5-Month Old Baby Strangled in Delmas

Afrikaner babies slaughtered in South African genocideOn 23 May 2012, 5 month old Wiehan Botes was found strangled to death at his caretaker's house in Delmas, South Africa. The 66 year old caretaker was later found, also strangled to death in a shed in the back garden.

A few articles were stolen including jewelry and a cell phone.

The Botes family tried to conceive for 8 years before Wiehan was finally born.
white babies murdered in south africa genocide
The murdered baby's parents had to employ the services of a private investigator who quickly apprehended two black men who were found in possession of the caregiver's jewelry. Enock Mbele, 44, and Lazarus Mabhena, 54, were denied bail when they appeared in court on 31 May 2012.

More than 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered in South Africa since 1994 and according to the online "South African Genocide Museum", around 68 000 white South Africans living in urban areas have been murdered by racist black gangs since 1994. Their children are usually made to watch the killing of their parents before they are murdered.

For more information: Genocide Museum

The ANC government and their Police Force have successfully changed the way murders are recorded so that race is not mentioned. Although everybody knows that the perpetrators of these racially motivated crimes are usually blacks, nobody dares to mention this fact because the race card is always drawn.  

labelled racist white genocide blacks africans
On Thursday, several white minority rights groups protested in Delmas against the senseless slaughter of white South Africans.

They marched to the Police Station and handed over a memorandum to the Station Commissioner just a few days after the funeral.

The Democratic Alliance condemned the protest in a desperate bid for black votes, saying that the protest was racially motivated. The party will charge the groups responsible for the protest on Monday 4 June 2012 in the Human Rights Court.

This WAS a racially motivated murder. Who kills a 5-month old baby unless it is a hate crime directed at the parents?

The killing of white children by black South Africans is nothing new. When the European settlers first encountered the Xhosa tribes in the Eastern Cape, it was custom for black warriors to smash the heads of white infants against the settler's wagons while attacking.

Unlike their "word of mouth" history, white settlers actually recorded these atrocities and proof of this won't be hard to come by.

Since 1994, countless babies and young children have been murdered on farms throughout South Africa. Black gangs seldom leave the children of farmers behind when they kill their parents.

Boer children raped south africa
A lucky white girl
white children murdered by black gangs in south africa
White Girl Strangled
afrikaner genocide babies killed
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facebook hatespeech against white infants south africa
Hate Speech By Black Youth On Facebook
Farm murders in south africa child strangled
White Girl Murdered After School

white babies murdered in south africa
White Baby's Face Smashed
ANC does nothing about young white children being murdered
Afrikaner Child Murdered On Farm

ANC terrorists responsible for boer genocide in south africa
Boer Boy Tortured Before Murder


  1. I'm a black guy ,i don't believe in god ,but i'd never support such a senseless genocide .i am disgusted at that sick fuck "Nelson Mandela" ..may my black brothers and sisters regain their humanity ,they ve made a joke of every ideal of democracy .

    1. Thanks for your comment Luyolo. It reinforces my view that the ANC and the violent perpetrators of these hate fueled murders are not a true representation of the majority of black people.

      We need more people like you to voice their opinions in this country.

  2. I am black (Kenyan) and I harshly speak out about the evils of white racism, evolutionism, apartheid and genocide against black people. But killing white Children and Women, for just been white makes me sad and angry! This is made worse because I landed on this site while looking for pictures of a white baby girl to post on my computer desktop because I want to adopt white Children although I am black!

    But the fact remains- racism was brought to Africa by white people. Racism is not African in origin. The hatred that some blacks have towards whites is actually a reflection of what white people, especially the men, have towards Africans. I don't sympathize with those black people who have killed black babies, but the fact remains, millions of black people have died in worse circumstances under the hands of white people in SA, Africa and USA over the last few hundreds of years

    But seeing these pictures has made me sad, very sad. In fact, my desire to adopt a white baby has become stronger! It reminds me of how my black girlfriends don't like hearing about adopting a Child, especially one from another race.

    I would advice the white people involved to work against racism and apologize for the evils of white racism and of course stealing African lands, not so much because I care about white adults, but just to avoid the possibility of other white Children been killed. I honestly don't care about white adult racists but killing white Children just because they are white and their parents were racist is wrong. It is murder which must be revenged! But the unfortunate thing is that to some extent, the sins of the very guilty white fathers are been poured on the poor innocent white Children.

    I don't like white racists, their racist cultures, racist white Christianity and their racist supremacy complex but killing white Children is not right and is not African. This is injustice and may God revenge for this poor souls.

    These pictures have made me cry :-(

    1. "Racism was brought by white people" - Yes, because whitey is responsible for everything. We gave you food, government, laws, religion, and this is the thanks we get.

      "Racism is not African in origin" - On the contrary, racism is genetic. All races are racist. Everyone is racist.

      "I don't like white racists" - Yes, because racism is a white thing, right? Racism can NEVER HAPPEN TO BLACKS, BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE RACIST. So all those tribes whose heads were smashed in, whose women were raped, whose children were murdered by fellow blacks, that's not racism? It's not racism because it was done by blacks, right?

      You eat meals because of the white man. You type on a computer because of the white man. The clothes you wear are made by the white man. You don't live in a mudhut because of the white man. Is that racism?

      How dare you, how DARE you say that racism is a white thing, when you Negroes senselessly murder us. You rape white women even when they are dead! Your "people" are not people at all. You are monsters. Even apes don't treat their kin this way.

      And how DARE you say Christianity is racist. Well, actually it is; THERE ARE NO BLACKS IN THE BIBLE. The Koran hates Negroes too. Yeah, Islam openly calls for the extermination of Negroes.

      You shouldn't be allowed to adopt white children. After all, they're just future racists.

      Your kind has no history, no culture, no inventions, no science, no religion, no civility, no rules, no sense of honour. You are just animals. Don't you ever say racism is a white thing, when whites gave you everything, you ungrateful NIGGER.

      Name these "millions" of blacks killed by whites, nigger. The truth is, you niggers kill more of your own and white people than we kill you.

      These pictures should make you cry, because it just shows you what you are, NIGGER.

    2. Dear Unkown Hey this hatered towards the black community is uncalled for! Pwani is actually a good person atleat one that doesn't listen to the hate speech. Against our whites and actually wants to safe our. Innocent white children who suffer for hatred against them just as you are Doing, its speetch like yours that calles for hatered and the murder of our innocent whites and babies! I'm white and I don't hate the black community I just hate the ones that has no heart! All of us White, black, colourd exc... We were all created by God, weather our believes are diffrent!yes I agree with some of the facts you stated! But some Black men and women are good human beings! Yes they are human the bible doesn't speak of black or white people it relates to diffrent religions! Who are you to say that there was no blacks involved in the bible! My point yes the Black people must please stop the killings of innocent white adults and babies! The apartheid was terrible but its long past why can't all the nations just work together and live peacefully! Just as I'm am saying not all black people are bad the black people MUST know NOT all the white people are bad aswell! My son's best friend is a black boy and it scares me to think that one day my son will be murdered by his best friend just coz he is black! No we don't have to live like this! Whatz in the past is in the past the black people must understand it! And leave us White people in peace and we will leave the black people in peace! Seeing pictures of our white women and babies who was raped choped, and heads smashed and burned kills me, how can any Human being with a heart do such horrible things? Unless they have no haert or is brain washed to do these horrible crimes to white people! We all live on earth so let's all deal with it! Remember God has a plan for everyone and I'm pretty sure its not murder, rape or violence! Respect eachother and it could be a better place for White and black people to live in harmony!

    3. G'day Pwani, yes I am Aussie. Hey mate, you are a good person, and don't let anyone take that from you. I rate people on their heart and by the sounds of your comment you have a good heart. At the end of the day we ARE all children of a fucked up world, and pointing the finger of blame can't resolve any of our issues as a RACE. Yes my friend. Oblivious to this whole planet is one thing, we are ALL apart of the same race. Whether a person be white, or black, or brown, or just a have a really good tan, we are all apart of the same race and that is scientific fact. WE are not apart of the elephant race or the tiger race or the kangaroo race because we cannot breed with these beings. The entire planet seems oblivious to this simple scientific fact. So if it is not racism, then what exists must be breedism. AS we are all different breeds in the human race. True? Yes? Even to all you fellow "whities"??????? Of course it is. Even before we have breedism, we have tribalism. Tribalism in europe is quite simply how the continent is divided into "Countries". This tribalism is now called Nationalism. Because the National idea is just an extension of what was once a tribe lonag ago in history. And tribes have hated tribes whether they be in Europe or in Africa. So don't allow yourself to become confused with this lot, and the whole "RACIST" argument. You just stay true to your heart and stay true to what is honourable. Here, listen to me, I will tell you a little story from the Aboriginal dreamtime and you tell me which colour is stupid. HA HA HA, even though I am white.

      Long long long time ago in the Dreamtime, there was a tribe who lived in far north western Australia. They were happy most the of the time, but sometimes they would suffer horrible things like starvation, and disease and people acting crazy. The Tribal Elder called to the spirits, the Wadjina to come and help them. The Wadjina came to the tribe and said you must follow us if you want to be free of these bad things. So the tribe followed the Wadjina, and the Wadjina led them to this great big mountain range called the Pinnicles. They lead them to the centre of the range and left them. Then the tribe became restless and uncertain, and everyone became hungry again, as they realised there was no food to hunt or gather here in this rocky mountain range, well not enough food for eveyone. So the tribe tried to leave and head back to where they had come from, but the Wadjina came down again, and tricked them with the mountains and led them back to the centre of the range. The tribe tried to leave again, but still the Wadjina tricked them into heading back to the centre. By now people were dying of starvation, and they were dying of disease, and they also contemplated killing each other so that they would have enough food.

    4. Sometime had passed, and then the tribe came to the realisation that if they stopped overpopulating the land, they will manage to survive with the food they had inside the mountain range. When they had decided this, the Wadjina came down to them, and said to the tribe, you have found what you were looking for and they lead the Tribe back to their homeland.

      Overpopulation, amongst other things, bought white man to all corners of the Earth. Overpopluation bought your neighbouring tribe to your ancestors land and raped and killed their friends and loved ones. Hitler said it quite clearly for the world to hear, WIR WOLHEN MEHR LEBENSRAUM. We need more livingspace. This entire argument will last forever, because it is the Lion in us, killing the Wilderbeast in us as a race. Mother Nature has the Lion there for a reason, because the Wilderbeast will just keep on making babies and eat all of the grass. Humans have been dealing with this problem for centuries, and I mean CENTURIES, through our farming methods. And as far as people know the domestication of animals began in Egypt, and Egypt is where all your educated whities? That is right, in FUCKING AFRICA.

      Oh sure they might argue that Egyptians weren't white, but while Europeans were playing games between tribes like Southern Africans were, Northern Africans were creating civilisation. And they weren't whities. Moreover, it were the Arabians who taught "whities" how to have some manners at the table and use a knife and fork. This was back in the day when the Middle East was something to be respected.

      So my friend, and even towrds the person who ranted and raved against you before my comment here. The solution to our problem as a RACE is to understand the Mother Nature's Basic Instinct of the Survival. By you choosing to adopt, whether irrespective of their colour is something which the whole world should listen to, and NOT ARGUE AGAINST WHITE FUCKFACE WHO JUST SHOWED A LOWER INTELLIGENCE THAN I BY ARGUING AGAINST THE PERSON TO WHOM THIS LETTER IS ADDRESSED. BY STEPPING STRAIGHTBACK INTO THE ANIMAL KINGDOM OF WHICH HE DID SO JUST SLANDER. To continue this arguement is just to fuel the fire, which

    5. inturn ignites the anger, and lack of empathy, which inturns creates an ability to kill within the human psychi. THE LION. It is very simple, and straight forwards, and it is amazing to see Australian Aborginals very easily understand what I say, where as white fellas just want to argue against it. Who is more intelligent?

      I had this argument against a fello whiteman years ago because he was shitcanning the coons. I went along the same argument as our friend here above me in the commentary box. What did they ever create????? So I says to him, so whiteman created the car yes! He is like yeah. And this car is now sucking in the world's oil supplies yes! Well yeah. Now even if it isnt true, but what if there is the potential for this car, to now destroy ALL life on the planet through global warming? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? Hey, let us go one better my so overly more intelligent person than my friend here with the heart, what about this awesome thing called a NUKE. Now the even more superior white man, is holding a gun at its own existence. What the fuck is more intelligent mate?

      You stick to your heart Pwani, and stay a good person, cause you CAN be a good person, and protect life. On the other hand, old mate here, he can listen to a fellow whitie and just chill the fuck out a little. As the crucified jew once said, "He who exalts himself, will be humbled". Then once we calm the fuck down, we might think of a better way of sorting this problem out with the girls and babies being fucking raped and burnt and slashed into half and having their bottom half raped while they are still alive watching. Sick puppies, but there are a number of whities that do shit like that dude. TO solve the problem is not to get angry at a Kenyan who is probably from a completely fucking different tribe. Hey, ever checked out the list of Americas serial killers and rapistists? Alot of whites dude. ALOT.

  3. this kind of i don't believe they once happened is just exaggeration we blacks we are people of peace love we don't normally know the definition of revenge

  4. I have to disagree with the idea of White people being labelled as settlers.It appears the vast majority have read the wrong history or have been misled.The white "settlers" arrived on the Cape shores of South Africa long before the black settlers.The only other evidence of civilisation here when van riebeck and crew arrived was the brown skin "Khoi San".Black civilisation existed in the northern regions Such as Rhodesia "now known as Zimbabwe",Botswana,Namibia.As the white settlers "History calls them Vootrekkers" moved up north towards eastern cape the black settlers from the north moved down and met for the first time in eastern cape.The Voortekkers moved further north to natal and had a land treaty with "King Dingane of the Zulus" ,Naturally the Blacks double crossed the whites and murdered Piet Retief who was the leader of the Voortrekkers along with half of the rest of the settlers,this had enraged the Voortrekkers.A war was now iminent "All started by the Blacks,they drew first sword".Now this is where the history gets interesting,on the 16 December 1838 the Voortrekkers arrived at the Waterberg area,Dingane of the Zulus had sent 12000 impis "zulu warriors" to fight against the heavily outnumbered 100 Voortrekkers.Against all Odds the Zulus suffered a embarrasing defeat against the Voortrekkers which is no longer taught or spoken about in South Africa's schools in history lessons,it is a sore topic for the ANC government and their precious history.

    So the point of this history lesson is this,200 years on nothing has changed.The Zulu's still think and act the same as they did back then long before Apartheid even came along.If you take a brief look at the history of the African continent,it paints a similar picture of every country including south africa after gaining independance from the white man.Africa has become a shit hole with the international symbol of the extended palm of the hand asking for aid from the white man yet the vast majority of Africa mocks the western ways.

    There is so much more to tell but you dont have to be a physician to understand whats happened in South Africa and what is currently happening.The apartheid years were some of the best years for the majority poor black,the apartheid government provided them with everything they needed ranging from healthcare to education etc,the only rule was segregation between the races.In hindsight,perhaps the government could see the future as to what would happen like it is now?We currently experiencing what the apartheid government always feared.The ANC government has just proved the old apartheid government right,nothing more nothing less.

  5. I believe that everyone should leave the past in the past? What happened between the whites and blacks is in the past.

    Why shoûld I as a young white female suffer for what has happened 100 years Ago. I am sure everybody was wrong at one point or another!

    This is a new year a new life for everybody! Who kills children? They are innocent! Anybody who kills should be killed doesnt matter if you are white or Black! The death penalty should be brought back.

  6. I hope every last one of you african niggers suffer a slow and horribly painful death. You're not humans... you're not even animals. You are a lower form of "life" than roaches. Every continent that has felt the footstep of a single one of you niggers is the worse for it. Fuck all of you, fuck your ancestors, and fuck your children who are not yet born. You all need burned

  7. Gertie Von Stompinberg24 February 2013 14:47

    The West needs to simply cut off funding for the anti viral drug which are keeping around 50% of most sub Saharan African countries alive. I would suggest ending food aid as well. It's senseless to continue trying to keep what obviously nature has decided is an evolutionary dead end alive.I expect all Western media to publish the facts of this genocide daily as was done with Apartheid till it ended.

  8. The idea that blacks do not know revenge and hate is absolutely ridiculous. Blacks are the Kings of Hate, murder, rape and theft.
    They've been killing their own for thousands of years. That's how the Afrikaner actually came across the Xhosa tribe - the Xhosas were fleeing South, away from the Zulu tribe, their enemies. These are truths that cannot be lied away by blacks desperately seeking some form of recognition(like laying claim on Ancient Egypt).

    The solution is simple. Alow races to live in peace amongst their own. It's what Apartheid allowed blacks to do; however due to all the ANTI-WHITE double standards today, the Afrikaner is not allowed that. Now why would that be? Because blacks generally have no sense of honour.
    Whatever all the back and forth reasoning/argumenting might bring, the fact is that the one solution that will work, because it had prevented inter-racial hatred for thousands of years(races cannot discriminate against each other if they are seperated), is denied by the anti-white system in South Africa and ALL Western-style democracies.

  9. Wow this is so disturbing. I can't imagine how this can continue. Killing any child is the most disgusting thing a person can do. To kill an innocent child makes me so sad for this world. If we teach children of all races that everyone has value and no one is less than anyone else then all races can live a good life.

  10. the matter of the fact is that blacks are not capable of acting as humans do, it has been genetically proven that even a chimpanzee has more chromosomes that a nigger, manother point about africa and its wonderful black democracies.. start at egypt and work downwards on the map, now please point out one country that si better off after so called deomcracy than before , under the colonialists.
    as for the ANC they are the biggest scum on earth.. they are a " so called "proud struggle movement" hahahah cowardly dogs is more apt, MK who never even took part in one military contact with our security forces, they were too busy at home waging war against the women and children and innocent civillians.. brave niggers eh????.. but then i guess thats a black cultural thing hey.... go burn in hell u black cockroaches and township dogs remeber blood river.. it may come to pass again..

  11. All the sympathy in the world is worth NOTHING until people do something. I have said it before and I will say it again, I have yet to see one Black organization in the world speaking out or organizing any kind of formal protest whatsoever against this obvious genocide - please correct me if I am wrong, yet I do see a multitude of Black Organizations worldwide bent on the destruction of the white race. I read the articles and see the videos, yet when the wrongs against Blacks had gone on to long IT WAS WHITE PEOPLE WHO HELPED THE BLACKS! So you tell me what is wrong with this picture? All I see is take, take, take.

    Here, take a look for yourselves but only if you have the guts to face the truth!