A Snapshot of South Africa

Overview of South Africa

The international community is slowly becoming aware of the genocide that is being committed against the white population of South Africa. This is by no means thanks to the media, either in South Africa or internationally.

Most of the websites that inform the world about farm murders in South Africa and the racist policies of the ruling ANC fail to paint a picture of what South Africa is really like. And this is the reason why I decided to create this blog; not to contradict any of the other sites, but to provide a snapshot of South Africa.

Many of the people in the USA and in Europe that have read information about the genocide in South Africa have the misconception that South Africa is a wilderness, filled with wild animals and marauding gangs of blacks that attack farmers and white citizens and I read a lot of comments on blogs and sites where people say: "So why don't all the whites just leave?"

It's not that easy, unfortunately. And although nearly half a million of mainly white South Africans have emigrated, most of the white people in South Africa either can't leave the country or try and ignore the fact that we are being marginalized and slowly wiped out.

South Africa is a third world country with a first world infrastructure.

gauteng, a province, has the second largest gdp in africa
The city of Johannesburg, economical hub of Africa
white genocide in south africa cape town
Cape Town, the "mother city" where Europeans arrived in 1652

the truth about south africa
Gauteng's traffic, similar to any other Western country


Some facts about South Africa's economy:

  1. South Africa produces 78% of the world's platinum
  2. South Africa is the world's 2nd largest producer of gold
  3. South Africa is the world's 5th biggest diamond producer
  4. South Africa is the world's 12th largest producer of uranium
  5. South Africa's GDP was $357 Billion in 2010 (20% of Africa's GDP - Africa has 52 Countries)
  6. 1.6 million people in South Africa (mostly white) pay 82% of all income taxes.

Some facts about South Africa's population:


2011 Census:

  • White population - 4 565 825
  • Black population - 40 206 275 (excluding the estimated 5 million illegal immigrants)

1996 Census:

  • White population - 4 434 697
  • Black Population - 31 127 631

1954 Census:

  • White population - 
  • Black population - 8 500 000

 1900 Census:

  • White population - 1 000 000
  • Black population - 3 500 000

As you can see, over the last 110 years, the white population grew by a bit more than 400%, but the black population grew by almost 1142%.

And during Apartheid - the evil empire helped black South Africans to grow their numbers from 8.5million to 31,1 million. An increase of 365% in 42 years.

The evil white man also helped to increase the average black South African's life expectancy from 38 years (1948) to 64 years (1994)

The horrible system of Apartheid also assisted the blacks in South Africa to multiply by reducing infant mortality rates from 174/1000 infants in 1948 to 55/1000 infants in 1994.

Again, I am by no means saying that Apartheid should be reinstated. I just wish the world and the politicians in this country could wake up and realize that Colonialism and Apartheid were part of the process of making South Africa a country with the potential to be a great nation.

Every story has another side to it, but the ANC is attempting to rewrite the history and thereby making them the sole "liberators" of South Africa. They were never the true voice of all black South Africans and they intimidated and brain-washed most Africans into following them by horrible violence.

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  2. Apartheid sucked ass man. As a coloured person reading these lies I laugh at you. You are truly a sad individual. Self pity seems to be the song of your people. Victims, victims everywhere!

    White people truly suck. Why can’t you understand that what is happening now is just making you whites stronger? Grounding you and nurturing in you a spirit of humility and oneness with all around you.

    Guess where I stole that nonsensical rationalising from...

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  4. Hi. I'm a 24 Year old White south african Male. I've looked around on the site a bit and just wanted to add a comment. I think the problems are:1) BBBEE (Broad Black economic empowerment) If you want to start a company,bussiness or already have one, 51% shares of your company Must belong(Majority ownership) a "Black person"(Black, indian, Coloured, asian)- all Count as "Black". So lets say your a contractor, you've had your company for 10 years, and have put your blood sweat and tears into it, now all of a sudden you have to give 51% shares to a Black person that did'nt work for it! otherwise you won't get projects.... Also if you are a white person, and you're looking for a job at a company, 7 out of 10 people working there must be Black. 2 out of 10 indian/coloured and 1 out of 10 White. It's almost impossible to get a job! Some friends of mine have degrees, But can't get a job! but the Black people working there don't even have a certificate for anything... I fucking hate the Anc!
    Equal oppertunities they say... Bullshit!!
    This is Reverse Discrimination.
    This is Racist.
    South African Politics Can't See that this country will turn out like Zimbabwe.
    If they want us gone or dead we will not Lay down Fighting.

    1. Whites have been "enlightening" themselves out of existance since the time of the Greeks, Romans and early christians. It has accelerated over the past 100 years.

      If you weak cowards are not strong enough to fight for your right to exist, then you deserve what you get. You can become an endangered species like the jews.

      I will stand alone if I must.