peacefully".

Afriforum has laid charges of hate-speech against Lamola earlier this month for other racially motivated slurs. Lamola is also calling for Nationalisation of banks and mines.

 Malema's new puppet

A few hours after Lamola called for war... a 77-year old farmer is murdered in Limpopo.
This time, American tourists found the deceased farmer and his critically injured wife. So we all hope that the Americans will go home and tell the world what is happening in the "Rainbow Nation".


But as the highly intelligent Lamola said on 8 June 2012: "We are told that investors are going to be scared away when we speak about the economy. Good riddance. South Africans will take over."

Anti-white hate speech is turning up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is due to the lies that the liberation movements and their uneducated children keep spreading. If you keep telling the masses that whites stole everything from them, how long before they start taking back what they falsely believe belongs to them?

FHM model Jessica Leandra recently made a "politically incorrect" comment on Twitter where she dared to use the dreaded "k-word".

anti white hate speech anc white genocide south africa

This was one of the replies she received:

disembowel white women with broken bottles south africa

This is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence in the rainbow nation. Maybe we should ask Itumeleng Mabeba where he got the idea to rape white women with broken bottles.

afrikaner genocide in south africa

A favorite pastime of farm attackers is to rape and disembowel women with broken bottles. This 80 year old white lady was the victim of such animals. The ANC will tell you that this was not a hate crime, but a wage dispute, because white farmers exploit farm workers.

Just like Eugene Terreblanche was murdered because of a wage dispute. If you don't get as much money as you were expecting for your Christmas bonus, doing this to your employer is justified, people:

Eugene terreblanche pictures hacked to death

By the way, just because I mentioned Eugene Terreblache here, doesn't mean that I agreed with his ideologies  I am a free thinker. I form my own opinions about people, religion and politics. I'm trying to prove a point and the only pictures I could get were of Eugene. One of the most common counter-arguments we get for highlighting farm murders is: "But farmers treat their workers badly and pay them peanuts"
The point here is this: 


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  1. please let me know what can i do toe help u guys

    1. Why is the Right Wing supporting Anders Breikvik who killed so many innocent kids in Norway?

    2. What does Mr. Breivik have to do with genocide in South Africa?

    3. Its funny how this white puss cunt can spread LIES and other rascists like Lucas Coetzee want to help, what about all the shit that white thrash fuckers did to everyone else in south africa, some people have a VERY selective memory, so bastard all the shit you are talking about above happens in other parts of the world, who is doing that, the issue you fuck is not about black and white but just about crime, blacks are the majority hence it will seem like its about black and white, what about that white fuck that killed his ex wife and drugged his kids, if he managed to get away with it them fucks like you wuold have said it was a black person that did the crime. If black people want to harm you white fucks it would be over for you in one or two days, but rascist fucks like you want to make everything about black and white when it is only about crime, which EVERY country has to deal with, sperading hate speach makes you a rascist nazi, THE TRUTH ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA is that rascist white fucks still think that they are in power and still expect privilage

    4. Lol. Ur spelling is fantastic and u clearly a racist the way u go on about whites. Shame I actually feel sorry for you.

    5. You will never find peace or happiness the way you think you will. It is so easy to hate and give into power over others. But it is a stronger character to instead forgive and do something positive.
      You should instead try to get info. From the actual records and not the mouthed off resources of aggression/propaganda that you and i have been thought with. Don't you even recognize the road that you are racing on? Can't you see that each time our government gets caught with their hands in the smelly fish nets? The amounts of monies that south african generates constantly flows toward them, their friends and families bank accounts.
      Don't you think poverty could have been a thing of the past after 18 years?
      Sa is so wealthy in resources and people. If you would have noticed, the government did not make any good impact, but it all came from the people's willingness and strength that almost made this country work. We have an incredible source of entrepreneurs and talent.
      I only recall citizens opening businesses, special projects, charities.
      The corrupt world painted a too colorful and high picture, but our government only sat on their thrones and received received received all the gifts and wealth that flowed in during that very short positive trc time.

      We were in the exact same shoes that you are now during apartheid, not knowing or hearing of the truth. Not even questioning, because you believe the people whom ones fought for you.
      We did not forget about our terrible past, and should not, it is not that long ago and nothing will ever be enough what you strive for to fix or exchange it. You will only feel and find your way to a eternal festering dreadful pool of hate that you don't want to crawl out of.
      We also have not forgotten our proud history, but are not proud of the slavery that was a world wide trade and introduced by the british empire. But you guys seem to ever so readily deny and forget about your very violent history!!! It is easy to want to believe the new side of history where everything is justifiable so that you don't have to face or carry it. No one wants to be the bad guy, but need that nurturing sympathies and victim hood to use and abuse.

      Dude, too many of my people have died the worst brutal deaths in comparison to yours. 92% of your people's casualties and violence were "black on black". When is it enough? You do not seem to realize that should you continue on this path, there will then be no human worst than your people in history and your futures. Open your eyes. This is past disgusting.

      Your quota for brutalities have long exceeded the afrikaners. Both of our cultures have easily sold us away... The most used and abused people of this earth are either minorities or the entire african continent - for power, land, wealth and resources that god gave to all and not anyone more special. Wake up, there are far worst matters occurring around the world than the past.
      You have no clue what went on in allot of our homes and how we grew up, why we weren't questioning anything, and what happened if we dared to speak out or even show sympathy!!! You only hear yourselves! How much more? You do not have the right to take another person's only life he/she has and make with it as your selfish proven self wants to.

      Most africans are indeed exactly the same and some far worst than an old afrikaner. You've only proved it time upon time.

      The rest of the empires and first world countries are themselves guilty of centuries and centuries of atrocities & human rights abuses. Why are the afrikaners the only nation to be so quickly damned, especially when each time we bring forth the truth or plead?
      I will not be silenced by shamed into guilt anymore!

      Human beings in cultures, tribes, etc. Have for centuries migrated to more frugal land for continual survival, on the earth that god gave all of us. We have made the biggest mistake by claiming claiming claiming.

    6. To all the blacks on this page pretending to be very clever. Know one thing, your day will be comming soon. You will be wiped out as a nation by the white people of not only South Africa but Russia, Germany, Holland you name it. You are killing yourself already, AIDS. So please think very nicely about what you are trying to do in SA. You have no military training or experience, you can kill old poeple on farms, try and have a war and we will see what is the outcome. And yes I am a racist just like all of you.

    7. truth is white xcolonial illegals shouldnt be in africa to begin with whites have stirred so much shit they all deserve deaths in africa and north america as well uk apartheid in south africa classism fascism invention of concentration camps capitalism jim crows law ira colored bars in britain bloodshed in india in 1849 qings dynasty in china genociding natives in oxeana pacific islands and north america bringing pox syphillis and venereal diseases as well looting and still stealing natural resources from indigenous people is all white man to blame those xenophobic bigots will get what they deserve !

  2. Its so sad to hear about this as I was born in 1994 and am supposedly suppose to be the "democracy baby". My family decided to move from South Africa to Australia 3 years ago, and what a difference it is. I came back on holiday and things don't seem to be getting better. How can one vote a government in which promise them one thing but do another, are certain people too blind to see the logic in that, but yet again what do us White South African's know?

    If there's anything i can do to help you guys let me know please.

    1. Hey you so right in everything you are saying

  3. it is clear that they don't look at Zimbabwe as this country after the same treatment of white farmers is now unable to feed itself, I wonder if they have even bothered to think this way. It raises food prices as less food is grown and soon these people will have no food, then what?

    James Bamford

    1. (TR) They actually look up to Zimbabwe as a good example of what they want to achieve. South African leaders are always there learning how they can implement Zimbabwean policies over here. They just don't think like you and I.

  4. I'd just like to point out the absurdity of the claims made in this post. There is absolutely nothing to back them up. The only figure for farm murders (of people of all races) is given by the T.A.U (Transvaal agricultural union.) It gives a number of around 1400 people of all races.

    Secondly there are 39 000 commercial FARMS in South Africa. Not farmers. There are 11 000 maize farms alone. Add to that 200 000 small holdings.

    So how many farmers does that make ? Remember when a wife of a farmer is killed it is counted by T.A.U. So we must count farmers, managers, family etc. Assume a household of 4 and it's 160 000 commercial farmers and 800 000 small holdings farmers. So 960 000. How many were murdered in the latest stat by T.A.U ? 33. So what's the murder rate ? 3.4 per 100 000. The country average is 31 per 100 000. Farmers are 10 times less likely to get murdered than the average South African.

    How the hell is that genocide ?

    1. Rooster, are you still trying to convince the world since the days of SAS that the kaffirs are poor, misunderstood little innocents and the whiteys are the bad guys? Why dn't you bugger off and crawl into Jacob Zuma's backside, or even better, your pal, Juliarse Malemmer - and I hope you'll never wake up one morning and find your wife/partner/daughter/girlfriend or whoever with her head bashed in, or a broomstick up her vagina... You, Rooster, are one sick individual on the losing end of an argument that you can never win - not wit all he overwhelming evidence. Just do everybody a favour and go drown yourself somewhere in the Jukskei river when it's in full flood - lovely clean water, not so??????

    2. Listern To What I have to Say13 October 2012 01:28

      Foxie stop commenting rubbish you cunt. You dont give a fuck on what happened the black people during apartheid era. They had no freedom in their own lands. They had no access to better jobs, education, life and more. Do you even know how many people were abused in Soweto in their own homes. Do you know why we had coloureds, black women were raped by white cunts. White police went into townships with police vans, killing and shooting everyone they see, including children and old people, didnt you know that? The blacks would labour to a white and white would choose not to pay because his/shes black. You say Rooster will never win? think again, apartheid is over, you guys were lucky that Nelson Mandela chose equity after his freedom. In 1994, black people were still in pain with all the abuse from white, there was going to be civil war and all the whites were going to pay. I can see to you Foxie, you only focused on what happened after 1994, How long is that and how many people live in the farm and how big is the farm? and imagine the same size of the farm to a same piece of land in Soweto, the number of whites found dead in the farm is nothing compared to what black people went through. And disrespecting our leaders like that shows how much you wish South Africa was still in apartheid. I bet your home language is Afrikaans, do not start what you wont finish, black people have not healed yet and civil war can rise anytime, and you white will have to take the first flight out of the country because even today, black people blames Mandela that he did not give them time to revenge. So shut the fuck up. We are not finished with you guys... watch out for the black youth, its not over. just pray that Nelson Mandela stays alive. blacks are not finished. Now respect us, there is a reason why we not pink. What I can say, its not over

    3. Dear Listern To What I have to Say,

      You are clearly not a very intelligent person.

      Did you manage to read the article before you commented? Your claims that white people went around townships randomly killing black women and children are based on what? Chinese whispers? The problem with black culture is that you never recorded history. But we did. And we call it STATISTICS. Which you'll see in the article above.

      Get over yourself. I will be out of this hell hole very soon and will watch as all of you tear down this country brick by brick. You have no idea how the world works.

      These idiots that are striking at the mines don't realise what they are doing to the economy. So, they'll get an increase of R20 000 or whatever they want, but soon that R20 000 won't be enough to buy a loaf of bread.

      How many of you idiots even understand what an international credit rating agency is? Keep spewing this kind of hate speech, I dare you. We'll be sitting overseas, watching you all starve to death.

    4. http://www.genocidewatch.org/southafrica.html
      You have your facts wrong pal. Do the research and you will see this site is correct. The ANC government for months, like you, argued the fact that SA Farm murder figures were wrong saying it's not so high. I recently read a report or admittance by the SA gov. that their farm murder figures where wrong and changed their story, hence finally admitting that their previously published low percentage figures were wrong. Infact, the matter was so serious that the gov had established a special task force to protect the farmers, but since, Mandela's predessor President MBEKI said the figures were so low it didn't warrant a special task force and did away with that unit leaving the matter up to SA Police. The police stop recording the race of the victim in such crimes and putting such crimes down to none other than general violence of farm workers. Recently SA Gov corrected it's previous statments, admitting that being a white farmer in South Afrika, today, raises your chances of being murdered to as high as 60 to 100 ! That's a far cry from their orginal single digit percentage. I just wish I could recall where I read that fact which was incidently was on a gov. site I came across by chance. Anyway what does it matter whether it's 1% or 60% racial hate crimes incited and fueled by the ANC gov itself is inconceivable but FACT !! The whole world has witnessed Mandela, ZUMA, Malema + ANC with their murderous salute dancing and chanting "AMANDLA" which in English means : KILL THE BOERS or KILL THE WHITE FARMERS. And don't forget Mandela's ex wife Winnie who came to Atlanta back in the 90's stunning her American supportors when she stepped on stage with her box of matches saying... "with these matches and our tyres we will kill the whites" refering to ANC bruital necklessing of putting a tyre over a victim's shoulders filling it with petrol and setting it alight. I guess she thought she was speaking to her African Warmonger Criminal supporters at the time. I guess she was drunk on success at the release of her terrorist husband Mandela. And for the none believers, I was there, I witnessed this myself! So you have it from the Horses Mouth!

    5. Find out the truth before you make stupid comments like this. Black were never indiscriminately tortured or killed by whites in South Africa, majority of deaths that occurred were black on black violence(Neck lacing, Google it) perpetrated by the so called (a en c).. freedom fighters against there own people who did not agree with their view points or strategies. Do some research!!

  5. I pray each night for the safety of my child. I was 3 when the apartheid regime ended. Do yourselves a favour read our local news papers news24. The news here is everyday. We live in fear. What justice is proven by setting an infant allight? What justice is proven by dissembowling a woman or shooting a teenager in her stomache? The end of the apartheid era sparked the hope for many South Africans that peace will prevail. Those whites who stayed did so with the promise of economic empowerment of a country as a whole. Remember this, women were also not allowed to vote. During Nelson's reign, we remained hopefull. As soon as Zuma was empowered things got crazy. He is a polygamist, with no regard for woman or even his own children as he has them hy the dozen. He was accuse of rape where the rape victim was ostracised, he has over 100 corruption cases against him. What value can he possibly have for human life. The way in which these killings occur is possibly the most savage ways to kill. Believe me when I say these statistics are not flawed.

  6. Supporting Minority Rights in South Africa, Canada Action Group Against White Genocide in South Africa and Occupy South African Embassies are excellent FaceBook groups devoted to spreading public knowledge about this topic.

  7. I support white genocide world wide

  8. i also support white genocide in south africa. Tough i am white but i still think the whites of south africa must be killed and thrown out so that blacks can rule over their land the way they want.Moreover in the past white did the same thing in North Ameria or Australia or Africa.So,why we are highlighting these issues today.

    1. Youre not white.

    2. defintely not white.

    3. hahaha...so dom...what did you eat for breakfast?? a bowl of stupid!? do you think anyone is going to believe that you are white...rofl...and where the fuck is north ameria??

    4. Just to reply to your post. There are many more white people in the world than there are black Africans. Many more and as we have been much more successful, we have more wealth.

      Personally, I think South African whites should be given asylum and we should stop asylum and immigration of black people from Africa to Europe.

      Africa is actually very rich. So if you are left to it, see how quickly South Africa turns into Zimbabwe, where the people walk through African Game Reserves to get away. Many Zimbabweans are killed on the barefoot march away from the hellhole.

      So get on with it. But if you continue killing South African whites, then we will come.


    6. How many years has it been since your mammy squeezed you out her butthole ?

    7. WOW! If you people really are all that rich and hate blacks then get the hell out of Africa and go back to that shithole called Europe which government sucks too btw. You are aware that the land in Africa was taken by invading savages from Europe who merely sought after resources to steal, like a leech stealing the blood from its host while potentially infecting its host (land), witch in turn had an adverse affect on the native peoples (got pissed off and attacked trespassers trying to come in and Greedily take). Modern day Africa is the end result of colonialism.
      You think you are spuerior due to something as trivial as skin color, then you must be a true fool. Race has nothing to do with success. Success in advancement in technology and a way of life was all determined based on geography [look-up guns, germs, and steel].
      There was and is nothing civilised about colonialism, because of the barbaric actions of European's seizure of land that had already been inhabitted by peacefull tribes until pissedoff by all the BS. You'd think a truely advanced nation of people would be benevolent towards others, but it would seem that is obviously a stupid way of precieving you so called "christians". "Civilized" people don't attack and hang people based on skin color nor do they preach hate towards another and deprive people of their religion and customs + the opportunity to learn. Africans who enslaved other Africans were much kinder than European and Muslim slave owners.
      Hell at many times in history you people tried to even steal African-made monuments and also tried to destroy the evidence trying to make it appear as though Africans were incapable of building great structures, wich was really pathetic I might say.

      I find it funny how your god can speak of loving thy neighbor and enemy as you do yourself, yet your god says nothing to condem something as vile as slavery. Your god sounds like a hypocrite, don't you think? (I look forward to reading your response) ps. I'm christ-like, I am no better nor worse than anyonelse (but have high asperations for myself), I'm not racist, i have plenty of white friends + many other different races, religions of friends, nor am I Afro/Eurocentric. I only care for truth and more information. ("N"word= Ngr or Enger means GOD)-> http://www.raceandhistory.com/cgi-bin/forum/webbbs_config.pl/noframes/read/127

    8. What African monuments are those again?...please don't tell me any of these monuments are possibly related to Egypt in any way because do you really think a bunch of dumb, dirty niggers could enslave the Jews??...or that these same niggers eventually got defeated, then over the course of 2 thousand years went back to living like tribal savages??.....might want to dig a little deeper into history, bud, especially that of European history

      Your dumb, black ass is alive, right now, because there is a contingent amongst whites that feels sorry for your vile, pathetic self...but continue this kind of shit, then this contingent will be silenced, and your people will have hell to pay for

      ... Also, we came to take your land, and we eventually will..deal with it ugly motherfucker

    9. That's alot of talk comming from someone who is a decendint of the African race (ORIGINAL HUMAN). What makes your ignorant ass think whites were capable of building Egypt let alone building huts at the time. Europeans lived like savages and still do trying to claim every monument not native to their own lands. Whites tried to claim the Great Zimbabue and tryed to say we never built Timbuktu but time and time again they were proven to be African made.

      You people claim that Africans have no culture, but again look at all the differences their are between the peoples of Africa (religeons, customs, skin color, facial features, eye color, hair color, styles, and texture). We are infact the most biologically and cultuerally diverse people on the planet. We made throwing knives that could bipass a shield.

      Whites have guns because of chinese if not for chinese whites be on the bottom (FACT)

      Blacks were friendly up until you people came and fucked everything up.

      You also credit yourselves for bringing civilization to Africa! Well your civilization is the cause of rape, murder, greed, genocide, overpopulation, diseses, over fishing, extreme poverty, exploitation of both women and children, (sexualy) pedophilia, animosity between different groups due to the ways lighter skinned Africans were treated compared to darker skined Africans. On top of all that you treated Africans like dirtbecause of something so superficial like skin. You people are childish when it comes to what belongs to whom claiming things you know so little about just like that shitty pile of rocks you call stonehendge.

      Oh and if Africans are so dumb then how is it that the Moors were running shit in Europe and enslaving whites?

  9. .
    Every news story on those “people”
    should use the following VOICE OVER …
    """And here are some scenes from our next terrifying
    as we cautiously observe the impact of the unprovoked and
    mind-boggling violent social-behavior as found displayed
    among THE TYPICAL HERD-PACK when it is composed OF THE
    “Non-Incarcerated-Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (aka. the ‘NIGGA’)."""
    It should be noted that a baby gazelle surrounded by
    a pride of lions is, on certain occasions, safer than
    an actual human-being in the presence of THE TYPICAL
    “Non-Incarcerated Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (the ‘NIGGA’).
    May God help humanity and let this entire
    species get forcibly sterilized …
    throughout the whole world!!!"

  10. There is no white genocide taking place in South Africa. By far the majority of those murdered are not white. The percentage of murders of white people is far lower than their percentage of the population. But that's not something racists with an agenda want to talk about.

    1. (TR) Do you live in SA? How can you make such statements? There's a little problem with your logic about the statistics. Whites are a minority, according to the ANC's very inaccurate 2011 Census data around 8% (it's actually closer to 5%). You can't compare the deaths of a minority as a percentage of the total population, because even if all whites get killed, the white deaths as a percentage of population would still only make up 5-8%. You are comparing apples with oranges. You have to compare white deaths with each different group of the population expressed as a number per 100,000 people. That's why murder rates are usually given in (per capita), then you'll see that although the TOTAL number of white murders are less than that of the black population (duh! we are a minority), per capita it is the highest in South Africa (4 times more than average), and for specifically white farmers it is the highest in the world.

  11. Last night I prayed to God before going to bed to help the people of South Africa.
    I dreamt this last night: We need a farmer to donate his farm (before he gets murdered for it anyway), to the Australian government or directly to Jilia Gillard in order to open up an "official" Refugee Camp for whites. Him, and his family could find refuge in Australia. I dreamt that only if Australia owned a place to run their organisation from would they help. The Official White Refugee Camp will need to be self supportive, e.g. community vegetable garden and farm produce, water, sanitation, Doctors, Nurses, Aid workers, Schools, teachers, transport, churches, etc. Doctors because many whites are being turned away from hospitals and told that they cannot get help because they are white. They also cannot get any help from the corupt police force. This will be the only way to protect the children, by living in close communities.
    The government can help those already in a refugee camp according to the government website: immi.gov.au refugee http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/humanitarian/offshore/eligibility.htm
    also http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/humanitarian/offshore/201/
    However, there are no safe white refugee camps for whites in South Africa. This means that whites cannot get refugee status. Also, the police and army of South Africa are involved in the genocide, we cannot allow them to "protect" the white refugees, but will need the Australian Army, or UN for protection against them and their assassins. As you can see on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3MLHblnbQ where Jacob Zuma is singing "Kill the Whites/ Boer" In the video, the army is chanting with the South African President.
    I'm sure countries like the Netherlands, France and the UK can help in a similar way.

    1. Thats why it is a dream, The Australians gave the ANC over $68 Million AUD in 1994 and continue to support them, They have an Agreement with APEC to allow in 20 Million Asians over the next 25 Years and that means no space for Whites in the future, so if you want to get out, so it now before its too late. only problem is in 50 years your children will be a minority governed by Asia

  12. Without wishing to poke a hornet's nest- why don't the whites move back to Holland. OR Australia. Or Canada- or any damn place but Africa?
    Even the Chinese hate Africans.
    God knows every Netherlander is sick of the Somalian Schwarze Piet's and their string of multiple impregnated single mothers (low-income idiotic whites).

    1. (TR) We are not colonials anymore. We can't pack up and leave, because we are South African citizens. We can only get South African passports, nobody has European passports. My family has been in South Africa for 325 years. So we would have to emigrate to those countries through the normal emigration channels which is not easy with all the requirements for work, qualifications and experience, otherwise a lot more whites would have left already. So, we are trapped in a country which is imploding on itself, not far from a civil war. And with all the other wars the Boere were in, we did not start it. The incompetent black ANC government keeps blaming us for their own mess, after 18 years of rule it is still our fault that they can't load a few textbooks in the back of a truck and deliver them to schools (2012 Limpopo textbook crisis - Zuma, it is Verwoerds fault)

  13. What occurred in Zimbabwe has reoccurred in South Africa. "Peace and Reconciliation" was the catch-phrase of the new black majority governments. At first, so it was. Later came the feeding frenzy when mob-rule replaced rule-of-law as the black majority systematically seized and/or destroyed what Europeans created. The Boers first arrived in South Africa 350 years ago predating many the predecessors of the black criminals who torment them today. The world press, who quickly spring to the defense of browns, blacks, yellow and reds when they are persecuted need to be heard regarding the South African's whites situation as well.

  14. The past and its motives are largely irrelevant to current majority black behavior and government attitude.
    Playing the emotive politically unfashionable victim card is somewhat hypocritical if one accuses the "blacks browns reds yellows" doing the same.
    Furthermore it dis-empowers the victim.
    Those SA whites need a good slap of reality across their face. Emigrant Boes I have come across are not pleasant human beings- they are arrogant, overbearing, have an entitlement mentality, live in denial of world opinion (whether it is based on truth or not is irrelevant- see the case of Jewish collective guilt and the Germans and unwilling to accept even token blame for the plainly self-evident crimes of Apartheid (one can simply smile and say: "yes we were very bad- but now we are diffident", while the heart can be a de Boetha fan).
    The court of world opinion is fixed in bias against the whites (whether this is deserved or not is irrelevant. The bias exists means recognizing the exercise in futility to counter 20+ years of well-funded propaganda.
    The crucial question is what SHOULD the whites do now- what are their contingency plans?
    Are they organizing themselves into a well organized loud & vocal political movement (like the Jews and US Christian Right)?
    If not- why not? What are the dogma-free truths behind SA whites non-solidarity? What are the real obstructions and how can these be overcome?
    If truly the situation of whites is so dire in Africa- and Africa is quite self-evidently in a self-perpetuated downward spiral- why are they not leaving- what are the obstacles- how can these be overcome.
    Solutions and constructive dialogue are required not whining, complaining, spite, nostalgia, finger-pointing, etc. Perhaps these our cathartic on some level- but they are an indulgence that does not assist those in current peril.
    You will find mud-slinging, blame-gaming, finger-pointing, playing the hapless victim will be utterly futile. The answer is so plain it beggars disbelief why any allegedly fearful white remains in Africa- LEAVE. No one cares about your ties, your family contributions , investments etc. GO and either run your companies by proxy or simply cut the umbilical chord.
    Why SHOULD allegedly threatened whites leave? Simple-safety. Secondly you don't belong there and never did. Thirdly you very presence invites hostility among the unthinking masses incited by populists.
    A slave waits to be freed. Slave, FREE THYSELF and earn the title Freeman. Boers you once fought for your freedom- fight now but heed the wisdom- the pen has always been mightier than the sword.
    Violence is of no use. Violence begets violence and is the brutish answer to complex problems and invites reciprocity and intensity.
    God Speed- I hear Paraguay and Suriname are keen for experts and investors- and furthermore- the AFricans, maroons and indigenous Indians are many tiers higher in civility and gratitude. Perhaps South America will be the Boer Shangri-La

    1. Dear Anonymous 'oh so clever know it all', maybe you should learn to spell before you wash your mouth out about stuff you know nothing about....

  15. I am from Germany, I'm 21 years of age and I moved to SA 2 years ago. At the time I thought that it was a beautiful country with a lot of culture, I was very fond of it. Make no mistake, my accent isn't very clear, nevertheless, I tried speaking clear English so I could be understood. The people to accept me was the Afrikaners, they didn't make me feel like an outsider at all. I was treated with respect and such. But, the black groups of South Africa called me a racist pig because of an unclear accent, make no mistake many accpeted me too. Both Afrikaner and black groups explained Apartheid to me, as it seemed to me the AWB (was right winged) and the ANC (left winged), many times I never fully understood with what they meant with "being unfair" until I heard about the brutality against the Afrikaans speaking people, it's not quite comparable with Nazi-Germany. But, I started seeing how white people where being treated, so I thought to myself. Wasn't it the whole of SA who conquered Apartheid? Wasn't it SA who hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Wasn't it SA to have historical moments? The wall of Berlin came down on 1990 separating the city into West (Capitalist) and East (Communist), after 22 years us Germans moved on from that, we saw each other as brothers and sisters that overcame something tragic, I used to get called a Nazi daily, but that was the past of my country, SA can achieve great things if you put set your mind to it. Anyhow, back to my point, I wanted to be recruited into the SAA (Southern African Army), I was refused because of my skin, not my experiences no. I have hand-to-hand combat, hand-to-weapon combat, weapon-to-hand combat achievements, I was in military school since age 9. They took one look at me and declined me, after that I started looking up, things like genocide in SA, Apartheid, I wanted to know more, so it became clear to me. Pres. Jacob Zuma has more than 782 corruption cases against him, a rape case, and he didn't complete grade 3, they're taking out all white educated workers out of high places in any work place and replacing them with lesser educated black workers, the same thing happened in Nazi-Germany with the Jews and the "Kristallnacht", after awhile I moved back to Germany, enrolled into the Bundeswehr and got a job. If SA remains how it is, it will end badly, we're liberating Afghanistan at the moment. But, anyhow, SA is still a beautiful country, but I agree genocide. SA will have civil-war it's intimate, be prepared.

  16. nico pretorius12 October 2012 00:35

    Its time for the white people of SA to get a wake up call. Stand together and fight this racism corrupt goverment of us. Get rid of Julius Malema and his comrades. Statistics of SA is really bad !

  17. My family is scared to death of life in South Africa but they cannot leave. They are trapped because they are white. As other posters so elegantly stated there is a common belief that white South Africans are inagining a genocide against them and the statistics are doctored. Thank you for articulating that. I am absolutely positive that when YOUR president starts singing songs about killing you with a machete and watching you run you will also be able to see that a genocide is a figmant of your imagination. I am also sure that when you see the army and police dancing and singing along with the president that you will realise that if a genocide is in fact taking place you deserve it - because of the actions of your grandparents and parents.

    1. White South Africans should leave. Rather leave with your life, than live no life, where you fear for your family.

      Let the black African do to South Africa what he wants. Everyone only has to see the rest of Africa to know how it will end.

      If the whites took all the money in the past, how come now South Africa is run by a black government, that they need aid from guess where? Whitey of course!

    2. Ek skryf in my moedertaal. Afrikaans. Is al deur verskeie rooftogte, bedelaars bly aanklop ek is self werkloos agv my velkleur, nou vertel vir my, moet ek boetie-boetie met die swartes wees? Nee, ek is jammer, genocide is dit wel en al die syfers word gekook van moord, roof, verkragting, molestering, drankverwante klagtes. Ek is wit, trots daarop en 'n Christen, waarheen moet ek gaan, SA is my land. Die swartes kry alles verniet, ons moet deur ons nekke vir hulle betaal. Wanneer gaan hulle ophou bedel en self werk vir hulle eie kos, elektrisiteit en water?

    3. Hulle gaan nie ophou nie. Dis te maklik om Apartheid te blameer vir alles wat verkeerd loop. Die grap van 'n minister Nomsa Dube wil mos he die dept van wetenskap moet ondersoek hoekom die weerlig net Swart mense doodslaan. Seker oor die wittes WERK en nie buite leegle en bedel nie. En... as sy haar huiswerk doen, sal sy sien Witmense is ook deur die weerlig geslaan in die verlede. Ag my hart is so seer vir SA, ek woon al baie jare lank oorsee in Skotland en my familie is nog almal in SA. Mens is bekommerd oor hulle veiligheid maar ek vertrou dat God na hulle sal omsien en hulle sal beskerm.

  18. I am looking for white people who want to get together in TN and form a self defense organization based in East TN mountains. We will work on creating a non-violent political action group using personal security tactics. I know most of you are talkers not doers. But for God's sake, Christianity's Sake and White's sake, contact me. We can work together, we can identify and "excuse" white informants and we can avoid being arrested before we become an influence. We can work together for our own best interests. We are being defeated by idiots who organize while we whine, hide and mouth off. I looked for a place to emigrate to. There is nothing available. The communists(democrasts, republicans, media, academia,churches ect.) afrocentrics and moslems are trying to destroy us. If you do not believe that, do not bother me.

    Jim Merit, tnsurvcoop@yahoo.com

  19. ok well first i want to say is that it is illegal to call african people niggers! ok and secondly i would like to say that what the government is doing is pathetic taking all the white off the farms and putting the blacks who dont know a single thing about farming! apartheid is over the british caused all the problems not the dutch or as you call them afrikaamers the british came and made the blacks slaves and never paid them not dutch get your facts straighht! i am proud to be south african i love my country but this whole racism shit must stop!! black people are so full of life to me ive never been touched by one in my life! some people have! but those are the africans who have no heart! the whole striking with a hge raise is bogas! blacks dont pay a cent for shit while whites pay extraordinary prices for housing! and all the other stuff! the blacks striking are pullingthe economic status of our country down and it must stop! i love my nation and im proud of the blacks and whites we are a rainbow nation! just get thet into your big headed brains! no1 needs to die everything is done and dusted its water under the bridge it is gone just forgive and forget!

  20. You deserve to be castrated. Your statistics are extreamly exaggerated they do not even correlate to the population of south Africa. Although i admit there is still lingering resentment amongst many people of sa to apartheid and their have been a few murderer of white south africans the number is tiny and has decresed to a fraction of that amount in recent years. many of your examples of murders are of previous politicans in the evil apartheid regeim. these such as Eugene Terreblanche ordered the killings of people in south africa, and when he was not punished the majority of the public was horrified. yes there is corruption but that is to be expected in a new developing democracy. One crucial way apartheid cannot be compared to the natzis is that the white south africans knew very well of the horrible inhumane acts commited by the apartheid reigiem. i dare any of you to respond. Age 16

    1. Let the adults talk about grown up stuff. Can you back up your claims? Show me some proof that ET ordered the killing of people.

    2. Shut up you little dimwit! Go and play with your X-Box, or yourself, unless you want to educate yourself and research facts on what's really going on, AND you learn to spell! Then and only then can you join the conversation. Age 48

    3. I dare you to come face to face with me you un educated, brainwashed mother fucker. I hope your mother gets raped by a broken bottel

  21. As a white south african I was like 5 y old when apartheid ended,I've heard stories of what happined in those times!iam sure what our grand parents did those days was wrong and it can't be justified by blood!just this morning 3am an old lady of over 70 years got her house broken in and then hit with a brick in the face,and got raped by 3 black males! I mean we stay in a small area and in the 30 years my family has stayed her nothing like that has ever happined...I do also get that crime goes both ways(black and white) but realy I've never seen pictures of black babies geting burnt and black woman geting raped with broken beer bottles???I can't understand how any person can be so evil??and giving land to people that don't know how to use it?doesn't make sense!!!!one doesn't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs! I for one would rather move away from SA,then stay and figth a figth of revenge I never started?another instance like a month ago a lady took her boy to school at 6am and was at her farm gate at around 7am alone in her bakkie got ambushed by 3black males they wanted her bakkie she gave it to them,but before riding off they had to shoot her 3times?they left her for dead...as a white south african male in my 20s I can't find a job its frustration to go to an interview and then get told they can't take you because your white even though I have more than enough experience for the job???mines are closing because of strikes and thousands of people are loosing jobs...like maricana mine incedent a while ago the black mine workers striked and even hacked other black people that didn't strike with pangas,and when they started shooting at the police and then the police retaliated,now its the police who is in the wrong for protecting themselfs???why don't the gov. Stop all the hate speech?because that will lead to more violence...I hope someone in UN or America or any other world power can see what's going on in SA and do something about it!

  22. Save yourself! Get out while you can! No doubt there is hate and antipathy on both sides, but it is not worth it to become a statistic! I know SA is home, and if my home, California, was going through this I would consider staying and fighting too (California Native of 40 years) but it's never worth it when your life is on the line!
    Heck, consider California! Want a real "Rainbow Republic"? That's California. And when tensions get high, we use lawyers not weapons!
    Peace, safety and comfort to you all.

    Mark in CA

    1. Thank you Mark, but what you have to realise is that not all whites can afford to emigrate. With so many unemployed whites (thanks to BEE & AA) there is no choice but to stay & fight, no matter how futile...

    2. Sadly its true, and even if 1 or 2 can afford it most people including me are not willing to leave Parents, family and friends behind seing that they can not afford it. For now we need to suffer it out and see what comes next. Afrikaner people were shaped and moulded in fire and war ever since our ancestors came here. We had to fight for every inch and if the time comes....i expect the same will happen again. I God is for you...who can be agains you...16 Desember 1838 we made a Promise and pact so if the goverment like it or not this is our country too. Dont get me wrong, we dont want civil war...but i'm going nowhere...

  23. Apartheid should be re-imposed in SA to protect minority of white south african, and help them to leave this dangerous country as soon as possible.

    1. Some people never learn..! It's Apartheid which lead to the suffering of whites and blacks. South Africa needs democracy and equality not more violence and segregation.

    2. You are wrong. I am not normally racist and enjoy having friends of every ethnicity and religion. But, what has been happening is that no one is telling the truth about the black race.

      All over the world, wherever there are black people of African descent, there is crime and violence.

      13% of the United States population is black and they commit 75% of the violent crime.

      Everywhere, Jamaica, The Congo, Kenya. Even in London the black community commits most of the crime.

      South Africa is rich and did not need Aid before 1994. Now it needs international Aid. Why?

      Unless we are honest and stop sucking up and being politically correct, then no-one will ever face up to the truth.

      It is a fact that after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the place where women and children were sheltering, that black men entered and raped and robbed them.

      Same old Same old.

      Look how they boast about killing women and children in South Africa. They don't boast about building a great bridge or a ship, discovering a vaccine against disease. No, because they cannot do anything creative like that.

      Instead, they boast about cruelly killing helpless women and children.
      Let us tell the truth.

      White people should leave Africa and they should stop sending Aid.

    3. You should leave & you should leave all the other lands in which you don't belong...if blacks are such savages WHY did you go to THEIR land to begin with?? The fact remains that blacks were building pyramids while the white homosexual was still in caves...LEAVE & I guarantee you NO ONE will ask you to return...

    4. Don't want to be impolite, but blacks did not build the pyramids. The Egyptians thousands of years ago were not black, in fact they were lighter skinned than Egyptians of today.

      Blacks only have themselves to blame if the rest of the world criticises them. All over the world, blacks are the most violent people and commit the most crime.

      You were handed a country in South Africa that worked properly and had hospitals, schools, universities, a civil service. Instead of picking things up and building for a better future, blacks commit murder and rape of women and children.

      That is the truth. And if you hate white people so much, why do you want Aid from white countries? US$ trillions have been given to Africa in the past 50 years.

    5. Well said!! Exactly, why do they receive aid from white countries???

    6. The original Egyptians were infact African and later on they became lighter skinned due to the migration of other "races" into Africa in the hopes of making a better life for themselves and to invaders looking for the great riches of Egypt. Iv've spent a few weeks researching the Egyptians and my conclusion was that they were of African origin.

    7. The original Egyptians left artwork of paintings and figures made of gold and precious metals in their pyramids and established a civilization 5000 years before Christ.

      We know what they looked like. They were not black Africans.

      There was no invasion from Europe at that time. Until the beginning of the 19 Century, Egypt was relatively unknown to Europeans and it is doubtful an Ancient Egytian had ever seen a white man.

      The colour of people relates to their proximity to the Equator and response to the sun and the building of melanin in the skin to protect against the sun.

      That is why the further north of Europe you go the whiter the skin and lighter the hair and why Africans around the Equator are darker.

      The people of the Middle East tend to be slightly darker than Europeans.

      Most countries have been invaded and colonised. We have taken from their civilizations and developed accordingly. Britain was invaded many times and in the 19 Century, the Arabs were still abducting white slaves from the coasts of England.

      Instead of threats to rape white women with beer bottles and cruely kill babies, why not decide to educate your own children to achieve and bring out the best in South Africa?

      South Africa is rich in resources and should not now need Aid.

      White people do not hate black people. Only the truth is the truth and we see the murdering and rape that goes on in South Africa. A country that should be a beacon to the African Continent.

  24. Genocide is genocide and not justifiable in the least bit. What is happening in Africa is the result of racial oppression from times past. To say that the south Africans are falsely accusing whites of taking what wad theirs is, in my opinion wrong. That's like saying early American settlers didn't push native Americans into reservations and claim everything as their own. Why didn't they (the early settlers) find land to settle without bloodshed? What they did in africa parallels what Hitler was trying to accomplish. They invaded the land and have privelege to white settlers. Giving them land and jobs and calling the natives less civilized. Had white only jobs and made determinations on racial class and color. Why wasn't help offered after the wrong was realized. Why not set up a government composed of native status? Why not educate the natives instead of calling them uneducated savages? You always get bad seed in an uprising, people just follow like a herd of cattle. What is happening is horrible, gruesome, uncalled for. What I would like people to do is think of the whole picture. Don't get righteous when it hits close to home. What about righting the wrong. Helping people to do what you have proven successful. Of course not, what am I saying. To have some humanity is beyond people. When the human race does something that works they put a dollar amount on that achievement. Why help someone else succeed without getting anything from it, right? Remember Africa had been invaded before for what the land held and the people were then told that they can have no part of it. Not unlike many invasions or occupations of other countries. People as a race need to start righting the wrong helping without the other hand out. I believe whole-heartedly this genocide is wrong. I also believe the wrong doings from the past need to be dealt with. Don't go into a country take what you will, opress people, and leave them struggling to put together the puzzle you have all the pieces to. Help for everyone's success. There's too much "you're on your own.

    1. "To say that the south Africans are falsely accusing whites of taking what wad theirs is, in my opinion wrong"

      People talk about whites taking the blacks land as if the blacks had nicely laid out land with fences around them.

      Black tribes had kings. The kings owned everything. There was no such thing as land ownership for peasants. In fact, the Koi didn't even have possessive pronouns. They couldn't count past 2. It was either 1 or more than 1.

      Go read up about it. The white man came and bought large pieces of land and cattle for pieces of copper etc. Who's fault is that?

      They also didn't inhabit every square inch of soil. I don't know where the idea comes from that whites stole their land. It's complete and utter bullshit.

      GO READ UP ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. (TR) Good post, just some factual errors in it but that's not your fault. What most people think they know about Apartheid in South Africa is the "Bad evil Apartheid" as told by the main stream media propaganda machine. I know Apartheid wasn't 100% good, but the main stream media took only the bad parts and exaggerated it. They did not report on the good of Apartheid. The fact that during Apartheid, a bigger % of the South African budget went to blacks while most of the taxes was paid for by whites. Yes, whites (who paid most taxes) were subsidizing blacks in South Africa, and in their black homelands. We built them schools, universities and hospitals in THEIR black countries where they ruled. No white ever benefited from that.

      Most of the older generation blacks says that they had a better life under Apartheid. HOW can that be if Apartheid was so evil. We didn't kill them for sport, those are all media lies. Check some statistics on black life expectancy, infant deaths, literacy. Compare pre-Apartheid (1948) with post-1994 figures. See how they had a better quality of life than now, their life expectancy actually decreased since blacks took power.

      On Land: The big problem today is that blacks think that ALL of Africa belongs to them and whites stole Africa from them. This might be true up in Africa with the fucking british colonies, they even came and stole South Africa from us. But not here. When the Dutch settled in 1652 large parts of South Africa was empty. Some khoi-san bushmen were found inland, they were a brown skinned hunter/gatherer tribe who was later mostly exterminated by the black tribes moving in from the north. There were some black tribes living in the south and east of SA. Blacks did not keep a written history, but we did. Black's version of history is word of mouth, which can be very unreliable. So now you have a couple million blacks who wants whites gone because they believe all of South Africa was once theirs, and we took it. not true.

      Apartheid was in place for a reason. To save the blacks from them self. We saw what was happening in the rest of Africa where blacks rule, they can't be trusted with such responsibility, and this chaos they call Democracy is proof of that (TR)

    3. The Dutch "settled" on a continent foreign to them, amongst people that look NOTHING like them, people that DID NOT & DO NOT want them there...what do you not get?? The SUN kills you even if the people do not, therefore you are in the land against even nature...if it were not for the gun this would have never begun...NOBODY WANTS WHITE PEOPLE IN THEIR HOME LANDS!!! You bring violence, destruction, disease, chaos, homosexuality, incest, pedophlia, etc LEAVE!!! They WANTED empty lands, just because the land is empty does not mean it therefore can belong to you...from the great wall of china to the caucasus gates EVERY CIVILIZATION built gates to KEEP YOUR PEOPLE OUT!! You had to FORCE your way into these lands, YOU WERE NEVER WELCOME because you people are of the neanderthal & you know it!!

    4. Black people always say that in their lands yet millions flood into europe every year, its the same thing yet white europeans cannot say shit about it for fear of being called racist, we don't want you here we know you bring violence gun/gang/drug crime, diseases which were eradicated in europe are now making a come back because of 3rd world african immigrants. In every community in England where black people have forced a majority the area has desended into gang land culture yet no one can put two and two together without being labelled a racist. Black people have no culture except violence and stupidity and thats THE TRUTH from everything I've seen. And im sick of them always blaming the white man for their problems, they were poor and violent before we came and they will become poor and violent when the white people have left.The end

    5. Huh! That's funny, but you know I'm quite certain the Native Americans could say the same thing about Europeans. For the recored Africans weren't always violent and you know thats BS. You must not know too many African people in the first place, but you may know a few and based your jugement of those few individuals and projected their actions on a whole race of people. If you've met some of the people in Africa you will see that we are kind, but im sure of what you see is nothing but SA and the war torn contries who've been exploited in many ways for their resources (mostly) and the only way for them to scratch out a meager exsistance is to be violent.
      With everyithng that happened to our ancestors we feel as though we need to have some form of justice seeing how we could never realy rely on the corrupt government to aid us in finding a more positive way to going about and getting some type of reperation (education). BTW an old man was walking behind me at some local singing event and he said "There sure are alot of spooks out tonight." to his 14ish year old grandson and I knew he was talking about me but I refrained from turning around and kicking his old ass up and down the street that night.

  25. Yeah, I also said if you brought a system of success why not make it work for everyone involved. To say the tribes couldn't count, are you implying they were stupid? Or were they just ignorant to other ways of living. Lured to give up what they had. Just like they lured slaves onto the ships with the red cloth of color they had never seen before or produce for themselves. Was it fair trade or value set by the buyer.

  26. My point isn't one of who is at fault, but one of both sides being wronged. Both have been or are being wronged and the violence needs to cease. These farmers don't deserve this brutality and are just making their way. Leave egos aside and find where a way everyone can be made whole. To those families that lost loved ones in this they cannot and my heart goes out to them. For these and other tragic events to stop occurring, I believe it should be acknowledged and heard what wrong they feel is being done in whole. I don't have all the answers. I just hate of hearing of things like this in the world.

  27. I would love to meet "listen to what I have to say" face to face, so that i can teach you some thing about "written history" something you clearly never experienced. the absolute crap comming out of your mouth just confirms the fact that you are a young follower of malema or some other fool that was not even born in the apartheid era. you are one sick little man that will think twice when you wake up the sleeping giant.

  28. to all these persons who say the white man stole your land, please go back to school or consult your elders as you clearly do not have a written history of your own, or even better, write a letter to Madiba himself and ask him for the truth. the Koi people were here before all of us, the white man was in the cape 200 years before the Xhosa people were driven out of the north and started moving south where we met in the eastern cape.The so called "coloured people of this country have more of a rightful claim to the land than any african tribe. Madiba himself has never said that this is his land only, he did however fight for majority rule. there is a huge difference between "my land" and "majority rule". why do "land claims " have a cut off date so that land can not be claimed before 1913? because if not, then all the land south of the Transkei would be placed back in the rightful owners of this land, the Koi people and those who legally traded for land at the time.

  29. and no "listen to what i have to say" the "coloured people did not originate from white people raping black people. There were no black people at the cape in 1652. The dutch sailors used to sleep with the Malay "slaves". That is where the so called "coloured " people originated. ANd that is why they were actually here 200 years before your ancestors arived. go back to school, or no, rather just go to school.

  30. 'Listen to what I have to say'to have hate in your heart will get you NOWHERE if all south africans work together we will achieve greatness.NOT ALL WHITE people were part of apartheid my family and I sure as hell didn't get anything from that government.Let's build together because white people don't deserve to be killed.God created us all.

    1. As long as you remain in a land you were never meant to be you are going to have serious problems...they will hate & fight you FOREVER

  31. All white South Africans come to Britain..get out that backward country and let the niggers burn it down with them in it.

  32. Whatever the case may be. And there is absolutely nothing to be gained by name calling and throwing accusations back and forth. A Civil war in South Africa is imminent. This is not fear mongering, I'll say again; CIVIL WAR IN SA IS IMMINENT!!! Get ready, get organized, stand together, start with your neighbours and form groups. You are going to have to defend yourselves. Now is not the time for petty disagreements. It has gone past the point of no return. Godspeed folks. The World knows what's going on, don't feel abandoned. The right time will come.
    Here's a couple of quotes from the USA:

    Central Intelligence Agency:
    The ANC will take over South Africa without a single shot, but within 20 years, like it always is in Africa, there wil be a revolution in South Africa. The Boers will, like they always do, fight with the Bible in the one hand, and a rifle in the other, and once again change the history of that country.

    General George Patton:
    “The Americans fight for a free world, the English mostly for honor and glory and medals, the French and Canadians decide too late that they have to participate. The Italians are too cared to fight; the Russians have no choice. The Germans for the Fatherland. The Boers? Those sons of bitches fight for the hell of it.”

  33. I am a South African that grew up on a farm in the Free State. I was looked after,reprimanded and loved by the two black women that worked for us in the farmhouse, I played with the black children that lived on the farm, with their wire cars, catching snakes and stealing eggs from the hens and then throwing them at trees for the hell of it, something for which my dad gave me a big leathering! My memories of the farm and the life on the farm are happy ones. I have been living in the UK for the last 10 years, and now expecting our second child, both myself and my British husband wants to return South Africa. We have a house and farm to go and live on in the Free State. I miss the sunshine, friendly people, family, the fact that my kids can walk about bare feet, good food and did I say sunshine. It makes me very sad to read some of these comments, the racial hatred between people that in actual fact did not go through apartheid, my whole family are farmers and have been for the last 300 years, I can remember at Christmas time as a child, sheep being killed for the farm workers, bags of meel and crates of beer, and needless to say not much work got carried out over the festive season, now that doesn't sound like the Apartheid that everybody goes on about. I do know that so many things happened in the Apartheid years that should not have happened, and many white South African God fearing people did fight for the rights of Black People, even if it was by doing what was right for the people that worked for them. At this moment in time South Africa is a dangerous country, but as Anonymous above says, the people will fight with the Bible in one hand, white and black, they are God fearing people and know where there protection lie. The opportunities are plenty for the people that are willing to work. It is a beautiful country and the culture is something that is very special thanx to all the different people with their different backgrounds.I pray that the hatred and evil will make way for a better future!

    1. @ Anonymous

      I lived in the UK for 10 years too. I used to be a liberal guy. When I visited SA I used to argue with my friends and family about the racism I saw coming from white saffas.

      Just a word of advice: South Africa is not the same place as it was when you were growing up. Those black people you are referring to all had 12 children and they're all grown up now. The ANC has been telling them that white people ruined South Africa since they were born and these guys have what we call: "A sense of entitlement" now. We are not welcome in this country anymore.

      Apart from the fact that South Africa has been flooded with blacks from other African countries, the South African black population has increased by almost 10 million since 1996. And whites increased by 150 000. Small farming towns are swarming with unemployed blacks. You can't just go to Spar quickly without getting annoyed.

      They say that the difference between a tourist and a racist is 2 weeks in South Africa. And they are right.

      If I could do it all over again I would stay put in the UK.

      Sell your farm and buy one in Zambia or Namibia if you want a piece of land in Africa.

      Mark my words.

  34. Please help us. I have a brain, skills and experience. I am a hardworking single mother trying to get out of South Africa. I finally got a job after years of trying, so I now been able to file for bankrupcy (costs R15000!!!!!!!). My skills are in demand in Australia and I have someone who wil pay my flights over - I just cannot afford the visa - its about R50000 for a skilled migration. I only have a South African passport. My son is 15. I really fear for his future, as he has a mind of his own and high iq - he will not just follow unconditionally like a sheep. I am 49 yrs - will even marry to get out of here. If anyone can assist, please email oogliwoogli@webmail.co.za - thanks

  35. South Africa is white!




    HA HA HA

  38. Many white South Africans have a very deep seated hatred of other races in South Africa. In the past they lived a life of luxury where all the fruits of the land were solely theirs. They tried to keep the other races down through their armies and Apartheid laws but was defeated. You can say what you want in these posts but these statistics do not even fractionally compare with what you did to us in the past. You murdered indiscriminately, you robbed us of a good education, you denied us jobs, you even denied us parents through your Immorality Acts!! Be proud that SA has achieved such a lot in such a short time. We have the best Labour laws, we are ALL free to send our children to whatever school, marry who we want, live where we want! Did you think that you would have been able to keep this for yourself and your future WHITE ONLY generations forever and ever?

    1. "you murdered indiscriminately"

      Oh, really. Can you provide proof? If you bothered to read the rest of the blog you would've found this page:


      According to the Truth and reconciliation commission, these are the stats:

      -The Apartheid government killed a maximum of 7518 black people during the 46 years of Apartheid. Thus white on black.

      -The liberation movements were responsible for 13482 politically motivated killings. Thus black on black.

      You would have had NOTHING if it weren't for Apartheid. Like your cousins up North. You should say thank you.

      The ANC has done NOTHING for anybody except for themselves. They can't even create jobs.

      You keep justifying the murdering of white farmers. You'll see how quickly you won't be able to afford your chicken wings.

    2. (TR) HAhhahaahah. REALLY!
      During Apartheid we robbed the blacks of a good education? So you are saying this education the ANC are providing is better. What a load of bull. Did you see the pass rates for matrics? Officially it's about 74% of pupils who wrote the exams. Like with most/all ANC statistics, these cannot be trusted. That pass rate does not even include all the dropouts that didn't make it to Matric, which is about 51% of pupils. If you take those dropouts into account, the REAL pass rate for ALL pupils starting school are only 33%. So 100 pupils starts school, but after 12 years only 33 of them write their final year exams and pass. Our education system is ranked as one of the worst in the world. Why is that? The ANC keeps dropping the standards so that the black students can "pass". The minimum points needed to pass is now at 35%. How the hell can anybody be proficient in a subject, but they only know 35% about it. In my days of school you had to get at least 60-70% to pass. So, according to this 33% "pass" rate, I can call myself literate if I am able to read 35% of the words in a book. Screw the rest of the 65% difficult words in the book. Some SA universities require you to take an extra subject, English Literacy, because some school leavers can't even read properly. There is a reason the blacks had a different education than us whites. The white leaders of that time (H.F Verwoerd) knew the blacks couldn't cope with our "difficult" education and high minimum pass rates, today's percentage of black students able to finish school is testament to that (even at 35% minimum points required). Just imagine if the minimum points to pass was still around 65%, then about 5% or less of blacks would finish school. During Apartheid the blacks got the Bantu Education, which was more basic so that they could handle it. Easy stuff like reading, writing, counting. Things you can learn a parrot, because that is how black people learn. Which is why you don't find too many black engineers, scientists, astrophysicists..etc. You can teach a black man how to do something, but he struggles to come up with new ideas or to solve a problem that he wasn't taught how to do. Which is probably why even in the 1700's while the Europeans have been using THE WHEEL for a few thousand years the blacks of Africa had not invented it for themselves. They say humans emerged from Africa, then whites also came from Africa. So.... Whites have just as much claim to Africa than blacks, aren't we all the same and all that bullshit? (TR)

    3. The truth is they robbed the Africans of their culture. It is true that the African government looks like a huge gagglefuck of morons misappropriating funds for their own pleasure increasing both theirs and their friend's wealth. but I'm sure we can all agree that Aphartide spawned these greedy evil people who obviously want to have complete control over that region of Africa by getting rid of the "elites". They will cause a rift between the people sparking controversy destracting the people whilst they slowly slither their way into a suitable position where they will be able to gain even more power.

  39. So for everyone saying there opinions. Let me say mine!!
    I was born in 1992 and grow up with friends of all cultures even went to a multicultural school en ek kan fokken goeie Afrikaans praat. So vir die ou toppies wat swart mense haat begin bietjie julle koppe oop maak. Julle het seker nog nie in New Lock all gesit vir 2weke nie. Mens sit om swart mense heeldag en heelnag en ek het 'n nuwe mens uit gestap. Voordat jy alle swart mense blameer moet jy eers bietjie tyd saam hulle spandeer en as jy nie dit kan doen nie moet jy vrek!
    Onthou die Apartheid Regering het ook maar geld gesteel van die Mense af. Hulle het dit net goed weg gesteek. Ek is wit en kom van 'n groot familie lyn af, maar dit gee my nie reg om 'n rasis te wees nie. Die regering kan baie beter doen, maar kyk hoe gaan dit met Europa en die VSA. As jy weg hol van jou probleme sal dit jou eendag inhaal en dit sal jou hard tref. So klim die berg uit saam met ander gelowe en kulture dis al manier om die probleme op te los.
    Asb moet nie vir my begin preek oor jou Apartheid jare of jou dom stats nie. Gister is verby en More is vandag se realiteit.

    1. Ek wil sien wat jy se as jou swart maatjies jou vrou an dogter voor jou verkrag en vermoor jou idioot. Ons outoppies het geveg sodat hier nie n totale kommunistiese oorname was nie en dit jare voor jy eers gebore was so kry respek laaitie. Ek is jammer jy het nooit die goeie ou suid afrika beleef nie so jy weet nie van beter nie jy is vergewe.

  40. what the fuck do you mean "FASLY" belongs to them. last time i checked white people invaded africa, STOLE thoes people land then told them what they could and could not do on there own land. the people deserve revenge, and as we all know vengence is a dish best served cold. you white folks are getting what you deserve. WHITE PEOPLE DONT BELONG IN SOUTH. YOU DONT EVEN DESERVE TO CALL YOURSELF AFRICAN YOUR NOT EVEN BLACK. leave africa alone and i asure you, you will see a great change in that country. SET THE BLACK PEOPLE FREEE THE CHAINS OF INTERGRATION ARE KILLING US

    1. then you must also fuck off and give the land back to the bushmen you murdered asshole. go and educate yourself before you spew your shit on this site. Everything you are and have your car clothes appliences tools watches EVERYTHING you see around you is thanks to whites you ungrateful black idiot.

    2. Yeah but without Africans America would never have been so successful in the firstplace. Sure whites probably could have done it but I'm sure most were too lazy and probably would have died from skin cancer or exhaustion. Also without the Chinese whites would not have been able to efficiently invade the Americas, Africa, or Austrailia due to the Chinese gun powder. If the Chinese didn't pull back their ships at the time of Columbs I'm certain that the Chinese would have had claim of the Americas.

      Talk about ungrateful! You should probably look-up AA inventions.

  41. what the fuck do you mean "FASLY" belongs to them. last time i checked white people invaded africa, STOLE thoes people land then told them what they could and could not do on there own land. the people deserve revenge, and as we all know vengence is a dish best served cold. you white folks are getting what you deserve. WHITE PEOPLE DONT BELONG IN SOUTH. YOU DONT EVEN DESERVE TO CALL YOURSELF AFRICAN YOUR NOT EVEN BLACK. leave africa alone and i asure you, you will see a great change in that country. SET THE BLACK PEOPLE FREEE THE CHAINS OF INTERGRATION ARE KILLING US

    1. would I just love to wave a wand and us whites disappear from africa (WITH EVERYTHING WE BUILT DESIGNED MANUFACTURED AND INVENTED) then we can see zuma and malema sitting with their fat black asses under a tree in their loin clothes drinking kaffir beer. No more breitling watches no more range rovers no more houses or buildings no medication no clothes !!! By the way when the whites settled in the western cape there were no kaffirs as you moved from the north so us whiteys were here first if you perhaps think that occupying a place first gives you the right to ownership. I think you darkies should piss off back to central africa , Zimbabwe etc where you came from and us whiteys should go back to europe and we will leave SA to the rightful owners (the 100 or so bushmen and a hand full of koi san) As they were here way before either of us !!! Its time you blacks get over yourselves stop blaming apartheid for all your own corruption and inabilities and start trying to build this country not destroy it. Affirmative action was first implemented in the US years ago to try and uplift the black minority (once again the open black hands) which in theory would work to an extent regarding only 10% of the population was black so in theory if all the blacks were given white held jobs 90% of whites would still be employed. Now our opportunistic black government decides it is a nice racistic lead to follow ....except if you take all the white held jobs here 90% of you assholes will still be unemployed. So my conclusion is that there is no logical reason for this implementation except your own hatred for whites. But of course if I look as a whole at us as opposed to you i would be jealous too (clever industrious beautiful hard working) ....the list is endless. In a nutshell as long as you darkies exclude us from feeling part of our own country of birth by you murderous ways and racist policies this country will go down and only down sorry to say.

  42. Tragic, however, white South Africans are reaping what they sow. They are now going through the same ordeal that they put black people through. Had they not set up disgusting apartheid they wouldn't be suffering today.

    1. Wrong. Because, all over the world, black people are violent and commit most of the crime.

    2. I take it you Mr Marine are from the US ? well I grew up in SA and all these huge transgressions you talk of in apartheid was blown completely out of proportion by the media for a fact. Please explain how in the 1970s the appartheid government used white taxpayers money to build the biggest hospital in the southern hemisphere with over 3000 nurses EXCLUSIVELY FOR BLACKS !!! if we wanted them all dead we would have been building gas chambers. At the time 60% of WHITE taxpayers money was used for blacks and Soweto alone had more cars than what was owned by blacks in the rest of africa combined and coincidently 5% of those were none other than mercedesbenze so please once again tell me how hard the poor blacks had it under apartheid ? Many many blacks have told me personally they had a much better time under apartheid than the current black government and you may think its bullshit but it is a fact. So when your indian tribes start amassing against you raping your wives and daughters and burning your children I will also say its all your fault for the way you treated them in the past and it is what you deserve. I dont point fingers at your country for what you did or didnt do its none of my business so keep your fucking foolish comments about my country to yourself.

    3. You are just a five star asshole, Marine, you dont know South Afica and maybe cant even find that country on the map ! Why dont you leave your trailer park and go to South Africa so you can make an informed, intelligent statement when you get back to your dump ?

  43. When the first white man came to South Africa, there were only Bushmen and San.. the rest of the blacks moved south once the white man started developing the country... Yes, they used the black man as labour because that was all they could do.

    Was apartheid wrong? Yes.. There is apartheid in every country in the world, South Africa just made it law and the rest of the world gave it a name.

    The WHITE MAN developed the country, MADE it into a country.. found ALL the wealth and resources. Were it not for the white man, the black people would STILL be living in poverty in the bush!

    Take a look at the rest of Africa!! Think of how many Europeon, American or Asian coutries trade with?? North Africa?? East Africa?? West Africa?? In fact, very few of the other African countries!!

    The black people are now practising reverse apartheid. FACT!
    Anything that goes wrong is blamed on previous white rule. What a crock of shit!

    All jobs go to black people first, whatever their lack of qualifications. THEN they have to employ 3 or 4 people to do the same job a more qualified white person could do far more efficiently.

    The government, municipalities, education sectors are all run by blacks and run extremely badly.

    The corruption, waste and theft of public funds has got totally out of hand.

    The black people seem to think whites were given everthing they have and didnt slog to achieve anything. The black person wants everything for NOTHING!!

    Government totally corrupt
    Municipalites totally corrupt

    THEN we have the Police Force. What a laugh they are!!

    It goes on and on and on...

    Us whites only have South African passports. We can't just get Europeon passports because out ancestors originated from overseas. IF WE COULD, WE WOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!

    Yet.... those same countries our ancestors came from are taking in blacks from other troubled African countries... ALSO taking in so called refugees from Arab and Asian countries.
    Let a white South African ask for politacl asylum because we are targets for the black people to harm...we would be DENIED!!

    When I speak of black people, I am generalising, of course. Certainly every black person is not bad... I know so many good ones, but they are so in the minority, they don't have a voice in the running of this country which is going downhill at a rapid rate!!

    Sad, but true...

    I cry for my country, because I AM A SOUTH AFRICAN BY BIRTHRIGHT!!

    Lastly, the white man has kept a record of history, the same cannot be said for the black man in South Africa, of which most have MIGRATED from the north, to seek the riches and security in a coutry the white man built. Yes, with the cheap labours of the uneducated black man, no dispute on them being used for labour.

    Wake up black people, start working to build OUR country to what it was before, TAKE PRIDE, be a civil culture and mindful of what is right and wrong!!!

    Greed and pointing fingers at the white man for all that goes wrong will be to your detriment in the end.

    Lastly, we don't have to swear and insult, use bad language and attacks in this forum..
    If you have a brain then formulate your thoughts in an inteligant manner.

    I rest my case...

  44. * political - * intelligent...

  45. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind... This is attrocious and sad, just like the apartheid system was.

    I see so many people justifying apartheid and claiming that things weren't that bad, but that's nonsense and everyone knows it! There are far more black South Africans being murdered than whites, so that's one fact you're choosing to ignore. Also, you ignore the ugliness of murdering men who were already incarcerated and handcuffed like Steven Biko and countless others. How about shooting down entire throngs of protesting children?! That was just as disgusting as the horrible acts you display here against white farmers... Except, of course, that was the actual government actively killing protestors (kind of like they did at the mines earlier this year, except at least those were adults)... South Africa really does look like it's going down the Zimbabwe road and that is just incredibly sad. Rhodesia was horrible, but Zimbabwe just built on that ugly history and made it worse. I pray that South Africa will not share the same post-colonial fate.

    1. So when the blacks have their violent marches (it always HAS to be violent) and force woman and children between them and police whilst shooting at police from behind that is ok as long as police do not shoot back ? When more recently police make a barbed wire barricade as a division between them and violent armed protesters and this barricade is breached by the protesters weilding knives machettes sticks and even guns its also ok as long as the police dont shoot back ? Note the comparisons yet the one was an apartheid government the other the black ANC government. What I see here is not a problem of the government at all its the violent culture of the blacks in this country. EG the farm worker strikes... was it called for to be violent ? to kill , burn vinyards overturn and torch cars ?... no it was not all they needed to do was have a peaceful sit down with the grapes in the field and they would have had a better result but no they have to be violent because its part of their nature. The problem we have in this country unfortunately is the nature of the beast.

    2. Stop wasting your breathe trying to teach black people about growth, economy, social responsibility...... they are thousands of years behind us when it comes to thinking rationally or planning the future. We should have never brought them to RSA, we were greedy and wanted cheap labour - now the peasant is boss!
      I will snatch the life out of anyone trying to get me off my land.....
      God save us all..............

    3. remember that they were here before whites.

    4. The Khoi and San were here, not the Bantu people (the ones you call black in general)

      White people have been in Africa longer than white people have been in America, yet we are still called European??

      Romans ruled a third of the world - do you see Italy fighting for their "land" they once had?

      Go and read some History

  46. The problem in this country, and specifically amongst Africans, is that they have energised the demonic realm in Africa by their witchcraft. So, in their lives, their homes, their areas of influence, they bring demonic influence because of their witchcraft and their rituals. The same applies to all "ram" nations who are within themselves totally corrupt and violent. You know a tree by its fruits, and when black people go on "gossip" and "slander" and fale reports of how white people generally murdered whites, and when they believe that every white person got out of his chair and went into townships to kill, and now they are justified to "do the same", they just lower themselves to the demons they condemn. To every african who is not a Christian african. The violence and hatred and retribution that comes from you is a demon. The apartheid GOVERNMENT (not the people) caused many problems, but Jesus proved to us that SATAN RULES THE WORLD and SATAN CAN EXIST IN ANYONE! You people make your judgments based on what is on the OUTSIDE not knowing what is in the INSIDE of people. It is true that most parts of Africa are controlled by demons. The Zulus did a satanic ritual with Piet Retief's heart and liver. Show me an african who is willing to align his witchcraft belief with the many different occult movements and you will find a striking similarity! I have had enough of people who spit out their venom based on hatred, prejudice and whatever reason they can find to spit venom. That venom is vomit from a demon. To all those people who have problems with everyone else for whatever reason, why don't you look to yourself. Imagine if I, as a Jew Lover, took a flight to Germany and killed as many german babies as possible justifying it by saying that Germans did it in the first place. It would be crazy. To every supporterof Genocide in this country, you are obviously as hypocritical as your demons are, or the ancestors you sacrifice to. One more thing. WE DID NOT STEAL LAND FROM YOU, OK. PIET RETIEF WENT TO THE ZULUS FOR A DEAL FOR LAND WHICH DINGAAN SIGNED. THE ZULUS KILLED THEM AFTERWARDS IN A COWARDICE WAY! God fought for His Name at Blood River and Dingaan and His People were scattered to a degree that Dingaan fled his own village! You people who are lovers of blood, murder, genocide, prejudice, hatred and hypocrisy..... YOU MIGHT GET IT RIGHT TO PLAY WITH YOUR DEMONS AND WITH THEM BRING YOUR EVIL ON OTHERS IN YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRISY BUT KNOW THIS, YOU WILL ONLY GET IT RIGHT FOR A LIFE-TIME THAT WILL END PREMATURELY. THEN YOU WILL BE BROUGHT INTO HELL WHERE DEMONS WILL PLAY WITH YOU AND WILL TORTURE YOUR SOUL DOR ETERNITY. You Africans that sacrifice to your gods and you bring your bloodshed, watch closely now. Watch very closely. God is coming with MERCY and where MERCY is rejected, JUDGMENT FOLLOWS.

    1. Following "jesus" is what allowed the devil/whites in the first place...SO HAPPY they are getting back to their native religions using the earth to cast the devil out with ANY MEANS NECESSARY...europe cleared out the jails & mental hospitals sending you "colonists" to the lands of human beings which is the reason they don't want you back...maybe you can find a home in hell, perhaps

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    1. Kafirs hoor julle?! Hiers 'n toordokter!

  48. This article is PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT.

  49. we have a statue of nelson mandela in parliment square in london,he is also on the internet singing about killing whites.whhy does the world recognize the scum!

    1. (TR) Because he was made into a god by the main stream media. Unfortunately most people take everything the main stream media propaganda machine (cnn, fox, bbc) spews out as the truth instead of thinking for them self. He used to have 2 homes, one was in Houghton, Johannesburg which is was probably the most upmarket suburb in Johannesburg at the time. His other house was in Soweto (poor black informal settlement/shantytown), a small 2 bedroom house. He did all his journalist interviews at the little house in Soweto. Mandela and the ANC lied to the world, and they were very good. It was all done to change South Africa into a communist state, and we are almost there. I don't think he will see the end result, he's on his last legs at almost 95 years old. Funny how a man who was supposedly incarcerated for 27 years can live to be sol old. Well, he wasn't on Robben island for the full 27 years. A lot of his sentence was served under house arrest in a luxurious house, which was better furnished than what most whites could afford. The peace-loving Mandela and his ANC party is probably one of the biggest lies ever told. He is a terrorist and his ANC is a communist backed organization. USA and UK knew about that, what more do you need than a picture of him standing in front of a communist hammer and sickle flag doing the closed fist commie-salute, with Winni Mandela and ex-KGB (Russian 'CIA') Joe Slovo? But the US and UK knew exactly who the ANC was. This isn't the ony time they backed a terrorist organization, there was the Mujahideen in Afghanistan during the 80's, where they helped their old pal and CIA operative, Osama Bin Laden. And today they are still at it, the FSA (Free Syrian Army) aka "The Syrian rebels" is a terrorist organization with ties to Al'Qeuda. The US support these terrorists by giving them weapons. (TR)

    2. (TR) Mike Smith's "Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box" for the real truth about Apartheid, how it worked and why it was done. The truth about Mandela and the ANC.


      (links to the different chapters on the right side of his blog)

  50. South Africa has indeed been through a lot of tribulation. There is something far greater than race and, it. Is God -- God the almighty. We will heal as a nation; the Democratic Alliance is pushing for changing as well as the ANC. God bless South Africa and, evey creed and colour of individual that exists. I ask that the Divine power of God will prevail and fix our stupid ass up.

  51. Ek skryf in AFRIKAANS MY MOEDERTAAL! Is al deur verskeie rooftogte een deur die "polisie", 'n tannie van my is op haar plaas met 'n versteekte vuurwaapen deur plaaswerker vermoor en na 5 dae vrygelaat. Genocide is hier. Swartes plunder, verkrag, roof, moor, deel in korrupsie en ons wittes kan nie terugsit en dit net vat nie. Ek is 'n Christen, wit, Afrikaans en trots daarop. Ons sal moet opstaan en sê ons betaal nie meer vir hulle kos, klere, water en elektrisiteit nie. Hulle kan vir Zuma en sy magte vra vir alles en geld. Dit is ons land en hier sal ons bly tot die dood toe. Hulle break net af en herbou niks. Ons het 'n geskiedenis om te bewaar vir baie nageslagte. God is ons bewaarder. Vir nou en vir altyd!

  52. Oh my dear Lord, never in my life have I seen so many delusional people in one place. There is no point in throwing statistics around, for the simple fact that statistics provided by the south african police is about as trustworthy as a nigerian drug dealer...the black shit heads in blue uniform can't find shit at a sewage plant! And please don't give me bullshit stories like "its just crime" or "its not that bad" because then, with respect, fuck you! I worked armed reaction for several years, and the horrors I witnessed would drive you insane! In less than 2 years I witnessed 7 brutal murders on small holdings! And countless other murders of which only one was black! Come talk shit to me again when you have seen a baby cut from the mother with a steak knife, and its throat slit! Its Goddamn time you ignorant gutless poor excuse for white people stopped making excuses for these animals and get off your lazy fat asses and start fighting for your people!!!

  53. i live in Poland, I tell you that the niggres here are same like in South Africa. when I was to Johanesborg for world cup futeball, I saw where Kaffyres lived all was dirty and in very big stink places. So, the Kaffyre people have 18 years of ' freedom ' ?? So. Now they will always live in shitstink places what they like, I think. Yes. I think the Kaffyre people just hate white people because they are more clever and they know all Kaffyre people just want to do no works and live in stink places. Yes, that I think. But the nigre people i talked to did make polite to me, so mabe they some ones ok

  54. Why exactly is it that the Japanese-Aericans got reperation money from beening unlawfully detained during WWII, and yet African-Americans haven't after the whole 400 years of hell working their battered bodies in inhumane conditions while being treated like we were truely less than animals? I nor should any other African think that MODERN day Europeans/EuroAmericans owe us money for slavery because I do know for a fact that most African peoples will celebrate, go crazy, and treat it like it is some sort of vicktory and blow all of it on WORTHLESS CRAP that they don't need, but the whole land issue may very depending on if FAIR deals were made between the African kings and the European invaders. Instead reperations should be used in order to benefit their local communities such as better educational systems by having the lessons updated, have freedom of speech + seperate the education system from government (get rid of all the shitty teachers who don't give a crap and make learning fun like it use to be) and develope after school programs with manditory study sessions. Then there will be no excuse for any following generation of African and any other "race" to ever fail.

    A better understanding of the problems can lead to in depth thinking which will lead to the problems being rectafied in a peaceful mannor. Treat them like people and not like any other type of animal and they will be more willing to cooperate. The people of Africa are just tiered of Europeans treating them and their homeland like crap that they can do with as they please without the peoplse consent. ps: do Europeans just live in Africa to look down on its people to feel as though they are better opposed to how they would feel around people who share the same success making them feel less important in their own homeland or is it to escape what seems to be transpiring in their homeland or is it that you truely feel some emotional attachment towards Africa? (I don't know that's why I ask) *Please Respond*

    Request:Would someone be so kind to list the real problems in Africa? I know this is a problem idon't think people should be killing other people who aren't the ones involved but innocent bistandards should be left out of it on both sides.

  55. To all that believe that this is some "Propaganda Bullshit".
    You folks need to realise that incidents like this do happen. Black People hate White people with everything they have and the root of it all is that they feel extremely threatened by White People. Black people have contributed close to fuck all to society in the past 200 to 300 years. They lack imagination, drive, passion, intelligence and a moral compass. However not all are like that, some can be Doctors, Lawyers, Physicists and Teachers but they will forever lack the soul needed to complete anything successfully. They are foresighted and dimwitted. Dont get me wrong I believe that they have a place in society, they too do not want to be discriminated against but they will torch this beautiful country if we dont stop them. I myself have lost family and friends to these Baboons. Killing, raping and pillaging is what they know best. Please people I am not here to preach to you about God but if you want to see South Africa restored to a Country Of God, where your children can roam the streets in TRUE FREEDOM, return to God and ask him for help. God is lief vir ons Afrikaners, onthou Bloed Rivier my Volk. Hy het die Zulu kaffers verslaan toe hulle ons kinders en vroens wou dood maak. Hy sal ons weer red.

    1. Surely you don't really belive that the African peoples have contributed nothing to society. Oh and for the record there are without a doubt alot more white people ("CHRISTIANS") out there who hate me for no definitive reason. I've never stolen from, or hurt anyone, unless you tried to hurt me on purpose ofcourse, but I still didn't steal from anyone though (I personaly hate thieves).
      I don't care enough to even bother hating someonelse it just seems like a waist of my time.When people do mess with me I never get mad, but I always get even and then some.
      If you wanna talk about the lack thereof moral compass I suggest you go back and brushup on your history. The typical white guy who'd use the word of god to fuel his evil desires in order to turn a profit off of the suffering of other humanbeings (including other whites depending on social status).

      Link: http://www.blackinventor.com/

  56. I like your site but this figure is grossly wrong

    """Compare that to the 7518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population.""""

    there were over 80,000 murders during the apartheid era,of that 95% was black on black violence which makes it roughly 5,000

    I understand you are highlighting that blacks have killed more whites than whites ever did to blacks

    All you have to do is compare the 1910 consensus and population demographics to see that the black population under white rule quadrupled if not increased more than that, one cant say that of any other african country where a black govermunt has taken over a European colony

    Other than that i like this blog, this and mikes blog should be up there, take backups of mikes blog if you can, things are getting completely out of control these day

  57. I had a young man work for me in the early 80's, just out of high school. His mother moved to the US to keep her son from the mandatory draft. They did not want him to fight blacks of his country and the neighboring countries. His grand parents stayed in SA. IIRC his mother was divorced and their father stayed in SA. He married a Hispanic American girl and had several children. He had no problem with blacks when he worked for me. I pray his grand parents have passed. They did own some kind of business in SA. I do not remember what it was. They went back to SA on vacation, IIRC every year.

    I have kept up with SA some over the years. Mandala's daughter is a racist person and so are the people who work for her. The blacks control SA, so whatever happens there is their doing. Civil war will be between the blacks too.

    Here is a source for SA farm attacks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_farm_attacks

    Crime in SA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_South_Africa

  58. What also really bothers me is how the true South African history is not being taught anymore. The bushmen (Khoi and San) are the indigenous people of this land, the whites and blacks then colonised it. Most people in South Africa and overseas don’t know this and swallow the lies of the ANC.

    Racial stats of population growth is always overlooked (see wikipedia):
    1904:3,491,056 million bantu and 1,116,805 whites
    1960:10,928,000 million bantu and 3,080,000 whites
    2011:40,210,000 million bantu and 4,570,000 whites.

    Not all of the current 40million blacks have been victims of colonial oppression for 300 years. Yet this is what most south african blacks believe…and what the ANC uses as their justification for BEE and affirmative action. How can you now suddenly almost overnight fit 50million people into a system that wasn’t originally built for so many people? The maths doesn’t add up. It’s impossible! Obviously there will still be widespraed unemployment and poverty. Even if ALL possessions and money of the 4million whites is given to the 40million blacks, everyone will still be poor.

    Lastly: there are approx (?)5million registered tax payers in SA who are supporting almost 50million people. A large percentage of those tax payers are white….yet whites have no legal rights anymore in this country. Instead of the tax money being used to improve services for the poor, it is being used to support the lavish lifestyles of the ruling elite. Government fraud and corruption are rife with millions of rands of tax money being unaccounted for every year, yet they make apartheid and whites the scapegoat for EVERYTHING.

    Animal Farm by George Orwell

  59. Also: when white settlers came to SA, they didn't take black people's houses or move into their kraals. They simply built their own system by copying what they had in Europe. The blacks wanted to be part of this western system........but how can one assimilate all the blacks into the western system overnight when they didn't have a western education.....And just as blacks would not have given whites their houses and kraals for free, why do they expect whites to do it for them? The white government did in fact build infrastructure and services for the blacks - schools, hospitals etc....these are all things that blacks never had before! Now before being attacked that blacks received substandard services.....don't forget the majority of the tax in the country has always come from whites, so how could they afford to build first world services for free for everybody including the masses of non-tax paying blacks?

    If blacks hate the whites so much, then after they have killed all of them, they should also destroy and get rid of everything that came from the white man: roads, cars, western money, shops, tv's, phones, schools, hospitals, electricity, clothes, chocolates, cigarettes, restaurants, computers, spectacles, shoes, western medicine, skyscrapers, the english language, ....Thereafter re-build the kraals etc and live in the original way that is according to their culture.

    Let us rather learn to live peacefully alongside each other. Let every individual start by taking responsibility for him/herself and being the best person they can be....and let us all remember to view each other as human beings.

    Love is more powerful that hate. Forgiveness is more powerful that hate. Self-control is more powerful that hate. Peace is more powerful that hate.

  60. First off I wuldnt give 2 shits if black people only were populating a small portion on east Africa ITS AFRICA it belong to black folk it doesnt matter were u were born African ppl belive in blood right u must be born of the indigenous ppl and there land to be considered one of the...of course white ppl dnt understand thi..Africa is for Africans...you are not African if your not black.Ill never understand why white ppl call us niggers nd downgrade us yet they want our titles and land. They come to our land break our ppl and culture steal our land and sell us to be slaves.CLAIM to free us then commit acts like the Tuskegee syphilis incident and expect forgiveness idk how white ppl burn out the fire of there vengence but we douse the fires of our vengeance with BLOOD.the children WILL pay for the sins of there father simply because the father is not here to pay for it himself also because the children continue to commit the same acts as the father just more subtle and sneaky. I understand that not all white ppl are evil but most truly are.all we ask is that you leave Africa. And if Africans fail at buliding our own country and end up killing ourselves whites can simply move in and take over because we will be gone. Whites need to leave Africa you ppl have no home there you were not welcomed nor invited. And dont give me that well blacks should leave America because we never asked to leave Africa we were snatched away. All I can say is if your not black your not African to liberate on that if you dont have black blood your not African and don't deserve to call yourselfs such. Iam sick of watching my ppl suffer eighty percent is the white mans fault twenty percent is our own. And all this white genocide bullshit.lol.like really it needs to stop.white ppl kill millions nd dnt shed a tear but kill one white baby and its the end of the dam world white ppl are ridiculous u ppl think u own the world your the only ppl that is found in every continent,country and city in the world. An egotistic infestation that need to be eradicated from Africa. My suggestion ETNIC CLEANSING deport all white ppl to UK and America where they can sniff coke all day and fuck each other in the ass until they native Americans decide to take there land back(which white ppl also stole) white ppl are just world wide thiefs but of course an idiot will never call himself an idiot the same way white folka will never admit,pay nor apologize for there crimes. And we will never forgive them. FREE THE AFRICAN RACE THE CHAINS OF INTERGRATION ARE KILLING US. AFRICA IS IN NEED OF ETHNIC CLEANSING GET RID OF ALL NONE AFRICANS IN AFRICA..THAT MEANS EVERYONE WHO IS NOT BLACK

    1. Well said!

    2. White people have given US$ Trillions in Aid to Africa and any countries considered black and those countries have only gone backwards. Look at Haiti?

      Even the Aid sent after the earthquake was stolen.

      I agree whites should leave Africa. And we should kick you out of Europe and America and watch the crime levels drop like a stone and the welfare bill decrease by about 90%.

      Anyway you must be busy. It takes a big man to murder a helpless baby and kill an 80 year old woman with a beer bottle.

    3. First off, if you are going to use history as an excuse to commit violent crime, at least educate yourself better on these issues. All you do is spout the rhetoric of the left wing agenda. Before any white man set foot on Africa, your own people enslaved and sold each other. How could boats of white people come on your land and just steal people without help of other Africans? It is time for blacks to quit playing the innocent victim. Do I think that justifies whites having slaves? HELL NO! But when will blacks face that they too have contributed to their own plight? Only 3.2% of white Americans today have ancestors that were involved in slavery. So how do you completely keep blaming all white Americans? Did you know that the Irish were also enslaved and sold? Probably not because western media will never show it, if they did then the leftists would lose their war cry of racism and slavery. Every race at one point in time has been enslaved. Do you ever hear whites saying they are owed reparations from the Muslims that enslaved them? Many whites were barboury slaves and they had the same and at times worse atrocities committed upon them by their Muslim slave masters. Also throughout human history, people have invaded and conquered other people's and their lands for their resources. Yes, Africans too. Quit getting your history from the boob tube, pick up a book, pick up a couple, and form your own opinions.

    4. (TR) Slavery ended a long time ago, get over it. The same with Apartheid, you can't keep blaming the same thing over and over again like the ANC government of South Africa. If whites have to leave Africa, then all the blacks in Europe and the US should come back to Africa too. If whites leave Africa, we will also burn everything down so that Africa was the way we found; in the Stone Age.

    5. thats fine just make sure you leave and never come back. And we dont need to get over shit you dumb cunt slavery and that apartheid bullshit was not that long ago how the hell do you justify invading a ppls land then telling them what they can an can not do. Its like a home invasion imagine if I did that to you invaded your fucking house killed.and enslaved your faimly then packed my bags and move into the guest room.like really wtf. Then I told you to get over it. I didnt give you any satisfaction in revenge. Wtf makes no sense

  61. Reading these posts it is completely clear that no peaceful resolution to these problems will ever be found. Due to the political correctness of the times, I'm afraid there will be no recognition of these atrocities in western nations, your cries for help will go unanswered. Not too long ago, in western nations, women had no voice either. We first had to put together an underground movement to help those women in the most dire of situations escape until legislation caught up. I believe that's where we must start immediately to help the Boer. Yes, we are white, we have wealth, we have connections, but no voice. Like the underground railroad that took slaves to freedom and hope for a better future, this time we must do the same to save our own. We need to set up homes across the Us and Canada that will bring these families over and house, feed, and find them work. We will quietly attain visa's then hopefully citizenship for these refugees. We all have family members that work in immigration, government, lawyers, judges, and we must utilize these connections to help these people. It will be of the utmost importance that it is all done in secrecy, otherwise it will be futile. Let's see if any other posters agree with this and would be willing to stick their knecks out to save these people. I would love to help and offer any and all resources at my disposal. Even if I could get at least one family over here and give them hope for a future that doesn't include being disembowelled and burnt alive. If anyone is interested in helping start the 2013 freedom train, post some contact info and let's get this rolling. If I am to go it alone, someone please tell me how to find a Boer family that is in dire need. Even if they are unwilling to relocate, I imagine financial assistance could lessen their plight. Greenbacks make the world go round, and if we can't bring them to safety, we will buy it. The most murderous of humans will walk away if the bribe is big enough.

  62. I dont know what it will have to take to make you whites understand.BOERS HAVE NO BUISNESS IN AFRICA. Or any other none black races.that is our home and it is in ruins and whites ENJOY this and urge this on.white ppl are forcing blacks to like them. They have INVADED our land oppresed us beyond belief and when asked.to leave..refused.they are an alien threat in Africa they wish to take control of our country nd eradicate blacks from there own homeland. White ppl never have and never will be true Africans. and as for all you on here talking about there will never be a peacfull solution...well hell iguess your right.also who are you to force us to make peace.WE DO NOT WANT PEACE WITH YOU PPL. we want you to leave our home how dare you come to a forign land kill and opress the ppl continue to invade there land then tell them to accept and love you.hahaha how idiotic is that. Its like Hitler begging for forgiveness then getting mad when the Jews tell him no.lol.. Imean it just complete stupidity. Who do you ppl think you are. You can not force us to love and forgive you you can not force us to like you and you dam sure cannot force us to coexists with you ESPECIALLY IN OUR OWN HOME!! You are an ever growing invasion threat that has been hell bent on wiping out the indigenous African ppl since you first set foot there(of course without permission). Because that is the way of the white man, do what the fuck you want when you want and dont think about the consequences and when they do come just pretend to forget and lie.and for all you talking about how did the white man do it without help of indigenous slave traders? Easy SUPERIOR WEAPONS DUH. and for all you speaking of how we enslaved ourselves!! Okay may be true but that doesn't give YOU the right to do it. What I do to MY FAIMLY is MY BUISNESS it does not give you any right whatsoever to do the same. You did what you did out of the coldness of your heart yet you are to cowardly to face the consequences.when a black man does.a crime he is ready to face his consequences like a man. You white boys run from your like a pathetic rat. You bite then run. And it is not that black ppl are too savage it just that whites are too SOFT. You whine, bitch and cry over everything. MAN UP, FACE THe CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR FOREFATHERS ACTION. Not just cause it the right thing to do but according to you white folks you are superior so do the what a superior race would do. Apoligize and leave and never come back. a superior race would not squandel with thoes they see inferior why would you want the land of "niggers" isnt it dirty and nasty in your eyes so why continue to stay. why would a superior race stoop the level of thoes they see as inferior and live with them. Because the answer is simple...you ppl dont do this because your superior....you do this because your EVIL AND VILE. a disgusting race of heartless beast. Natural oppressors, world wide thiefs, liars and open sinners. you don't seek forgiveness for you actions because you dont care you love to see the death and destruction of non-angelo races. You ppl are immoral you justify your actions through lies and victimization. If you truly sought forgiveness you would leave but no you continue yo stay and have the ordasity(pardon my spelling plz) to think you have the to stay

  63. (the post b4 this is also mine) imagine this...whites leave Africa and go back to where they came from they also give back America to the natives(but keep Canada).then Africa rejuvenates and rebuilds itsel. Every race on earth then goes back to there original home(Mexicans to Mexico, African and all who are a decsedent and idetify themselves as an African back to Africa etc.) we then all go into a period of 500+yrs of isolationism. Each race builds up there home and over time forgets the woes of the old world.we regain our cultures and once agsin begain to truly prosper.after a good amount od time passes we come out of the isolation period with a clean slate, a new path will have been paved for the future generations.how do iknow this will work you ask because thats whats happens when spend large amounts of time around your faimly you forget the troubles of your day. Also each individual ethnic government will ensure that school teaches that all races are created equal also we will institute rhis idea of equality into our entertainment and social standards. Over time the racism will die out how can I be sure? Because this 2013 and ppl are well eduacted these days. Ppl back then were dumb such a method will never work with them good education and pure morals will end the racist train of thoght it will eradicate all racist myself included. But we must institue that thought of equality in schools and societys. But of course this wont happen white folk dont want peac. They are a sneaky race. Like snakes they coil aroun the neck of a people strangle them dead.like leeches sucking away until either them or the host race drops dead.white folks history is filled with death and destruction but not just amongst themselves like other races there cold hate has been spread across the entire planet.every single human race in existence has felt there cruel touch but for some reason they refuse to let black go from that icy grip.therefore we must.BREAK free.we must chop off the head of the pale skinned snake and throw him back in his pit out of my ancestors land.they defile Africa like a plague.whites have a void in there hearts and they do not fill it with peace,enlightenment and love instead they fill it with gold,dimonds,,Gucci,prada,lui and of course there favorite blood. Blood of non-angelo.races. When the white man first met Africans....slavery,war,violence,bloodshed....native Americans....war,violence,bloodshed,slavery.Spanish...war,bloodshed,violence every where these ppl go death pain and hate follow just look at history

    1. Africa rejuvenates and rebuilds itsel.

      (TR) hahahaah... that made me laugh. In other parts of Africa where countries have been independent they have "rebuilt" a lot. Blacks aren't smart enough to rule a country. They have been 'free' from the colonialists since the early 60's, but they are still 3rd world countries. Japan and Germany was destroyed in the 1940's, but they became 1st world countries in 20 years. Africa is the most resource rich continent, but the blacks couldn't do anything with that fact. Blacks are too lazy and greedy.

    2. If blacks are lazy and greedy then whites.are ignorant,egotistic,selfish heathens. Yes Japan and Germany were destroyed but first off they were not destroyed by an evil foreign infeststion that enslaved there ppl. They were destroyec by war. War that was caused by themselves. we were INVADED and we LOST the fight against the invading plaque and were forced to succumb to it. The plaque then freed us physically but the plaque knew and still does know that there actions went further down just physical scars and the plaque plays on that they manipulate that generational grudge we hold for you. Japan and Germany were able to settle the conflicts they had and therefore were able to move on towards the future of there country. Blacks are still being infested the plaque still populates our land sucking it dry and we our powerless to stop it. Japan holds,no major emotinally scar from that conflict niether does Germany we blacks are holding a grudge of hate on our back for the blood you shed in the past. Do not act as though you don't know what a grudge is or as though you never had one. The reason oue education is low is because were too busy handling the epidemic on our hands we are busy eradicating a deadly infestation from our lands.

    3. canada belongs to natives too and they already stated in their movememnt they want whites OUT! go BACK TO EUROPE!i am one of them i dont want whites in my country either!

  64. When blacks went to war in the old days it was amongst themselves,was it right no but it was internal bloodshed.same with most other races,exept whites they waged war on every race on this planet...yet they are superior. Huh..haha.amazing the ego of these ppl is outstanding.""they can do no wrong" lol and the wrong they do, do they try to forget and run from the consequences. Hitler was white,Charles Manson was white. Ted Bundy was white....need I go on??- dayoungking

  65. You think a selfproclaimed superior race would have seen the outcome of their actions. Never did it cross your mind that these people would seek rigthful vengence on you for your father's sins against our's. The Africans ask you to leave yet you defy their peaceful warning and now you're dealing with the consequences of your stubborness. Oh and if the land belong to the San and Khoi don't you think they should be the ones to deside who can be in their lands, but if niether are anylonger of this world, then shouldn't the land go to the other real Africans?

    Whites say if you migrate to an unoccupied area then its yours. So why is it that the Native Americans and Aboriginals (The ORIGINAL AUSTRAILIANS) were also being displaced by whites NEED for GREED in the real American's and Austrailiand's land. the taking away of the natives children in order to give them the proper CHRISTIAN LIFE as a personal slave to cook, clean and thensome. You people have proven to be a danger to not only yourselves but most importantly to the wealfare of all other peoples, animals, and even the planet in your lust for power.

    You people say forgive and forget its all in the past, but why should we forget? So you can do it again without us noticing the warning signs no doubt or think you can get away with what you did to all races. you say Africans are stupid savages yet you morons follow psychopaths as your leaders who lead your countries to ruin after killing millions of people in the mos horrific ways (Hitler, Vlad Tepes, Stalin, Rasputin, Charles Manson, kkk, etc...). Believe that you people will pay for all you've done, here or in the next life.

    1. Totally agree with you. Whites should leave and Whites should stop sending Aid!

    2. I love how you say leave and stop sending aid lol like the fact that you send aid is gonna make us want you to stay LEAVE,TAKE YOUR "AID" WITH YOU AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!! Thats what we are asking for leave and take your dam aid with you..

    3. Actually I do not live in Africa and do not want to. Nor am I anti black people. I just prefer the truth.

      Firstly, if White South Africans wanted to wipe out the blacks, how come their numbers increased by tens of millions?

      Why did white people go out into the land in South Africa and vaccinate the black children against polio?

      Why did Bill Gates and his wife set up a foundation of US$ billions to help Africans suffering from Aids?

      Why did whites build Baragwanath. One of the most modern hospitals in the world?

      How come Robert Mugabe was educated and went to university at Fort Hare in South Africa in the 1950s, if the whites wanted to keep the blacks down?

      How did Mandela go to university at Fort Hare and then study law at Witwatersrand University if blacks were uneducated?

      Why in the photographs of Mandela when he was young, is he always wearing beautiful, obviously very expensive suits, if blacks were kept poor and uneducated?

      Why, was a University built in Zululand?

      Why, did Ethiopia have a population of 30 million when Bob Geldof created Live Aid to feed the people and now it has a population of 90 million?

      When we talk of Aid we mean the money sent from the United States, Europe and other countries to South Africa and other African countries every year. Hundreds of billions of US Dollars.

      I am not pro Apartheid, but thirty years ago, South Africa had the most highly educated Africans in the whole of Africa. The ratio was around 96% educated in South Africa and Zimbabwe and around 96% uneducated in the African run countries.

      Who brought in "Liberation Before Education" and told/forced their children not to attend school? That was clever. Because now those children have grown up and they are unemployed.

      Instead of being full of hate, it is a pity that you cannot work together with the other races to make South Africa the most succesful country in the world, which it could be with its natural resources.

      Because the rest of the world has moved on from the racism of South Africa. There is a man of colour in the White House and his black wife is very respected.

      Black film stars are at the top of Hollywood and black musicians dominate the musical world and are very popular and rich!!

    4. You can not force us to love you. We do want Africa to be successful we just want to gain that succes on our own without you. We are holding a grude against you and you dont seem to understand that. We are dirty"niggers" so why do stay in our filthy "nigger" country. The only reason you people moved on is because you dont want to face the consequences. Enslave my faimly and expect me to forgive you. Never. We hate you ppl for what you did to us it hurt us emotionally and physically in ways you cant imagine and you never apologized we never did anything to you people to make you enslave us like you did. We want Africa to become the most successful country in the world. We just dont want whites there when it happens. You cannot force us to forgive nor love you you must allow it to burn out but as long as your ppl populate Africa that will never happen

    5. I told you at the top of my comment that I do not live in Africa and I do not want to. Nor am I a White South African. My comments are about the truth, not about asking you to love me.

      All countries have a history of injustice. The ANC will be unsuccesful and they will blame their failures on the white man.

      I have never used the word "nigger" in my life and would not want to. I am English and that is not a word the English or British would use. You will never here that word here in England. It is disgusting.

      Just got a taxi here with a black cab driver. We got on like a house on fire talking about pollution and global warming.

      Whites in Africa are miniscule in number and most of them want the best for Africa and the African people.

      Stop the murder and destruction. Because otherwise, your grandchildren will live like they do in the Congo and other failed countries.

  66. Foxie -- you are reaping the seeds you sowed with genocidal apardheid

  67. Black africans have or could not invent one thing on this earth. Every "liberated" African country except Namibia and Botswana , where they could get rid of the Colonial "oppressor" their countries regressed and sunk into civil wars, poverty and famine. Thus democracy in most African countries does not work-that is what the Western democracies don't understand and can't comprehend. In countries like Nam and Botswana there is still a strong white presence-this the saving grace of these countries. The best impoverished African countries can do is beg at First world countries, but then they blame these "colonisers" for their own problems-that is the black african mentality. Like Zuma said-Africans must go back to their roots- I agree -go back to the bush, living in huts and kraals-wage war against other tribes, but then you must say good bye to all the things Westerners/whites invented and produce- your grand Mercedes, mansions, lavish and luxurious lifestyle, western clothing etc. etc. Apparently the average and the rich black won't be able do that.

    1. What are you talking about. Your soo stupid first off last time I checked it was a nigger who invented penicillin. Plus.for the last time we will tell you. TAKE YOUR CARS GUUCI LUI AND PRADA YOUR HOUSES YOUR SHOES YOUR CLOTHS AND EVERTHING ELSE AND LEEEEAVVVE. GOD DAM AND WE WILL GO BACK TO LIVING IN BUSHES. AND PEACE WILL COME OVER THE WORLD. But of course you ppl dont want peace huh

    2. Anonymous11 January 2013 09:39

      (TR) "Invent" lol. You blacks are stupid. You can't invent stuff that occurs naturally in nature. Alexander Flemming DISCOVERED penicillin in 1928, he was white and British.

    3. Anonymous11 January 2013 09:39

      (TR) Here, go educate yourself about the real problem with black people around the world. Cold hard truth, as spoken by a black man who knows - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17m8OnHC7dQ

    4. Looks like my Spanish is dumber than I thought

    5. Yes but that African kid invented a stronger modifed strain..duh

  68. It saddens me to read such hatred, it tells me there is not arace problem but a problem of such a large scale it will take decades to clear....really sad.

    I'm a white guy and from the UK, I moved back there from SA in 1999 for a break and stayed there for 7 years, in that time I leanrt alot and met lots of people from all over the world.

    Arrived back in SA late 2006 and thought Its looking good, sadly in the last few months as I see our import deficit spiral to over R7 billion I can only see the majority poor black people suffer as we import more foods. here's me thinking its time to move so I can enjoy life, no its not runing away from the problem as I have better things to do with my life than worry about the big problem that lies ahed for this country, if only the majority could just realise whats in about to happen soon they would be more concerned with sorting this country out, instead cuning tatics are being used to blame the past some 18 bloody years ago.

    If you have the time please view this youtube link below, its a wake up call for ALL South Africans.


    Note that I feel a combined colour goverment would work in this country, its also very sad to read in other actual reports that the majority of tax money collected is from the monority whites, its not sustainable and the shit is going to hit the fan soon

    There's lots of negative thoughts flying here and mostly nonsense by whites and blacks alike, is it not possible a more positive response could be brought about, somehow I think there is a slither of a chance

    1. How come it has to be a multi-colored government how come it cant just be black. How come we have to share our country. WHY ARE YOU FORCING US TO LOVE AND FORGIVE YOU. Asia has an Asian government. The spainish have there own government.whites have many governments and countrys for himself. How come when the black man tries to get his own it becomes a problem every race on earth has there own home(country) except blacks were forced to share if Asia wanted to kick all non Asians out of there country they could and would and no one would bother them. Blacks try and were wrong. Why? Why do you ppl bother us why do you try so hard to intergrate and befreind thoes who you see inferior. WHY DAMMIT?? All we ask is that you leave and never speak to us again is that too much to ask?

  69. The future is set for South Africa.

    The only way the ANC can explain failures to do with clean water, housing, jobs and healthcare is to blame it on Apartheid and the Whites.

    The fact is apartheid actually ended in the 1980s.

    In my opinion Zuma should make up his mind whether he and the ANC want whites living in the country and if they do not, tell whites to go and help them with asylum.

    There are not many white people and they could easily be spread among the countries in Europe, the US and other Western countries.

    Then all immigration from Africa should stop. Stop Aid. We have people hungry in Europe and pensioners who cannot afford to heat their homes and our politicians are tipping US$ tens of billions into Africa.

    Perhaps some of the corruption and wars will halt, once the Aid is no longer the prize for both sides to fight over.

    1. The fact of the matter is that the majority of black South Africans are uneducated and therefore cannot think for them selves,this is why they will all ways vote for the corupt ANC regime.Fitch and S&P have recently down graded S.Africa's credit rating so things will only get worse,my advive would be to move on to greener pastures .

      The world knows what is going on in S.A . Most countries are more than willing to have 'WHITE' South African's because they are known as honest hard working people unlike there black counter parts that prefer hand outs.

  70. All niggers must die,that is all.

  71. I for one think that the few men at the top want us to fight like this, the men who came to Africa were simply doing their jobs in order to support their families.

    we're losing sight of the real problems that face us on a daily basis and we go on blaming our government purely because we are incapable of taking responsibility for our own actions.

    It wasn't just one race who built this country or any country for that matter, it was done on a collective level to help humanity take steps forward and to better ourselves

    All these statistics are symptoms of a disease and everyone has been blinded by the fact. If we carry on like this then our true enemies have already won.

    Humans are all forced into enslavement : some for food, some for homes and safe refuge and some for a piece of paper with a value printed on it. The common underlying issue everywhere and for everyone is money.We use it as leverage ( us whites will leave Africa and take our aid with us ) We falsely think that the threat of removing money will get us what we want.

    Face it, every person living in Africa is indeed African . You cannot determine anything from a natural persons skin colour. We have been so diluted and mixed over the past centuries that all of us have a little of every race within us. History might have been written but we were never physically there and as such we have no claim over anything that has occurred in the past because nobody knows how credible their sources really are. Every form of text we have available to us has been manipulated or edited in some way so as to benefit some group of people. Even the holy bible.

    We need to understand that poverty relates to money. If we hadn't accepted the financial system that allows paper to make on man better than another, this could've all been avoided.

    We need to stand together and fight the people that created this system that has made us as Africans feel inferior ( by African i mean : White, black , brown, green, orange, whatever ) we are being made to wage war against eachother by external forces. We have lost sight of the fact that each an every one of us is a sovereign being with the ability to feel and make our thoughts physically manifest right before our eyes. We need to learn to be free because none of us are. We have all handed over our freedom and become so self absorbed that we are incapable of comprehending our true selves.

    Basically from what I can read here, we are all losing the battle. The powers at play have successfully managed to divide us and conquer us too.

    A new age has dawned and we need to make the decision of whether to let our inherent infinite capacity for love and compassion rule us or our false egos which haven't managed to move us forward in any way whatsoever..

  72. Chris, you mean well but basically you have the wrong end of the stick. Aid does not come from within South Africa or Africa so that it can be removed. Aid comes from The United States, The UK, The EU and other Western countries.

    The belief that Aid will help the people of Africa is a mistake, because it drives the corruption and civil wars that are continuous in Africa.

    It is the Africans in South Africa who will not accept the white people. There is nowhere else in Africa where there are any white people of any significant number. All African countries are run by black Africans.


    Top priorities
    Tackling HIV and maternal deaths
    Promoting greater and more inclusive growth
    Taking action against high levels of violence against girls and women
    Encouraging private sector investments in low carbon growth

    We will spend an average of £19 million per year in South Africa until 2015

    £19 million is around R268 million a year from the UK alone.

    1. For sure, Aid is definitely from an external source, but its not a gift by any means. It's given to us on loans from the IMF and such which causes major issues internally for us. Especially when the money that could be spent helping each and every South African live reasonably well is spent paying Debt.

      I can understand the feeling against the Caucasian South Africans, especially those who slander other races and view them as inferior but blood soaked revenge won't do anything other than instill more hatred and cause more friction in the long run. It's not a case of the one group not being able to survive without the other because as humans we are highly adaptable and can adjust an prosper within any situation that gets thrown at us.

      I've been reading the pdf that this article is based on and as a white person I even find some of it very offensive. All these people are doing is pouring petrol over a flame which would have otherwise burnt itself out eventually. Apartheid wasn't right and we all know it in our hearts, we have been told that it was for just causes which would've been good had the people in power not taken advantage of the situation.

      I also understand that the Africans in South Africa are in a certain way not accepting of the white people, it might not be all Africans but I'm sure there are enough of them to warrant some concern, but the fact of the matter is that we were born here, we know nothing but South Africa, just like the Africans, white people are privileged to be here and to be a part of this land, Apartheid or no Apartheid, 90% of us had no say as to what was going on in the past and we cannot be held accountable for what a select group of people was allowed to do.All Africans allowed Apartheid to happen just as we are allowing most of the injustices in the world to happen today. There is strength in numbers but we were brainwashed into feeling powerless back then just as much as we are being brainwashed now.

      By wanting to hurt or harm the people who you feel caused the past situation, physically or emotionally, it just shows that you have the characteristics of the previous regime and should never be put in a position of power. You are projecting your hate for your own bad traits onto other people because you are unable to accept yourself for who you are.

      I understand what I am saying is perhaps on a deeper level than where we'd like to operate but perhaps it is within ourselves that the solution to all this is waiting to be discovered?

      I don't know how else to put it other than we are all gods and godlike, we have the power to do and accomplish amazing things yet we are scared. This is why we always look onto some person or deity to do these things for us, a lot of the time we allow them to be put in a position of power wherein they abuse us and our basic human rights, this is not their faults, it is our fault for allowing it to happen and allowing them to remain in power, it is our fault for not taking responsibility for ourselves and expecting somebody else to sort out the problems for us.

    2. Aid is NOT given by the IMF. That is something different and the IMF money is a loan that should be repaid.

      Aid, is given to all countries deemed to need it and Western countries have pledged at the United Nations to give a % of their GDP as Aid to poor countries.

      The EU GAVE more than 20 billion Rand to South Africa last year. The UK pays into that money as well.

      South Africa is a rich country and it should not need Aid. It did not receive Aid before 1994!!!

      We have our own problems, as I said, pensioners that cannot afford to heat their homes.

      The most important thing though, is it is known that once Aid arrives in Africa, much of it goes into the bank accounts of African politicians and many of us who know Africa, believe that those politicians will not improve the lives of their people, as long as they can receive huge sums of money for showing poor and hungry people to Western politicians.

      While I appreciate your sentiments, the facts are they are unlikely to be heeded by many black South Africans.

      We in Europe have access to websites that are blocked to you and we see all the terrible murders that are happening in South Africa.

    3. My mistake. I do apologize. If you have access to those websites please post the links as I'm sure I can find a method to access those sites.

      Unfortunately there is no immediate solution to any of above issues in South Africa. I personally think that if someone was to step in and create a transparent & uncensored government things may just turn around. But until that happens the ANC will continue their reign over South Africa, the majority of South Africans won't receive anything they're entitled to and the previous regime will continue being used as a scapegoat.

      I would also like to mention that it is highly unlikely that forgiveness for the past will occur as the predominant cultures that suffered during Apartheid were those same cultures that had values such as : " an eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth "
      I think the main predicament that these groups face today is how can you hold anyone accountable for what happened? How can you punish the majority for the minority?

      Money is obviously the root of all these problems as usual, its funny how this capitalist system has caused so much hell for humanity and benefited so few people.

      What do you think?

    4. @Anonymous 14 January 2013 04:34
      "We in Europe have access to websites that are blocked to you and we see all the terrible murders.."

      Could you post this website address please. wanna have a look at it. Even if it is blocked, with proxy servers and VPN's there are ways to view it.

  73. Can anyone tell me exactly why whites feel the need to live in a country where the people that they hate are the original inhabitants and why whites want the title of being called African? I realy don't see the logic behind this especially when the people never ascked for the intrusion of their (San, Khoi, African) land.

    I hate the fact that all these parasites seem to all flock over to Africa due to the resources they have along with the cheap labour they can profit from. Lets TAKE all of Africa's resources to make a profit while all the Africans pay the price of being neglected by their shitty ANC "government" who care so deeply to make Africa a prosperous nation by implementing their corruption.

    And who let those UN CUNTS give power to those monkey soldiers called ECOMOG to deside who is guilty and how to punish the "rebles". The worst part is none of these piece of shit bastards had to answer for crimes against humanity. I bet if a Nazi did any of that shit to someone it would be all over the news too. Fucking media double standards! BTW I'm African-American
    (here's the link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUcTb1i9184

    1. Bitch you are not in any way African American probally but dam sure not African..lying ass cracker

    2. (TR) For exactly the same reason you are living in the States, (if you are even Afri-American as you claim)

      Did you choose to be born there? no. Slavery happened, and your ancestors ended up in America, and you became an American citizen.

      Same thing here. We did not move to South Africa a few years ago from Europe. Our forefathers came to Africa hundreds of years ago, around the same time Europeans were settling in America.

      Blacks are quick to say pack up and leave, but where do we go? Africa is our homeland now, regardless if we came from Europe a long time ago. Would you pack up your stuff and go live in Nigeria?

    3. obviusly YES!!! america isnt my dam homeland i hate this country arfica is the homeland of my ancestors so therefor its my home!!!

    4. So i suppose the european people living in the states must be european-americans, instead of complaining and feeling sorry for themselve they live and work for a better life ,calling them self american and being proud of it.


    1. Did you know Robert Mugabe has all his $Billions in Indonesia?

      Mrs Mugabe is an Olympic shopper. In the past, she shopped at night after the stores had closed in London and Paris and she was allowed to shop in private, but now she goes to Asia, to spend the $millions on designer clothes and sunglasses!

  75. This is what happens when you invade a peoples land enslave them rape there women kill there children and oppress them for no dam reason,just to satisfy your thirst for blood. Did you not see this comin did you honestly think.we would let that slide?let you get away with it? You must not know us that well then...revenge is our middle name and we WILL have our revenge! You bastards deserve everything thats coming to you. THE BLOOD OF THE WICKED OPPRESSORS CHILD SHALL BE SPILLED FOR THE BLOOD OF MY ANCESTORS. TAKE BACK AFRICA MY PEOPLE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. FORGIVE NOTHING TAKE YOUR REVENGE

    1. Memo to you!

      There are no white people running countries in Africa and apart from South Africa, where whites are in the minority and have no power, there are very few whites living in Africa.

      Most left long ago.

      Don't let the facts get in the way of your hatred. Who drove 4 million black people out of Zimbabwe and turned it into a hellhole?

  76. Chris I agree with what you say, except I do believe in a capitalist system.

    Except for the San people and one or two others, humans and animals have always fought over resources.

    Microsoft employs 94000 people world wide!

    What is wrong is if billions of dollars are given to African leaders for Aid, and they buy palaces in the South of France instead. (True).

    If you look up Boer Genocide, you will see some of what is going on. That is why although I would love to bring my family to South Africa for a holiday and contribute some money in tourism, I will not risk it.

    I actually think whites in South Africa are wasting their time hoping things will improve and should go elsewhere.

    Not in Africa though. If you develop new farms out of African bush and jungle, they will say you have taken the best land.

    1. I've been pondering over all these ideas for days and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. Normal human psychology wont allow for a solution it seems.

      In terms of bringing your family here, I say you should do it. There is so many great aspects of South Africa to indulge in and it's only the people that are ruining it. Maybe after getting some first hand experience you could perhaps give your input on a possible solution?

      There is no way that white people will ever leave South African willingly, this is because of the many financial factors at play. If they were being sent on an all expenses paid trip I'm sure they'd kindly oblige.

    2. I am not South African but know South Africa very well. Visted in 2005 where I saw the "Armed response" signs outside the homes. Nowhere else in the world do people live like that.

      Just to say too that I lived in SA for a while in my twenties. Do not get me wrong, it is a wonderful country and it is not impossible it could come right.

      But, having discussed things with some very smart people I was advised that when a country deteriorates under politicians, they always find a scapegoat.

      The Nazis blamed the Jews. The ANC will blame the white people. I read a lot and I see where some rivers are contaminated and where many farms are now not producing food. There is a shortage of skills - of people who have left South Africa - with the expertise in the purification and supply of water.

      People who live alongside contaminated water sources are developing diseases that were uinheard of before 1994.

      The blackouts. The failure to deliver school books in Mpumalanga.

      It is a shame as I know many South Africans who want the best for black South Africans. A friend of mine (a judge) living in a city, pays for the private education of someone who works for him and her relatives all live for free on his property.

      As for leaving South Africa willingly,a white Zimbabwean come to work for me and she was 62 years old she and her husband came with nothing. Not a stick of furniture. Started working here as a temporary secretary and she and her husband bought a house here and managed very well. Obviously in an inexpensive area but who cares!

      I live on the ground floor in Central London and none of the houses here have burglar guards.

      The weather can be awful. But I do not sleep worrying someone could break in.

    3. Meant to say my friend pays for the private education of the daughter of someone who works for him, at a good academic school.

  77. Shoot I say if Africa is free of whites then they should also get rid of the arabs too and the chinese who just want Africa's resources. Africa should definetly isolate itself from the rest of the world to see if it can rise from the ashes and prosper as a single country instead of many warring ones. This is the only true way to see if Africans have the balls to back-up what they say.

    I do wish them all the luck in the world because when this happens I'm sure the cities will erupt with violence after a few days maybe about 8. Those people that do survive will probably flee to the forests, coasts, or maybe even be so bold as to try to steal from the tribal peoples out of desperation, but there might be a very few who will survive and know how to farm I guess. That orjust hunt for food, but all I know is the land can't sustain so many people so many will die from hunger, disease, animals, and other people

  78. is too much to ask that you people(whites)just leave us alone. why do you continue to live in africa if you hate us so much. why?? is too much ask that you just leave. it would be soo easy and would bring bout world wide peace. just leave your unwanted and have worn out your welcome.(not as though you actually had one)

    1. And when will you get it into your head that there are very few whites in Africa?

      The only country is South Africa and millions of whites have left already.

      That is why you have contaminated drinking water now and no school books in Mpumalanga.

    2. P.S. We do not hate you. We are angry the way some of your people are murdering innocent unarmed people. Women and the elderly as well as babies.

      White people who live in Africa do not hate black Africans, the opposite, that is why they live there.

  79. I am African-American! If the fact that I called those idiots torturing innocent women and children monkies makes you angry then you must be just as stupid as they are for defending them (I hate anyone especially men who dare lay a fingure on the elderly,a woman or a child in anger). I dont give a flying f*** about race in the slightest, but I do care if innocent people are being punished for crimes they never committed especially in such a savage nature of going about doing it like monkies with guns that think they are badasses, but in reality they're nothing but a bunch of weak b****es hiding behind their automtic weapons and their homeboys who could barely hit the broad side of a f***ing barn. ECOMOG WARCRIMES

    1. In South Africa, they rape and disembowel white women with broken beer bottles. In one of the photos above, a white baby girl had been raped, then wrapped in newspaper and set alight.

      Please get this out to the rest of the US. If the United States protests, the ANC will take notice.

      As long as the major countries are unaware, it will escalate.

    2. Yea its not like real African people haven't been hung in trees, folgged, whipped, and chained to wieghts and thrown overbord out in the ocean to drown with no chance of atleast letting them attempt to swim for it. Oh and lets pretendthat splitting up families was ok because they weren't human or anything and they couldn't feel payne the same way a "white" could feel. Lets not forget all the African women being raped along with their chillins by those sick pedos you call southern gentelmen and UN "peacekeepers".

  80. Oh' my word I can not thank you enough. I was so very upset with these comments, but your reply have helped.

    It is terribly distressing when people say these things, to a extremely generalized/stereo typed Afrikaner nation (as if we have dimensia or something) as if we are the only ones on this earth to be heavily scrutinized, demonized, rights now polarized, and not our side heard, our hijacked history destroyed, as if we ARE only concocting everything up from zippo, all the while we've had more than enough punishment. And while other countries succeed in changing, twisting, use, abuse histories to cover up atrocities as old as time to keep world dominance.

    Each and EVERY TIME we seek help, try to get awareness or JUST manage to expose the facts that are so heavily suppressed and subdued with the "most favored mistake" for all failures, sins and horrendous criminal activities - nothing other than the APARTHEID "legacy". Shamed/polarized with the guilt to keep quiet.

    Peace comes from good, not bad. Butchering and torturing is something far too terrible to ever release anyone from pain. Africa a forever road of pain, because of so much atrocities and mistakes from the past and in continuance from all sides.

    1. One of the mistakes you make is making the story only about the Afrikaner nation, because the rest of the world does not understand that.

      Most people in the world do not know what an Afrikaner is. Even an educated friend of mine thought an Afrikaner was a black African.

      Even if they do understand, they do not understand why black Africans would only want to kill Afrikaners when in fact the black Africans call all white people Boers.

    2. I think it is because of the Boere War/Vryheids Oorlog during 1880-1881 and 1899-1902. Boere (farmers) had to form commandos and take up arms, including women and children, to protect themselves from random attacks, and fight for their Independence from the infiltrating/invading British Empire, as well as random massacres on the Voortrekkers from the Xhosas & Zulus, because good Old Shaka, etc. felt that he had to make an example for his people - as they weren't impressed with him for allowing some of the white man to buy land (live stock) to settle on peacefully on the other side.

      Today, Boere is used in a derogatory manner in their songs especially. Therefore they bring it up. Because during 1902 - 1948, were we treated as less than animals (poor working class) dumb donkies with their stupid accent , those were the best days for the african people and english elite. We did not want our children to be forced into the english agendas. They often said - "You've got no culture! You've got no culture" and again after the end of Apartheid.
      Like I always say, our terrible vengeance stemmed from an receiving end.
      Roman Catholic always trying to be good mecsenaries / missionaries to teach the "barbaric" tribes of Christianity, manners, etc. They hated the Calvinist Protestants as if we were going to manage to convert the entire Africa to the Lutheran way. lol

    3. I know and understand the history and past and have watched the video showing Mandela singing "kill the Boers" and I know they are singing "Kill the White people".

      The point I am making is not about anti Afrikaners or being prejudiced.

      There is a real urgency that the rest of the world wakes up and is made aware of the murder and mayhem in South Africa.

      On the one hand there is an appeal going out for the world to sit up and take notice. On the other hand much of the appeal is in Afrikaans!!

      The new video shown on the home page of this website has been made in Afrikaans with English subtitles!! How can the world understand that video?

      The powerful and influential countries in this world do not understand Afrikaans!

      It is NOT that people do not care. There are 7 billion people in the world and Afrikaans is not an international language.

      There are a lot of other problems in the world that you have to compete with to gain world attention. For example, we have just had a number of hostages taken and murdered in Algeria.

      I do all I can here in London to make people aware, but for our Prime Minister to sit up and take notice and the President of the United States to take notice, it is no good making films in Afrikaans and posting on websites where only your own people can understand.

      I am not saying you personally. But much of the appeal goes to the Netherlands which is a very tiny and although part of the EU, in reality does not have a lot of power.

      Nobody hates the Afrikaners. The world moves on rapidly with constant problems that hit world attention. 9/11, The Tsunami, The revolution in Libya, Syria. All taking the attention of the world's news agencies.

      Anyway, best wishes and I wish you safety for you and your family.

  81. I will shoot my self first before any black man -attempts to rape me or kill me..ifhe sit hits the fan I'm dead y my own hands

    1. Why just a Black man? Why not any man trying to rape you? Or is it not as bad if its another race of man?

      The only difference is skin color and physical features. What you like is all based on hate or what your prefrinces are.

      I seriously doubt you'll be getting raped by a black guy. Most of the BS charges on blacks being called rape is just when a black guy ha sex with a white girl, she gets upset, bitchy, or ashamed of what her family might do or say so she calls rape on him. It happens more often than you think. Though I'm not surprised you think this way due to the media portraying blacks as monsters who merely bwish to cause harm to others which isn't true.

  82. The Links above are the few info. on our road to and throughout SA.

    1. Funny how I always new that there could never realy be an organization made by men that could ever realy live up to the standards of which they care nothing for (PEACE). This "organization" is made up of greedy satanic dirtbags who use this shitty club i should say to terrorize innocents. Everywhere they go destruction, rape, theft, corruption, and death follow. Its too bad the innocents lack the gun power to kill these useless bitches and shove bats wrapped in barbed-wire up their evil asses (except the whistolblowers ofcourse). NOT JKing F the u.n.

  83. Why do whites try to convert Africans to christianity anyway? You'd think that MOST christians would help you with no strings attached but ofcourse you'd be wrong. Christianity is a weapon against the cultures around the world. If your customs have been replaced and forgotten how can you realy know where it is you come from and what you truely stand for.

    Throughout history many cultures have been lost due to christianities evil hand. Well i should probably say that the christians are to blame because they're impure hearts twisted god's words to fit in their own selfish and greedy ways in order to get to the top.

    White man's past (as a race) is paved with the blood of his EARTHLY BRETHREN. If you cannot learn to love your fellow man then what use would god have for you in his kingdom (THIS GOES FOR ALL PEOPLES).

  84. Actually is was prophesied by Jesus that the gospel would be preached to the ends of the earth. That is why Christians ended up in Africa. Unfortunately they also made many mistakes in the way they treated people - don't blame Christianity though, blame the people. People are bound to make a mess of things. Jesus loves every single person and our challenge is to follow His example. The key is forgiveness and love. It is very difficult, but if you can learn how to forgive, then you can be free - forgiveness is something you do for yourself so that you can be free. Satan uses unforgiveness and hatred and bitterness to destroy the lives of people....It is a battle between good and evil. Each and every one of us can choose if we want to follow the path of good or evil....We only get one chance in life to do the right thing. Make your life count. I am a so-called white South African. I have friends of all races in this country. My oldest friend is a so-called black South African - we went to boarding school together in 1988 when we were 12years old. I did not see colour then....neither did she. We have been friends now for 15 years! I think that children are innocent and it is the adults who are the ones who only see colour...because of all the years of indoctrination, fear, and hatred.

    There is a spiritual battle going on, and there will always be forces in the world that oppose Christianity. But please, please don't reject Jesus just because so-called white people or colonialists brought it to Africa and because some of them were hupocrites and messed up. Jesus is alive and He still saves lives today. Christianity not a "white" religion, and Jesus wasn't even white. In the Bible it even says Galatians 3v28 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus". This is because we are spirutal beings living in a physical body. We have different coloured skins because God made us that way. But when we die......we will be spirits (without race or gender). So therefore the most important thing even NOW while we live on earth is our spiritual state (not our skin colour or material wealth)....and only Jesus Christ can can heal a person's spirit and soul and bring us back to God.

  85. Galatians 3v28 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus".

    We are spirits living inside a physical body - the colour of our bodies is not important, but what we do with our lives and how we treat each other is very important. God created ALL of us.

    Christianity is not a "white" religion, and Jesus was not "white". Please don't reject Jesus just because some people were hypocrites and messed up.......Jesus prophesied that the gospel would be spread to all the earth - that is why missionaries came to AFRICA....but as history has shown us human beings tend to mess things up. Jesus loves ALL OF US. There will always be opposing forces to Christianity because there is a spiritual battle going on for people's souls.

    "Heavenly Father, have mercy on me, a sinner. I believe in you and that your word is true. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and that he died on the cross so that I may now have forgiveness for my sins and eternal life. I know that without you in my heart my life is meaningless. I believe in my heart that you, Lord God, raised Him from the dead. Please Jesus forgive me, for every sin I have ever committed or done in my heart, please Lord Jesus forgive me and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior today. I need you to be my Father and my friend. I give you my life and ask you to take full control from this moment on; I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ." Amen.

  86. Try telling that to the black south africans that rape,murder and torture women,children and old people because of there skin colour,black africans still live in there tribal past and have not evolved with modern times,the evidence of this is in every post colonial african country.Under aparhied rule there were fewer than 7000 africans murdered in south africa,since independance in early 90's more than 40 000 white people have been murdered and 400 000 left the country from a population of 4.5 million for fear of there lifes so add that up and you have genocide,time to face the facts....

  87. whites are responsible for apartheid in south africa bloodshed in india 1849-1850 responsible for classism fascism sexism repetitious bigotry they are responsible for genocide of natives in north america pacific island oceana as hawaiian islands australia new zealand fiji, falklands(Malvinas) the whites are responsible for Jim crows law ira qings dynasty in china killing chinese and having the survivor sign an unequal treaty during the opium wars, whites are resopnsible for bringing venereal diseases syphillis pox wiping out natives in canada and america,whites are responsible for the movie cinema massacres the connecticut elementary school killing 26 there whites are responsible for killing firemen with a shotgun in a ambush, whites are responsible for killing 7 sikhs in a temple where the sikhs pray in wisconsin ,whites are pedophiliacs rapists and colonial invaders everywhere as well are looters the whites stole africas gold in african mines they stole from india the kohinoor diamonds and crystal throne,huma bird artifacts,golden crown ,whites are eurocentric liars which are known to re-write other nonwhites heritage of history depriving non-whites of what really belonged to them indias aryan culture in the north was one example as whites claimed the swastika from the east indians which never was whites to begin with nor was any of the rig veda culture aryans are brown skinned hindus not whites at all.max mueller in 1899 made this false aryan invasion theory when the true aryans came from india up north , its known whites try to change others history to suit the whitemans attire. as indias culture has been around way before max mueller was even born. aryans date back 75 bc e even before egypt had the ankh as their symbolism. whites are known for stealing others inventions as india was the first university in the world and without indias numeric zero there wouldnt be any internet computers would be useless and counting would be cumbersome. as well that university was called takshashila university located in north west region of india . before isaac newton the laws of gravity was also discovered in india , africans were the first to invent body piercings and sandals.india was the inventor of t shirts lipstick and shampoo as well spices and many methods of medicine and surgery. whites have also stolen from chinese as well atomic bombed killing japanese non white civillians type on youtube atomic bomb reenactment to see what happened.whites are xenophobic and the biggest racist bigots always complaining as an excuse stating it was their ancestors that committed these heinous acts when the truth is whites are not apologetic as they are enjoying the fruits of what their ancestors left behind .it is very clear that natives asians blacks in africa dont want whites around let them do tyheir own thing we dont need YOUR HELP as you whites are the ones that screwed the euro and made a debt crisis globally! most whites are living off government aid and are bringing their offspring false hope and lies claiming their war veterans were heroes when the truth is the kids if they grow up they will know the truth that their race was massacrering other nations and pushing survivors back so whites could develop the land of what they have stolen.

  88. If you cannot learn to love your fellow man then what use would god have for you in his kingdom (THIS GOES FOR ALL PEOPLES).

    thanks anon , me , as a white 25 year old actually appreciate that comment, and its true , if you cant learn to love your fellow man then what use would God have for you in his kingdom.

    now if only those protesting and burning things / raping / killing and hurting could remember that verse ....... if only

  89. Kaffers se poes. Klaar. Ons het duisende van hulle vrek gemaak, en toe verkoop ons wit (sleg poes) leier die lande aan hulle vir 'n handskud. Ons eie wit leier het ons verraai. ET het hordes dood gemaak en gebliksem. Bewyse se tril.

    Ons lewe in Afrika mense, dit gaan net erger raak. As jy wil huil, fokkof. As jy bly, maak die beste van jou situasie en as jy op 'n plaas bly, WEES GEWAPEN. As hulle jou vas keer en doodmaak iin jou huis was jy fokken stupid. Ek hanteer elke dag soos my laaste, en die Here hoor my, eendag sal ek reg wees.

    Fok kaffers, sleg wit mense en sokker.

    SWA Boer.