Sunday, 9 June 2013

Saint Mandela's on the way out...

When did he become the messiah? It really irritates me. How many people are just bowing down to the man because the world's media is making him out to be the Savior of all people?

Truth is, the WHITES in South Africa voted to abolish Apartheid. The old terrorist was IN JAIL. HE didn't end Apartheid. In fact, he did very little to end it. He was chosen as a figurehead by the media, big business and the Nats.

But go on, have your hero. We all need a messiah.

Every time the old fool goes to hospital, the media goes ballistic and the sheeple bow down before their hero.

Your courage, strength, greatness and heroism? Yeah? If you say so, Ilze. I'll tell you what the free-thinking non-PC people around the world think about this old fart.


"Umkhonto we Sizwe (abbreviated as MK), translated "Spear of the Nation," was the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), co-founded by Nelson Mandela, which fought against the South African government.[1][dead link] MK launched its first guerrilla attacks against government installations on 16 December 1961. It was subsequently classified as a terrorist organisation by the South African government and the United States, and banned." - Wikipedia

Do you idiots think that Madiba was arrested and sentenced to life in prison because he was black? He was put in jail for treason. Because he was planning to overthrow the government VIOLENTLY.

When Mandela was arrested, the following bombing materials were found on the farm where he stayed:
  • 210,000 hand grenades
  • 48,000 anti-personnel mines
  • 1,500 time devices
  • 144 tons of ammonium nitrate
  • 21,6 tons of aluminium powder
  • 1 ton of black powder  

Obviously, Saint Mandela was planning to have a fire works party to show the world how much he loved the whites of South Africa. 

Fact of the matter is - History is written by the winners. There's more to Mandela than an old fart in a Springbok rugby jersey. Just open your fucking eyes.

For an indepth article about Umkhonto we Sizwe's bombing campaigns in South Africa, visit the following link:

And I can't wait for all you dickheads to scream "but...but...but... Apartheid... Verwoerd... the whites killed the blacks...uhm...uhm...I don't have the facts, but..but..the ANC told me so...we don't have written history...but...but...the ancestors...eee...eee..."

Onslaught against the Peoples of South Africa


  1. Wow!!! this is new!

    People always describe Mandella as the greatest thing that has ever happend to South Africa and the world. He is the symbol of democracy, at least that's what people think. This is schocking I must say.

  2. Bongani Nxumalo11 June 2013 06:31

    1988, by Nelson Mandela's bomb. Wasn't he released in 1990? And yet you talk about facts?

  3. Well well, People get killed on either side of a war/revolution/rebelion. No one ever said no whites were killed

  4. BLACKS are great at a few things..having babies and deserting them,welfare, prison, killing, raping, Blaming EVERYONE else for THEIR ignorance, and contributing to AIDS. Look at what was a PROUS it is a SEWER, infested with BLACK Rats.

  5. Look at what South Africa had become under Black rule. A HUGE ghetto.

  6. You deluded white inbred trash, When oh when will you get over your white privilege complex. White baboon are great a many things, war mongering, stealing, murdering, incest, pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, recessive genes, .. and the list goes on. You are a dying breed. The world's white population is diminishing.. your population is old and infirm. If Africa is so bad get the FU(K out of it. You are only contaminating it for the rest of us. Africa is the mother of civilization, and will forever be. All the whinging in this world won't change that. Be gone you mutant white rats!

  7. look how was south africa before white Man came to Southern Africa

    The ruins of the ancient stone city of Thulamela were uncovered less than a decade ago in the Kruger National Park of South Africa's northern provinces. Thulamela, whose name means "place of giving birth," was built by the Shona people about 800 years ago. The city thrived between 1350 and 1650 A.D. and its people employed sophisticated mining skills, and succeeded in converting iron ore into carbon steel for use in tools and weapons, and traded along the Swahili Coast.

    Another Fact

    When European settlers discovered ruins of great civilizations at Mapungubwe in South Africa and Great Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe (then the British colony Rhodesia), they concluded that these marvelous stone cities could not have been built by black Africans. In order to justify their oppression of the black majority population, the white imperialists created a grossly distorted history that denied African civilization and culture.

    In fact, until the recent end of the apartheid era, the official South African version of history maintained that southern Africa was an empty land, completely uninhabited until the first Dutch settlers arrived there in 1652. The government rationalized that the exquisite art and surviving architecture of the Shona and Bantu people of South Africa and Zimbabwe were actually the creations of Arabs, Phoenicians, or other non-African peoples. Similarly, the government of Rhodesia censored guidebooks and until as recently as the 1970s instructed archaeologists to deny that the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe was built by Africans.

    But the reality is that Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe, as well as Thulamela, a more recent discovery, were black civilizations that developed sophisticated international trading economies and remarkable architecture in southern Africa as early as the 11th century A.D. Great Zimbabwe was such a source of black national pride that when Rhodesia gained independence from the British in 1980, it named itself Zimbabwe after its own great precolonial civilization. Today, Great Zimbabwe remains a symbol of national unity, and its likeness is depicted on the national currency.

  8. Actually that has been proven not true. Asia and Africa had separate human populations that developed...just look at these area now, then decide which one is more civilized.

  9. Sophisticated..he he he, I am a controls engineer and I know what technical sophistication is and what they had was not that.

  10. Proud South African31 July 2013 11:07

    You fucking ass!!! Go get a life, instead of blogging shit about good people!!! Does it make you feel better to write this crap?? You ungrateful twat that has the intelligence of an American!! Keep trying to write and maybe one day you will write something that is almost intelligent!! You racist son of a bitch. Go home, cause no one gives a shit about your opinion!! Sincerely a proud white South African!!

  11. Whatever you think of Mandela's 'colourful' past, he was the man for the moment, and most significantly of all, orders of magnitude better than the upcomers in the ANC. You will be saying bring back Mandela before long.

  12. Proud South African1 August 2013 07:27

    Fuck you!!

  13. Proud South African1 August 2013 08:33

    true dat!!!

  14. hernandayoleary27 August 2013 17:09

    Your claim makes no sense, if Mendela was so violent he would have just killed all white people once he assumed office. You claim Mendela's bomb killed 17 and wounded 200 in 1988, when basic facts show he was in prison on an island where he could not leave. It is the basis of lunancy and typical of the colonial mindset, just makeup facts when the truth is painful.

  15. Sure he would have *rolls eyes* - you have no political sense at all. If he had allowed ethnic cleansing and genocide after the rest of the world had lobbied so hard for his freedom he would have quickly lost his international support and funding. You think he was a kind man? He was a thief and murderer but had learned enough is communist school to know that he shouldn't piss off the big boys.

  16. Try reading a little history huh? Its the truth - but you liberals don't like facts do you? I bet you support gay marriage and abortions for all and sundry at state expense huh?

  17. hernandayoleary28 August 2013 08:16

    By your logic he is a murdering terrorist maniac, I don't think a murdering terrorist would care what the international community would think.

    Not piss off the big boys but by your logic he was bombing the government, who worst to piss off and who bigger?

    By the authors logic zuma said kill all whites so why couldn't mendela, has zuma lost international funding? Nope, its just myth. If blacks wanted to kill whites they would, and no one could save us. The west will not invade us because we have no oil. If they invade south africa more whites will die because we will look like libya and iraq with gangs mass murdering 100s of people daily. If we are lucky we get president melema, unlucky we get worse.

  18. He was a murdering terrorist - try checking the FBI terrorist lists. And, wait a sec, I think he may have been convicted of terrorist acts? Yes, yes he was. After a whole court trial and everything.

    You have NO logical thinking abilities do you? The man was made into a martyr by the ANC propaganda and the liberals all over the world. Why destroy that image and lose aid and the chance to rob the country of billions? (try looking at who was actually involved in the Arms Deal huh?)

    Actually yes Zuma has lost international funding - the UK will be withdrawing its aid. There has been a massive issue with the theft of US funded Aids money.

    And again you are totally clueless aren't you? Did you have any idea that SA supplied arms to the rest of the world? That we have the largest uranium deposits? Not to mention the rest of the natural resources. And need I mention the fact that Libya and Iraq are terrorist countries with the aim of doing nothing but destroying their own people, the west and Israel? If it was about oil the place would have been nuked ages ago.

  19. Malema? You are a damn masochist with a deathwish. No point is discussing anything with a person who does not have all his faculties. I should know better than to enter into a war of wits with someone who is so blatantly disarmed as you.

  20. hernandayoleary29 August 2013 00:25

    He is a hero, get over it old man. Whats wrong with destroying Israel. Saddam was put in their by the West, he was Western in all regards. If you knew the history of Iraq, every leader in the last 100 years assassinated by the british, his actions make perfect sense. Can;t really blame Saddam. iraq isn't a free country its a vassal state. When the usa can tell you who you can elect, its not a free nation.

    Libya wasn't stopped because it was a terrorist country, Gaddafi use to torture and beat terrorist, saddam and gaddafi where the secular muslims they use to torture terrorist for America. They were building up there countries. Why don't you actually read how Saddam gave his people roads and healthcare and education as did Gaddafi in what were the poorest nations in the world. Their sin was letting in the foreigners and co-operating with America. That is why North Korea and burma hasn't been invaded yet, they don't let anyone in there. Saddam and Gaddafi tried to work with America, that is what america does to its "Allies". Look at Mubarak, did everything america said, then when he grew a pair they locked him up. When the islamic fascist grew a pair america threw him out and is going to bring back mubarak. You see they build up their nation and it pissed off America, America loves tin pot dictators, they hate people like gaddafi who build their country. Their view is the world cannot handle 20 countries rising up at once. If the arab countries were allowed to become rich you'd have more china's and russias to deal with.

  21. Secular muslim my ass - no such thing.

    Old man? I am a 27 year old woman but then again you are a moron so I'm not surprised you missed that fact. Mandela is a terrorist like it or not. I have no respect for him and will open my bottle on champagne that's on ice the second they admit he's dead and celebrate finally getting rid of the murdering, thieving communist scumbag he truly is.

    Saddam tried to bomb America. And Obama himself is a muslim and a communist - so I have no respect for him at all either. Mubarak built up the nation? Try again - Egypts economy tanked and the unrest was extreme by HIS OWN people.

    And why not destroy Israel? Oh I don;t know, maybe because they're God's own chosen people? Or how about the fact that whenever anyone has tried to destroy the Israelites they have come off second best throughout history? You're not the brightest.

  22. hernandayoleary29 August 2013 01:20

    Yeah there. When you have to pay a tax for not being muslim or wear a hijab to walk down the street or get 50 lashes for saying muhammad sucks you'll know the difference between libya or iraq and afghanistan and saudi arabia.

    So what if Saddam tried to bomb America, I don't recall this being true but America bomb Iraq numerous times, killing thousands of people a year and over 1 million with their sanctions and all. America killed more people in iraq in the 1990s than Saddam killed in his whole life. Since when did it become a crime for nations to war? If America is going to bomb Iraq, and invade them twice can you blame saddam, that is to be expected. Your a woman, I thought you were a man using the name gemma, god your retarded for a women. Well your whole family line was land theives so what. You hate your family too?

    And so what if he is a muslim, he isn't but if he was it wouldn't matter to me. Do you know what Egypt looked like before Mubarak? Yes its a shithole now, but it was paradise then compared til now.

    You idiot, you think God chooses people over others. What are you stupid. You do realize that most of the world's jews are not even practicing the religion, almost all the jews left the religion between 1000 b.c. and 1000 a.d. Most of the racial jews today are spread across palestine, africa and europe and do not even know it. The jews believe that their messiah is going to come when the majority of the world's jews start practicing, and become good jews and follow the nearly 700 rules of orthodox judaism. That is NEVER going to happen.

    Israel didn't exist for thousands of years until a very smart Austrian who was 1/4 jew named Adolf Hitler got the best idea any white man in the last 600 years got and lost a war. Britain created Israel to control the arabs who oil it wanted but peoples it did not trust because of their desire for a pan arab state. Yeah, the Persian, Muslims, Romans, Assyrians, Turks, Melmuks and the other hundreds of nations who wiped israel off the map came out so horrible. I mean jews got a great deal where 99% of jews don't know they are jews and the 12 million of them half got fried in over in 1940s, that is some chosing eh. Because god would totally allow the people he hand picked to have 50% of their world population be cooked up in ovens and hated world wide.

    Frankly the jews are stupid to all move to Israel, and this was told to me by a Rabbi, because someone is going to get a nuke in the middle east and one day someone is going to wipe them all out and they'll all be in one spot so they are easier to kill.

    Do you not understand the new covenant, are you not a christian? If jews were god chosen people, I don't think they are anymore, not after they killed christ and all, one would imagine god would be pissed off about being killed by the people he chose. LOL. I don't even know why anyone would believe that old testament mumbo jumbo, it all comes out of babylon and egypt and india, its just a copy of other cultures. There are tones of stories EXACTLY like the ones in the bible, the moses story exist in practically every continent.

    I believe there is a god, he has no favourites. He will judge you on your actions. You can't get into heaven if you are racist because no one who has hatred in their heart can make it into heaven. Not even if it is for black people. What would you do if god is a black man, run down to hell, LOL. That is probably how he test racist.

  23. An anti-Semite I see. Typical. If you want to start a Christian debate we can do that too - you don't understand it at all it seems. Christian means follower of Christ who taught that only through believing in Him and accepting Him as Lord and Saviour would one get to Heaven (this is called grace). Now:

    1. Jesus was a Jew, in the line of kings actually and he specifically stated that He had come to save the lost sheep of Israel at first (ie: the Jews).

    2. When the Jews rejected Him as Messiah He told the Apostles to spread the Gospel to the gentiles.

    3. The first Covenant has never been broken (ie: that God would never again destroy the earth with water).

    4. If you actually read Revelations you might pick up the fact that it was written as Jesus' own Revelations to John of Patmos a prophecy - wherein it specifically states that the Israelites would have a second chance.

    And if you had actually researched the Bible the Books of the Old Testament and their authenticity are not contested at all. I doubt you are in any way a Christian seeing as Jesus reiterated several of the Old Testament laws and even said that He had not come to destroy them, but to fulfill them. So none of the Law has fallen away at all.


  25. i would like a truth opinion from the white south african, are you not sorry that, you have vote for a country with black rules, from 1994 to 2013 108 racist laws to expel white south african for everythings or for 111 white men murderd for the year 2013 as well 32 white women murderd in a few months of the year 2013 , because me i can not think for you, when i was in south africa in the year 1981/82 your white south african people was in rush to vote for nelson mandela free again and to be your president and witth fw de kleck to become two of them nobel peace prize, so i had a great experience when i was ones in joburg by those years i was invited with couple of other guys by some white south african boys and girls for a barbecue by their house, i was in a army uniform with my red berret para troop pathfinder coy the others as well them from uk me from france, then those boys and girls disappear and left us like cunt in the yard of their house ,realy i did not understand what was going on the way of those people were puling their face all of sudden, because we were army guys did not mean we were not their friends we could of share and talk about the problem but realy i would like to see them again they should tell me what happen that day now all that is over , but i give them my home adress in a letter they can write to me why they have been playing this game with me, goudard raymond charles 224 ave du 1er B I M P La Garde France phone 33698350369 me i don't know what was going on i was just playing to put my life in danger you know like a kid now i am happy i am gone back at home but to have those kinds of news from white south african and the truth about south afriica make me sad and angry and for me to follow all those crimes you are victims, now i have to go to london for the red october 2013 protest i have every days summary reports from farmitraker and censorbugbear beleave it for me it's funny any more

  26. Are you high?

  27. You deluded black inbred trash. When oh when will you accept your people as the world's morons? Black baboon are a great many things, lazy, unproductive, incestuous, stupid, moronic, murdering, rapists, inbreeders, children of satan, the list goes on. The black population is dying, and we have aids to thank for that, your population is weak and sickly. If we are as bad as you claim, why do your people insist on littering Europe with their presence? The white race is the crowning glory of homosapiens and all the mugus in their starving little dying african countries can't change that! Be gone, you pieces of animated pig shit!

  28. What sanctions? If we had such incredibly harsh sanctions, why did the UK,US and most of the rest of the world still trade with us? Because we were a first world country with some of the smartest people on earth, then we gave it away, and now we are a third world country with uneducated cunts running everything! You might think that this country is now much better, but it's because you compare SA against other failed african banana republics. Good luck, you'll be needing it!

  29. So you're holding Mandela blameless because he didn't physically set the charge off? That's precisely like washing Obama of any culpability because he didn't actually pull the trigger on the rifle that snuffed out Bin Ladens candle. Let's recap for those dim of wit: The instruction came from Mandela, to an operative in an organization that he founded. That's pretty clearcut to me!

  30. Pontsho Radise4 December 2013 07:23

    Yes you are superior

  31. Pontsho Radise4 December 2013 08:34

    An eye for an eye makes the world blind

  32. Heirich Austerlitz4 December 2013 20:32

    s uoyIt's called justice, not racism. For some or anotherreason African people have a incredible fear of honesty. That's why the people in the photographs were beheaded or hanged. It's not a case of having a picknick in the wrong spot, it's a case of dishonesty and a purpetuance for doing whats wrong, that get african people in these situations. I have a friend in africa, working in surveillance for a casino group, whooce told me that in one year, they had more than 7000 black people locked up for theft. Now you can start blaming apartheid, but then I'd ask, did apartheid teach you to steal and be dishonest, and if so, who taught the rest of Africa that never had apartheid? When white anthropologists first started studying your people, they found absolute savages, without any written language, that would kill each other at the drop of a hat, just for the fun of it. Now, you've been taken outof the pre-stone age, yet you continue your savagery. But now, you've also learned to play the blame game. Once you see that you are in shit, for being stupid, lazy, for killing or stealing, you start blaming others. Everything that went wrong in your lives, is someone else's fault. Someone else stole something,you are not the criminal on camera, you are not a corrupt official, you are not a murderer. Crime attracts you like honey attracts flies and the western world knows this. All white employers in SA knows this, that's why security cameras are now installed at just about every business. You talk about white privilege but have you ever thought of working for what you want instead of just demanding or stealing. We white work for what we want. When we want something we cannot afford, we save up for it, we don't go out and go steal it from some black person. You also always claim to be able to do the job better than a white person, but how is it better, if you constantly strike, or take two days to do something that a white person could do in 1 hour? Explain to me please, how is it better? During apartheid, most town and cities were run by whites, and all the work got done. Now the same towns and cities are run by double the amount of black people, and you can't even get the billing right! There are now more black people working for local government, than there were whites during apartheid, yet the work still cannot be done? Is it because apartheid, was incredibly efficient, or because the officials now drivearound all day looking for pussy? You say that black proffesionals, such as lawyers are not taken seriously, yet your own people run to white lawyers, or is it because 54% of all black lawyers can't read and write, yet have university degrees? Now to conclude, if you see nothing wrong with the examples of black privilege and absolute truth that I've given you, then I suggest you keep on doing what you are doing, because at least, it's what the world expects of you. If you however see something wrong with your people's absolute fear of the truth, honesty and justice, then I suggest you open a school and start educating your people.

  33. Heirich Austerlitz4 December 2013 20:36

    National currency depicting stacked stones. National currency worth nothing, oh you are good at making a point. Riddle me this, if their so called "technology" was so advanced, why did the rest of the africans never use it? South African bantu people never knew any metal working, nor did the people of Zim, when we explored it. All you are saying, is that you are trying to take credit for something that was clearly not done by your people.

  34. Heirich Austerlitz4 December 2013 20:39

    Thanks for noticing. I've always known that whites were superior but it's nice to see an african admit it.

  35. Pontsho, you seem like an intelligent bloke. You seem like someone who thinks about stuff. I can understand that you feel that your people were f*cked up by Europeans and Americans. I also think so in a way.

    The strangest experience I has in a day was to watch Django and Verraaiers on the same day.

    I felt for the Slaves who were sent to the USA. I know they were but on boats, lying down, chained and the shit from the decks above them just dripped through. I know most of them didn't make it to the USA. And if I were alive then, I probably would've joined Django and killed the white motherf*ckers.

    On the same day I watched Verraaiers (you probably don't know about the movie). The Boer War was ugly. They put my ancestors in concentration camps, they burnt down our farms. Thousands of women and children died in the concentration camps.

    But would it make ANY SENSE whatsoever for me to harbour hate towards the English? Would it make sense for me to go out and kill and English-speaking South African because his great great great grandfather may have fought against the Boers in the war?

    By the same token, does it make sense for the African Americans to hate the current generation of the USA for what their forefathers did hundreds of years ago?

    And this what is happening in South Africa today. The few blacks that commit these atrocities against white farmers hate them because of what their forefathers did. It makes no sense.

    I've never hanged a black person, I've never stolen a black person's land (I don't even own land), I've never hit a black person, I never talk to black people in a demeaning way. I treat all people with respect until they treat me like shit.

    But if a gang of black youths break into my house and rape my wife and murder my children before executing me, will they stop to ask me these questions? No. Because I'm white, I am already guilty.

  36. Pontsho Radise5 December 2013 02:48

    No it does not make it right revenge will get my people any where
    I hope people see the light and learn from history we can only do good by working together

  37. Pontsho Radise5 December 2013 02:57

    You can fool some people but you cant fool
    I don't know why you keep making the "white culture" as you put it as superior the truth is that it is not your culture when the Romans arrived in the North of Europe they found some primitive tribes yes Tribes there was no collective they were not even Christian they were Pagans. They were semi-Nomadic, warlike and pastoral people. They clothed themselves in skins and fed on milk, cheese and flesh. These people were then introduced to modern life when conquered by the Romans who introduced paved roads, dust bins from Persia , papers from Egypt for writing, water ways and sanitation, Algebra and maths from Persia including Northern Africa who had schools of Maths and astronomy at the time. The land was not really cultivated it was filled with forest and swaps that is 200 AD. now my point is unlike the Romans who did not exclude the local communities like you did when you arrived here you became citizens of the Empire, had you did the same when you arrived in Africa where you found a primitive people much like you when the Romans found you we would have been far but you deemed yourselves superior which you still do. With you hearts filled with hate and disease you found land can claimed it is empty no one lived her there fore is yours Imagine me going to Europe to claim land unoccupied and say its mine.....

    We need to work in this country together to make it work.....

  38. Heirich Austerlitz5 December 2013 07:21

    I honestly do not know where you got your history from, probably the book "World History according to Malema". My forefathers were in Northern Europe and yes they wore skins and ate cheese and meat, no problem there. They were never conquered by the Romans. They however had a written language, they had invented the wheel and had primitive justice and barter systems. They constructed homes with wood and nails, worked farms and even though they were pagans, as black still are, they had advanced religious systems. By the same time, back in Africa, Africans were running away from lions, had no written language, had not invented jack shit, did not farm, did not eat cheese and most certainly were not civilized with a primitive justice system. What you however forgot to mention, is that even though the Romans were a bit more advanced, they were still white, just like the rest of the Europeans. We were and still are one race. However back in Africa, we arrived and found war mongering bigots who would turn on their own parents (remember Shaka) when it suited them. Blood thirsty savages already started with farm murders almost 300 years ago. Your people only as recently as the early 1900's got a written language. Well, we decided to just build a refreshment station here, but later decided to start colonizing. So South Africa was colonized, but no land was stolen. No no no no, the same African chiefs who sold their own people as slaves in exchange for tobacco and cows, were also willing to sell land that did not belong to them as they were nomadic and did not know the concept of ownership. Honestly, are you not even aware of the tracts that your forefathers signed, giving us their land? They were compensated for each piece of land they sold, so maybe it's time to ask them what happened, seeing as you know very well how to pray to rotting corpses. You say we need to work together. We already gave you 20 years, how much longer will it take for your people to realize that constant strikes, corruption, theft, murder, dishonesty, rape and subjugation is wrong? You did not learn the lesson in 3000 years, we gave you another 20 years, and still you are going on. You do seem to realize that whites create more jobs than blacks, I can see it in your argument, but your people still support policies that make it difficult for whites to do business. Do you not realize you are slitting your own throats!? When all is said and done, and South Africa is burning to the ground, we whites will get in ships and go back to Europe, but what will you do? You can't go to Europe, it's our continent and we will do exactly the same to you in Europe that you are doing to whites in Africa. So to sum it up, you will be stuck here in Africa with other Africans fighting over what is left? Now my question is, is it not maybe worth treating whites better at present, letting them go about their business of creating more jobs and NOT killing them, that to risk losing everything and killing each other to get food? Go think about it and keep in mind, everything you have today, all the phones, all the nice cars and houses, were built with our intelligence and ingenuity.

  39. "we can only do good by working together"

    You're right. And in a strange way, that is the underlying message of my blog.

    "learn from history"

    That is a bit more difficult because history is written by the victors and the ones who control the world.

    And even though you called me a Nazi and high school drop out above for writing this article, this is the other side of the story.

    So many people were involved in bringing Democracy to South Africa.What about Buthelezi? What about all the other black leaders who were moderate and believed that violence wasn't the answer? Why not praise them as well? What about the average blacks who couldn't live in houses overseas like all the ANC cadres? What about the blacks who were necklaced?

    My point is that Mandela is idolized all over the world, but nobody really knows why. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. There's always two sides to a story.

    The poster below was circulated by the Tories in England. But at some point they decided to do a complete u-turn and turn Nelson Mandela into a hero. Why? He was in jail. Nobody in SA knew who he was because the press weren't allowed to publish his pictures or quotes.

    So imagine they did the same with Osama bin Laden instead of gunning him down. They could easily have turned him into a worldwide hero as well. He was a soft spoken person and all he wanted was for the USA to leave the Arab world alone and to restore the Muslim caliphate in the Middle East. Why is that such a bad thing? Maybe they tried peaceful protest, like the ANC at first, but it didn't work.

    So at some point he decided to take up arms, like Mandela did when he founded MK. The only difference is that Mandela was jailed before they could wreak too much havoc.

    I don't like the way they idolize Mandela like sheep. From the white side, he was jailed for high treason, not because he was black. And sure, he could've gone mad and murdered all the whites in SA after they gained power. But he didn't have the power to do that. It was all orchestrated. He was a likeable puppet. And I'm sure he was a nice guy, just like I'm sure Osama was a nice guy.

    Anyway, ignore the other racist comments on my site. I think you and I agree on more points than we disagree on.

    Go well.

  40. Pontsho Radise5 December 2013 13:06

    You need to read more you seem to have a high school level of knowledge the history I wrote here is 101 material
    Below is a Sotho home and a pagan house see the difference

  41. Pontsho Radise5 December 2013 13:14

    A Guinean solves a 270 years old Mathematics Problem
    Ibrahima Sambégou Diallo may have become the first African mathematician of the contemporary era to have elaborated a theorem

  42. Pontsho Radise5 December 2013 13:35

    Garrett Morgan -African American inventor who made both the first traffic signal invention and the first patented gas mask.

    James West -African-American inventor who developed the mic in the 1960s; holds 47 U.S. and more than 200 foreign patents on microphones and techniques for making polymer foil-electrets.

    Norbert Rillieux - African American inventor and engineer, best remembered for his invention of the multiple-effect evaporator.

    Percy Lavon Julian - African American researcher known for being a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants.

    Mark E Dean - African American is one of the top engineering minds at the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation. He made his first mark in the industry in the early 1980s, when he and a colleague developed a system that allowed computers to communicate with printers and other devices. Every time you print something, you can thank Dean. In all, Dean holds 20 patents, and was honored as one of the "50 Most Important African Americans in Technology"

    Percy L. Julian - African American born in 1899 is known as the "soybean chemist," for his extraordinary success in developing innovative drugs and industrial chemicals from natural soya products. The firefighting solution he devised, known as “bean soup,” helped save the lives of thousands of sailors and naval airmen during World War II. His discoveries earned him more than 130 chemical patents and many professional awards.

  43. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 01:32

    Oh yes, in 1652, all Sotho people were building with bricks, you keep on telling yourself that sunshine. Lets look at the so called "inventors" you mentioned. James West did not invent the mic in the 1960's as it was already in use by Alexander Graham Bell before the 1900's, so next you're probably going to claim black invented time travel. Norbert Rillieux, is about as black as I am. He has a white father and a black mother making him colored and not black, nice try. Percy Lavon Julian did not invent anything, he merely discovered a few things that already existed. Mark E Dean also did not invent anything by himself, but worked in two team, having nothing to do with printing, but developing the ISA (Industry standard architecture) bus, something last used in the 1990 and surpassed by superior technologies like PCI, AGP, PCI-X, MCA, USB, FIREWIRE etc. Garrett Morgan did not invent the first traffic signal, but merely a traffic signal, meaning another derivative work. He also invented a type of gas mask, and not the first gas mask. The history you quoted, is all based on New South African history, that seeks to rewrite history as they see fit, so your arguments are all invalid. You would have had more credibility had you decided to quote from European history books and not "History according to the ANC". What concerns Ibrahima Sambégou Diallo, it seems that the only scientific publications with any news about him are pseudo-scientific publications. His findings were never published in any note-worthy scientific publication, so your claims are still invalid. Honestly, I was expecting you to make a much more factually based argument than this argument based on mellifluous stories. You have all these rather marvelous stories about this and that black/colored inventor, yet you seem to forget that your race, is the only race in history to NEVER invent the wheel, to never invent any sea worthy vessels and never build higher than ground level. More than 2000 years ago, the Pyramids were built in Egypt, Angkor Wat was built in Cambodia,

    Tiwanacu and Puma Punku was built in South America. Alexandria (al of them) were built by the Europeans in Europe, Africa and Asia minor, yet nothing of any consequence were built in Africa where the nubians (blacks/Africans) were involved.

  44. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 01:34

    Typical pre-colonial african mud hut. Please note the amount of bricks used in it's construction.

  45. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 02:21

    No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." Nelson Mandela

  46. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 02:33

    That is a Mud house from west Africa

  47. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 02:41

    During my research work into the old road systems of this country, I discovered evidence of the remarkable road building activities of the Nama in southern and central Namibia during the 19th century. Many examples of road construction during the first half of the 19th century took place in the south. These and other activities by the Nama people show the widespread belief that only Europeans built roads in Namibia to be a myth [2]. One of my primary historical sources contains the following evidence of pre-colonial road construction works. In December 1846, Benjamin Ridsdale recorded the following about the building of roads in the vicinity of Warmbad

  48. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 02:47

    The ancient city of Kerma, in present-day North Sudan, is one of the oldest in Africa and the world, with architectural remains dating from 7500 B.C.E. Most of the city, however, was built after 3000 B.C.E., when it was at its peak.

  49. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 03:11

    No Africans did not invent the wheel but let's be objective what did whites in Europe invent (only perfected). All our knowledge comes from the East and Egypt (which is Africa).
    Also you may take into account that the population of Ancient Egypt was a mixture of Semitic and Black ethnicities. So a lot of what we know and have today we owe to some degree to people of mixed black race. White people as a single entity of civilization is false hence you are not superior Asians again lead the world in IT which is where the future is headed you are not superior even the Gun powder you used to colonise us is from Asians

  50. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 03:40

    In 1963, an iron furnace dating back to the 1400s was excavated on the Koppies, and it is believed that ironwork was a major source of trade in the area. Other archaeological treasures include stone tools that date back as far as 500 000 years ago.The Melville Koppies were home to Tswana and Sotho clans, and the remnants are still visible. A good 1000 years before Europeans came

  51. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 03:56

    Yet the Nama are not a Bantu/Nubian nation and they are not considered black, your argument folds again.

  52. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 04:06

    OK, riddle me this, if this iron furnace was constructed by your people, and we white people only arrived in the 1652, that means that between 200 to 250 years passed between you building your furnace and us arriving, but when we arrived, not a single african knew anything about metal, let alone how to work it. Spears were constructed of sharpened sticks. The Bronze and Iron ages both forgot about Africa. Did your people just decide, argh, it's old school, let's leave it and move on? Hardly seems probable. What however does seem probable, were Muslim incursions to come mine for Gold and Iron. Looking at Arabic sultans, you'd note that their palaces were always richly decorated with gold and other metals, now where do you suppose those metals came from? Did they perhaps dig it up from under dunes? No, they traveled in Africa and found it for themselves. Then onto your claims that Tswana and Sotho people were here 1000 years before Europeans came, if you can believe that story, you probably also believe that pigs can fly. Historical evidence (of which your people has none as you had no written history) has proven that the first people in SA were the Khoi-San and related bushmen tribes. Only after 1652, did the nubians move across the Limpopo river into what is today South Africa. You see that although we had not yet colonized that part of South Africa, we had educated people roaming the wilds looking for the unexplored, and writing down everything they saw. The only thing that happened 1000 years before we came here, is that your Nubian ancestors in Northern Africa, were being sold on markets as slaves, and believe me when I tell you, 1000 years ago, people were less politically correct, so a lot of documentation exists detailing the laziness of an african slave. It's not a story made up by South African whites, but something that has been biting you on the arse since times long gone by.

  53. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 04:21

    Well Europeans were responsible for discovering radio waves, inventing the internal combustion engine, inventing the first flying machines, inventing the printing press, inventing the steam engine, discovering electricity, discovering penicillin, inventing AIDS, inventing in-door plumbing etc. Oh and please don't come and tell me it that some of these things were invented by the Romans, the Romans too were white, just like Nigerians are also lazy and black, some thing. The governing population of Ancient Egypt has been scientifically proven to have been Caucasian (fancy word for us whites). The lower casts were indeed mixed races, but the governing class, that included the Pharaoh, the royal family, the architects, the priests and just about everybody else that mattered were white. You cannot argue with genetics. Please note that the lower casts were slaves and were not involved in the planning and day to day running of the empire or the planning of any building beyond their own mud huts. Asians leading the world in IT, maybe your world, but when last I looked, the world foremost IT companies were all in the hands of white Europeans. IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Blackberry, NOKIA, Ericsson, Apple, Intel, AMD, Sun Micro systems and Google. True that some of them has Asian engineers, but they are a minority amongst the Europeans, and you know what, we actually enjoy working with them as they are not lazy. Most of the technological advances are created by European people. Cellphones? European inventor. Computers? European Inventor. Televisions? European inventor. We practically invented the world whilst africans were running from lions. Yes gunpowder may have originated in China, but so did paper and paper currency, but we advanced it so much that the end product was far more than just an adulteration of the original. The gunpowder we got from the Chinese was good enough for simple fireworks, but European alchemists and chemists worked on it, bettered it and them gave us powered weapons. Still, we had composite bows, drop forged steel swords and armor at a time when Africans were running from Lions. We even advanced the art of paper making as it was indeed an art when we discovered it in China. Unlike Europe, in China the man on the street remained largely uneducated. This was about 2000 years after the first Public Universities in Greece and the Byzantine Empire.

  54. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 04:23

    Sorry to burst your bubble again, but they had just discovered a city in Isreal 10 000 years old. Also keep in mind that North Sudan was once part of lower Egypt, so yet again, it was not the Nubians, but the Egyptians that built it.

  55. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 04:51

    Wrong again. Science has proven that 1 week old babies of all colors, already have a repulsion towards the other race. So telling us that blacks can't be racists, is probably the most racist thing you can say. Hate is something totally natural, just like you hate whites, whites hate blacks, and there is nothing you can do about it, it will never change. But let's get back to hate, it's a most natural response to another invading your space, whether it be the woman climbing on your back at the post office, or the person breaking into your home. All humans, every single race, has boundaries, but these boundaries must be respected, whether they appear to be personal space, respect or boundaries of the mind and civilization. Once you cross those boundaries, people start hating you in response. This is a primeval response that has served man-kind well, but one that has been used by the politically correct and liberals to try and force a homogenous society where no colour exist. But now I ask you, there are things about white people that you might hate, whether it is our propensity to have things done fast, to yell at people without manners or people who piss on the street. Now this is because we were brought up knowing that being lazy, pissing on the street and not displaying manners is wrong, but now we live in a country where people do exactly the opposite. Now we might hate this, but you hate us for hating it. So as you can see, it is a natural response to being threatened. So saying that you don't hate, is in itself a lie, if you chose to say so. But let us look at the religious implications of what black people do. Firstly, black people are not part of the 12 tribes of Isreal with whom God had made a pact. Those 12 tribes scattered accross Europe and America and a few ended up here in Africa. Now God said unto us, "I will be a God for you, and you shall be my people, and to all the other nations of earth, I shall give the sun, the moon and the stars.". Now this is very significant as it is clear that God is the God of Isreal, and none other. So then we move onto Exodus 20 where God categorically state, you shall not steal. So what use is it trying to teach Africans about not stealing, if they absolutely love it. Then it says, you shall not kill, yet Africa is the most violent continent on earth. Do you people simply not care what the Bible says or what? Do you only celebrate Christmas because it's a public holiday? Africa is going to need another 5000 years before the African people will be civilized.

  56. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 06:39

    I present you archaeological finding that dates back to the1400 you are holding on to the Racist version that Verwoerd taught you, I cant help you with your ignorance these are recorded finding the Sun and Khoi story has been used to try divide us as if they are not Africans and no trace of them is left well in my blood there is Khoi blood cause my mom has typical feature so I can tell you Batho inter married with the Khoi Sun, Mandela had 90% khoi Sun DNA and you can see it from his features they are Africans and you wont find that in your History Books what remains is that they are Africans were here before you, furthermore the story of the Arabs is one that is still a theory I know they build a mosque in every other place they have been and convert the locals to Muslims that is not the case here in SA
    I see you are a die hard racist why do you live in Africa you despise everything about It so Go home to an all white country nobody will miss you.....Just leave you will find white domestic workers there or white taxi drivers there who are superior like you... Just leave

  57. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 11:45

    No I don't hate white and I don't condone the killing of them....You on the other hand are a racist of note like white people don't piss on the road I see them all the time. Now you are a Jew I thought Supremest hate Jews as they are not white? I have never stolen anything from any one I make an honest living those are you generalizations about black people....the Bible is for all nations as Jesus commanded us to love one another he did not specify whites to love whites and hate blacks If you are a Christian you are going to have to do better than what you have been displaying....Is like a rich man saying to the poor guy I had money before you were born and I hate poor people if your superior you best display of superiority is not to hate an inferior entity is more a sign of discomfort in you self proclaimed status

  58. Pontsho Radise6 December 2013 11:55

    News flash Jews are not white, they are like Arabs middle eastern I don't get your point every one knows modern civilization started in the middle east where non Whites live

  59. Heirich Austerlitz6 December 2013 22:31

    Newsflash, whether you and the jews like it or not, genetically, they are white, can't argue with scientific facts.

  60. Heirich Austerlitz9 December 2013 05:59

    Pontso Pontso Pontso, your genetics decide whether you are black/nubian or not. Garden Variety blacks differ greatly in genetic makeup from Bushmen. If you are not aware of this, then I'd suggest taking a course on genetic makeup in human beings. Just like me and you differ so much, as to make us two different species, you differ from Bushmen. Did you know that the genetic difference between whites and Bushmen, are less than the difference between blacks and Bushmen. Supremists, like yourself may seek the evil in everything, but white supremists simply seek logic. This is a whole unfamilliar concept to the African mind, hence your racist atitudes towards everything that involves pure unadulterated logic. It's also the reason why 95% of black fail maths and science. Once again, mother nature fucked you over, not the whites. We are not responsible for your genetic makeup, you are not even the same species as us, or are you going to blame that on us as well?

  61. how many people did Mandela kill as opposed to the number that Apartheid killed?

  62. Heirich Austerlitz9 December 2013 06:02

    Oh Pontso, you really know nothing do you dear child? Arabs are the consequence of caucasians interbreeding with Indians. It is evident in their skin tone. But please keep in mind, that genetic tests have proven that the first Sumerian civilization was caucasians, in other words, they were white. The Egyptians were proved by means of DNA to have been white, before they were driven from Egypt by the Arabs. Jews like to think of themselves as a diffirent race, but they are in fact 95% caucasian, so they are what you'd call coloureds, just like Obama. Has a white mother and a black father but thinks he is black.

  63. Heirich Austerlitz9 December 2013 06:04

    No, they'll be saying, thank goodness he's gone for millenia to come!

  64. Heirich Austerlitz9 December 2013 06:11

    Pontso, please explain to me then why God devided the world at the Tower of Babilon? You are right when you deem me a racist, I care more for my own people than I care for other races. I would also like to see my own race endure, same as you. So by caring more for my race it makes me a racist, as it does you. It's not an insult, and if you think you are insulting me by calling me a racist, then you are making a very big mistake, for it is actually a compliment. So next time you want to make an valid argument, don't play the race card, it does not work with me, I'll simply thank you.

  65. In total over 46 years the Apartheid government killed 7000 blacks.

    Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. At his trial, he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists. Here are some highlights

    -Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983

    -Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985

    -Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988

    -Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986

    -Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist M O Maponya instead

    -Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987

    -Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

    Tellingly, not only did Mandela refuse to renounce violence, Amnesty refused to take his case stating “[the] movement recorded that it could not give the name of ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ to anyone associated with violence, even though as in ‘conventional warfare’ a degree of restraint may be exercised.”

    A minimum of 65 people were killed in the 80's alone - all as a result of his instructions to bomb. And that's only the bombings. 14 000 blacks were killed by blacks in the ANC during the same 46 years of Apartheid. And the majority of those killings were politically motivated and black on black and happened AFTER Mandela was released. He was also the one to give the instruction to start the shooting at the Shell House Massacre. And we all know that as head of the ANC, he takes responsibility for their campaigns. So all of the people who died at the hands of the ANC are on his conscience.

  66. you don't have to stay here if you dont want to.Instead of channeing your anger into being part of rebuilding this country, you would rather talk smack here behind the comfort of a are a coward,TOO SCARED TO HELP AND TOO SCARED TO LEAVE!!!!"Blaming EVERYONE else for THEIR ignorance"-this is you!!!

  67. who the F*ck is the FBI???Just because some "bank owned" investigation unit labels him so doesnt make him 1!!!He understood the price of freedom,He didnt mind being labelled as a terrorist in his effort to free his people!.You all are very quick to blast this country but you wont do anything about it!!!A coward dies many deaths, and people like you die every single minute of every day_Your fear is shown by your inability to act!!!Leave if you want to OR stay and rebuild this country togethER...BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE, QUIT MOANING AND COMPLAINING!!!!

  68. you need a shrink...or Christ or a shot gun with just 1 bullet.

  69. He killed innocent civilians - that is the definition of terrorist. You just like the fact that he wanted all whites killed - you little genocidal racist you. And I wonder if you would have been so ready to support the murderer had he had one of your family members killed? Oh yes thats' right you would have because you're a brainwashed moron twat. Now run along before you miss the bunch of two faced idiots who will be speaking about the terrorist as though he was a god. That's your religion isn't it?

  70. And you would know what about Christ in your communistic stupor your saint has kept you in? Its clear you also have no understanding of Christianity at all if you advocate suicide. Maybe you should stick to your devils Mandela and Malema huh?

  71. Fuck this crazy sick site...dont reply to them,they are all mad!