Lies spread by Blackwash

Dear young black person,

Black youth living in South Africa today is in deep trouble. Even though we were promised a better life after 1994 by our black government, many of us still live in squatter camps and small RDP houses because white people still own more than 80% of South African land which has been stolen over the last 300 years. As young black people we have to ask ourselves what is stopping our government from improving our lives and is there a future for us if black people do not have land. Will black people not be trapped in squatter camps and townships forever if our government refuses to take our land back from whites?

white genocide propaganda in south africa
Enjoy that beer, Andile, once you've killed the farmer who grew the hops, there ain't gonna be no more beer, my friend.

Many of us do not pass matric because black schools do not have good resources like Model C and private schools, just like in the days of Bantu Education during apartheid. What have we done to deserve this? Some of us end up in prison because we are forced to steal and do other crimes to survive. Because young black people do not pass at school or do not have money for tertiary education, many of them end up doing crime and being locked up in prison. The poverty of black people means that many of us end up behind bars because we are forced to do what we can to survive and keep our families alive. Why is it that those who stole our land and continue to benefit from that are not seen as criminals? Why is the black person who steals a cellphone, a few thousands, a laptop or a pair of jeans punished more than those who live on stolen land?

Some of us end up doing drugs and drinking a lot of alcohol because we need to forget this hard life. A lot of the time we fight and sometimes even kill each other over small things because there is nothing else to live for. The reason our lives are like this is that white people have been oppressing us and controlling every part of our lives for a very long time. This is why our schools are of bad quality. This is why WE are poor and they aren’t. This is why we live in shacks or in RDP houses in townships. It is a pity that even our black government does not have intentions to change the bad conditions we live in. But we have not chosen to be poor or black!

The same people who are responsible for the way we live turn around and blame us as if we are personally responsible. We are told to go to church, study hard, play sports, or join cultural groups but all of these things do not help because our situation does not change. Even when we try, there are no fields or recreation centres in squatter camps and very few in townships. Because of this many young black people cannot use or develop their talents; they end up in shebeens or prison rotting away with those talents.

Some of us do go to good schools, get jobs, funds from Umsobomvu, buy cars or even become famous but this is a very small number compared to those of us who will live in poverty for the rest of our lives. Also, the few blacks who make it leave the township to live amongst white people and start behaving like them: they look down on black people and accuse them of being lazy (the same way white people have done since they arrived in this country). We must ask ourselves how much longer black people should suffer before things change for us.

With all this in mind, do you really believe our government when they tell us we are free? Where is this freedom they keep talking about when black people are this poor; when black youth is unemployed, in prisons or dying from Aids or drug overdose?

We are told we are free but this is a lie. We are told blacks and whites are equal but we know that whites live better lives than us in our own country. We also know that their lives are better because of the hard work black people do to build their houses, their suburbs, to look after their kids and wash their clothes. Whites people live like visitors who come to your home, kick you out and expect you to take care of their needs while they live in comfort in your house. They live like Gods on earth because there are blacks who are their slaves taking care of all their needs. Why are we this poor in our own country?

Struggling middle class students and Blackwash members after they had a nice meal provided by a white farmer.

We are entertained with TV shows, concerts at stadiums, now the 2010 world cup so that we forget to ask WHY we must live the way we do. Most of this entertainment does not confront the truth about our black reality and does not encourage us to stand up and fight for ourselves against our oppressors. But even when black people fight and demand basic things for their survival, government sends the police to harass and shoot them. We are not told the truth about the history of our country so that we can see how it was sold to whites so they live better. We are told to be patient, but until when? Our parents and grandparents are still waiting. Many of our parents die as slaves in white farms and mines. Where did whites get all this land? If you ask them, they’ll tell you they worked hard for it and that black people do not want to work for anything. They will not tell you about the number of our black ancestors who died.

Many of our parents are forced to work so that they can buy food. Most of it is expensive because food companies, which are owned by whites, want to be rich. Forcing black people to starve when their land produces food is one of the many ways of oppressing us. Why is it that we don’t have enough to eat when our farms produce enough food; some of which is sold overseas or thrown away so that food prices are kept high? We must take our farms back and demand that government give us money and equipment to manage these farms so that black people can have enough to eat.

What must we do as the black youth to change this situation and everything else about black life? We must learn from the youth of ’76 which was influenced by Steve Biko’s Black Consciousness Movement. The things they learnt through reading his ideas on white power, black identity and black liberation made them decide that they could not carry on being controlled by white foreigners. As June 16 is being remembered, we must go back to Biko’s thoughts and use them the same way as the black youth of ’76 to stand up for ourselves, think about how we will free ourselves and like them shout “Black Power!” in the face of our oppressors.

There is a lot of fighting we must do before things change in our favour. As Steve Biko said, “You are either alive or proud or you are dead, and when you are dead, you can’t care anyway…” We must put pressure on government to change things for the better. If they won’t meet our demands, then we must make life for them and the white people they serve difficult.

If as a young black person you agree that the conditions black people live under must change and that we must fight against white power protected by our black government, please contact us because we would like to get in touch with you too.

We must educate ourselves about these things because whites and blacks who benefit from our rich country will not. They want to keep us in the dark so that we carry on blaming ourselves for a situation that THEY created. We must educate each other so that we can rid ourselves of the curse faced by blacks and young blacks in particular. The government, TV, schools, churches and universities do not teach us the truth. We are on our own!

Yours sincerely and for the love of black people
073 914 1471 (Email these liars)

The most worrying thing about all these lies these uneducated fools are spreading is the "facts about land" in South Africa.
Only 12% of South African land is arable. According to the CIA, only 0.79% of land in South Africa was under permanent crops in 2008.
It is estimated that blacks now own 40 - 50% of land in South Africa.

With their campaign of racist murders on farms, they've managed to reduce the number of commercial farmers from 120 000 in 1980 to an estimated 40 000 in 2012. Subsidies to farmers and protection from the international market were also quickly abolished in 1994. The Wheat Board, Maize Board and various other regulators were closed down and we are feeling the repercussions now.

But I love their explanation for rising food prices:

"Many of our parents are forced to work so that they can buy food. Most of it is expensive because food companies, which are owned by whites, want to be rich. Forcing black people to starve when their land produces food is one of the many ways of oppressing us. Why is it that we don’t have enough to eat when our farms produce enough food; some of which is sold overseas or thrown away so that food prices are kept high? We must take our farms back and demand that government give us money and equipment to manage these farms so that black people can have enough to eat."

Please note: White farmers are throwing away food to keep food prices high. OK, Blackwash... The scary thing is that these uneducated people will believe their lies and continue to kill the very same white farmers that are putting food on their plates.

Of course, everywhere else in the world, nobody has to work in order to buy food. No, it's only in South Africa where the 'evil white farmer' forces the poor black people to work for their food. And of course, all whites get their food for free. I just get my food from heaven - it falls out of the sky, because I'm white.

And food prices are not rising because the Rand keeps falling against the Dollar. It's not rising because our farmers are being murdered and forced off their land. It's not rising because 90% of farms that have been given to blacks are not producing any food. It's not rising because the ANC has done away with the Wheat Board and the Mealie (Corn) Board who used to keep the prices of grain in check and used to protect farmers from subsidized grain being dumped in South Africa from the USA and Russia.


  1. Viva Blackwash.
    Whites are so racist that they think they own the truth.
    Since whites arrived, black lost their land, whites magically had land all of a sudden?
    Comon you think too much of white skin.
    How is stating historical facts racist?
    The true racists are whites trying to censor this black truth.
    Viva Blackwash!!

    1. You are on Satan's territory and you act and talk according to his rule. You are blind and ignorant to the FACT that you are his puppet doing his will. Wake up and realise this is not a racist issue, it is a religous war. None of us fight against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of the unseen world. God is what is important, and if you followed HIM sincerely you would be happy and content with your life for HE would bless you in abundance. Why are you so easily manipulated and controlled? Open your eyes and your heart to the real TRUTH.

      I see sad lost individuals, fighting and supporting such evil, thinking this will make them happy! What a delusion. God says HIS people perish through a lack of knowledge. How true! JESUS died a terrible death so that you may be free from the exact thing you support. You are Satans, what a terrible end it will be for all that follow this path.

    2. Troy
      I watched the Ivory Coast go from a beautiful and peaceful Garden of Eden to a wasteland of hatred and death at the hands of the Blacks. I've watched Africans being fed and food being grown to farms that now set idle in South Africa after the white farmers were slaughtered, they were slaughtered in some of the most horrifying and gruesome ways imaginable, now the blacks are starving, food is scarce and you blame the whites?
      Why aren't the blacks farming the land after they have slaughtered the white farmers, why are they being so lazy, isn't it what you wanted, the land back, and then you do nothing with it after human lives were terrorized and murdered, their children slaughtered like pigs and you now are to lazy to work your land?
      I would say I pity you, I would say I wish you a better life, but I cannot, I cannot because you are condoning the slaughter of innocent men and woman, children who have done nothing to the blacks. Tell me Troy, who did the whites slaughter in such the manner that the blacks are murdering, tell me who the whites did such devilish killings, show us the proof of this so called theft of land, show us the reason you condone these murders?
      Just like the black man here in the United States, you cannot appease him, he is a fool, with a foolish heart, it's easier to hate, to take and steal than to work for it, is that how you are Troy, a thief, a murderer?

    3. Nobody owns the truth, they may rent it for a while, but in the end the lies fade and the truth comes out.
      If there is to be any hope for SA at all then the truth needs to be acknowledged in all its ugliness.
      FACT: The San are the rightfull owners, and most of them died out. Not just by the white man either.
      FACT: The whites lived in SA for more than a century before crossing the fish river to escape the contant cattle raids into their low rainfall area that the blacks couldn't, wouldn't, and didn't live on. From there the whites went cap in hand to ask permission to live on land that for the most part was not even used anyway. The mfaqane had decimated the interior, it was in fact a holocaust. In return for taking on the perpetrators of this violence, and returning cattle Dingaan just decided to murder them. No apology has ever materialised for this. Now the whites sure were arrogant back then, so it takes no guess work to work out just how the ground rules would work from then on. Would you predict that they would then bow and scrape to a people who had only ever shown them an ugly side? A people thousands of years behind them?
      So next time you want to blame the white man for what he built on HIS land just consider the history that is not going to be shouted out.The king of Swaziland granted land on four occasions. Plenty other similar deals happened.
      Now all of this has nothing to do with Black or white today, all it shows is that there is no basis for the current THEFT of land.
      If you seek to blame apartheid for its evils, then you must be able to take a cold hard look at the current racism. More people have died in this new racist SA than in apartheid. So if the slate is not even it never will be. How long can the finger point at disparity if the gap has only ever got wider. Either the finger does not point cause you "get it" or it points forever at an ever increasing problem.

    4. I find it disgusting that you do not even mention my ancestors the Khoisan ,I am in the western cape and majority of my people have no land ,all this land belonged to my people before anyone ,so how do whites have claim above my people in the western cape

  2. All of this is pointing towards one thing: The Black Youth majority in SA WANTS a civil war to regain/steal something they will not be able to use, murder innocent people in the process and finally turn SA into Zimbabwe. They are waiting for Mandela to pass away though before they will start acting out their "inhumane" actions. Instead of living together and making SA a better safer place, fighting and standing up towards Corruption (and not start war) where a caring government will work harder towards making ALL South African lives better, these idiots would rather see the country go to shit? Just like the rest of African countries. They are cowards, killing unsespecting innocent woman, children and elderly people for what cause? Carry on at this rate and you will leave a bunch of Afrikaner men left with no families, left with nothing but hurt and anger inside them.. Remember how the Afrikaner man conquered the first boere oorlog and would have won the second one if their wifes and children were not kept in concentration camps forcing them to surrender. But NOBODY in SA wants a civil war. The whites and I'm sure a vast amount of Blacks as well.. So to the youth of this country, You have opportunities you never had before, stop blaming the Whites and start blaming YOUR GOVERNMENT!!

  3. Ag shame white people let it all out :(

    The San are not really extinct. We are the coloured folk of the Western Cape after centuries of rape.

    If the blacks dont own this portion of the country then we do.

    Your arguements invalid.

    NB: Whenever I feel sad I google white squatter camps, and it makes me smile.

  4. Yo...all i can say for you black people sies man! You people are stupid and will never learn.

  5. White people are the same snakes that brought us the bible which has forced the common black man to worship their pale skinned, plastic haired look. We will eventually drive out each and every white demon out of the OUR land! There are no whites that are originally made in africa. If there were they wouldn't be white at all. The pale skinned freaks came here with ships from the western side of the world is famous for a lot of its barbarianism such as the romans and their homosexual crap. Those guys were white, just like the greeks who stole alchemy from egypt, these devils were even described fully in our texts before they even set foot here. My point is, no white man belongs in africa as much as no black man belongs in europe. So stop acting as elitist because our cause is silent but strong and we will drive you demons back to your own hell. The white people that leave replies here are just like those who invaded our land. We are talking ABOUT u not talking to you. So maybe u should start a forum for pale faces. Just a thought so you can stop tryna fit yourself in where you never belonged. Its about time these things go back to worshipping pine trees and caves like they did before they crossed the oceans.

  6. STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!!! You are where you are as your destiny intended.

    There is room for everyone on this EARTH WITH NO LINES EXCEPT MAN-MADE.
    lOOK AT THE EARTH, IT HAS NO LINES. We are just all here in the same 'boat' on this planet. SO STOP IT!!!

    The Bushmen were here first, so why do you allow the black people to control the country. If you are not smart enough or brave enough, then do be quiet.

    Build the country together instead of perpetually destroying it. Just look at District 6 in the CT, and that cant even get off the ground, because the land was given to non-whites to rebuild. SO STOP IT!!


  7. So Black South Africans are incapable of rebuilding tarnished towns? THAT IS AN OUT RIGHT LIE. First if we take a long look into history you find that Asains and Africans were the first to pursue Education and Empires. What white people did is created an environment that took the dignity of those people. The Khoi San and Hotten tot blood can be found in most black people genes. So yes this our land we smart enough and brave enough to make this country great and better than it is now.