Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Panthers coming to SA...

So, these dimwitted idiots have decided to 'return to their roots' and come and educate their brethren in South Africa.

They feel the need to tell the blacks here that they need to drive the 'colonials' out of Africa. I suppose they've got this idea that once they've taken over white owned farms, there won't be a 'black famine'? I guess 'panthers' are carnivores, though, so they won't need wheat and corn and vegetables. I'm also sure they don't drink wine or beer, cause without any commercial farmers there ain't gonna be much to drink in SA either.

But they might be able to snatch a bird out of a tree with their lightning-quick canine reflexes...

The 'New' Black Panthers
The New Black Panther Party, according to the Anti Defamation League, is a hate group who have announced they are planning a visit to South Africa from 19th to 27th March 2013 for the commemoration of Sharpeville and in their own words, “TO IGNITE THE CONTINENT IN SELF-DETERMINATION AND DRIVE OUT BLOOD SUCKING COLONIZERS ROBBING OUR MOTHERLAND”.

Please sign a petition here to keep them from coming here. (I think they are probably already in the air at the time of going to print, but whoever organized this petition wants to send it to the Human Rights Commission - for what it's worth.)

I found a nice little video of one of the Black Panther leaders, Khalid Muhammad, calling for white genocide in South Africa:

If you've got the time, you can watch the rest of his drivel here

He's got a real Samuel L Jackson voice. Kind of inspiring. If he wasn't advocating the killing of myself, my parents, my wife and my kids, I'd probably like this guy...

What struck me about the rest of his ranting is that he said that the Jews (de Beers, who I think is a very Afrikaans surname), stole their diamond mines. Now, excuse me, but did Africans attach any kind of value to   diamonds? They didn't even know what they looked like or how to extract them or refine them. Let alone build mines. What is this guy on about?

Well, so it's nice to know these idiots are coming to South Africa to talk even more crap into the proletariat's already hate-filled heads. I'm not sure there's much more room for any more propaganda.


  1. I think this is f-ing hilarious. I'm an American expat living in South Africa, and these idiots are no more African-Americans than I am a German-American or Swedish American. Blacks in the US love to use phrases like "the motherland" and pretend they're African at heart, but US blacks wouldn't last one week in SA. Not only that, if I were a black South African, I'd be pissed off that these AMERICANS think that they need them to come over and "unite" them with the rest of the continent...pretty arrogant. What - if Africa needs uniting, they think the continent needs THEM to help, that the blacks here can't do it themselves? Ridiculous. They're just a bunch of loud-mouth blacks trying to feel important and wanting to have a little attention. SA, don't give it to them.

  2. Sadly there are a lot of the majority who will believe them as they are so easily lead astray then the paw paw hits the fan

  3. Although De beers is an Afrikaans (of Dutch descent) name, De Beers company was made the company it is today because of the financing it received from Jewish family Rothschild. Its current chairman is Nicky Oppenheimer, a descendent of Ernest Oppenheimer, a German Jewish immigrant.

  4. Khalid Mohammad died in 2001? I agree with DH, What a joke! South african black hate the rest of the Africans, explain Xenophobia.

  5. I guess they don't even know about the Xenophobia going on by black South Africans against other blacks.......

  6. hernandayoleary27 August 2013 17:18

    LOL, looks like someone is scared of their own medicine. debeers and oppenheimer are jews. You don't think that jews take on european names? Diamonds were on the surface in some areas and africans were mining diamonds before whites showed up and were trading them all over the world.

  7. hernandayoleary27 August 2013 17:21

    You are white you are not an American, I know some natives who will set you straight. African Americans are not pretending to be african, how many times do you whites tell african americans to go back to africa. Then when they do it you whites get worried.

    Most whites are scared of blacks, yet you can last in s.a. but a black couldn't get real. s.a. needs uniting against the foreign invaders like you.

  8. Whites are scared of blacks because a black will just as soon kill you as look at you. Savages the lot of them

  9. Uh... just a question - with no means of accessing other parts of the world (no boats) and no means of transport sufficient quantities (no wheel invented), how do you plan to prove this?

  10. hernandayoleary28 August 2013 06:13

    Whites like Oscar Pistorius will kill you faster. The enemy is not always on the outside, alot of the time, most of the time people are murdered by their family then friends in that order. stranger murder is rare like stranger rape. 99% of rape is 2 people get drunk and the woman feels regret after sex and her friends call the man a loser so she concludes she was raped. Some Whites have an irrational fear of all other races. Its called Xenophobia.

  11. hernandayoleary28 August 2013 06:59

    You probably have nothing beyond a poor boerish education. Great Zimbabwe traded all over the Indian Ocean using boats. Boats in Africa certainly are precolonial as are wheels. The Nubians invented the water wheel and were using it along with chariots from as early as 400 b.c. Anyhow the wheel was first invented in Sumer and they were black. Ancient Egypt used wheels as did the Mande and Garamande tribes and you are the one always mouthing off about south africans really being bantu (which the mande are and drew pictures of them with 2 and 4 wheeled chariots) so that pretty much destroys your own argument of no wheel prior to europeans. Europeans did not invent the wheel, they were not the first one with the wheel. Ultimately it was irrelevent because you did not need a wheel to transport diamonds. A bag full of diamonds can be carried by a man, no animal needed and make millions.

    A well stacked camel, horse, cattle, would transport diamonds just as good as a horse draw carriage. And given some parts are semi desert or quiet dry, and this is where diamond occur, it would be no surprise if lack of wood was the reason why the wheel was not extensively employed. We lack the archaeology to really know how widely it was or was not used. SA definetly had access to the wheel as they traded in china and arabia and india. So even if you are right that they never invented a wheel (Which only the sumerians did anyway) they had access to it and likely were given it. There is the possibility that they just never used it because of reasons we do not know but that made it impractical.

  12. Firstly, a woman is raped in SA every 6 seconds I think it was at last count - and a large chunk of that is stranger rape. How many black men get violent when challenged huh? Should we look at just how taxi drivers behave? And you may want to go and see some one the comments that blacks make about how they would love to kill whites. And maybe its also a fact that 98% of all murders are committed by black men???

    Secondly, any woman that cries rape because she is ashamed of the decisions she made should be prosecuted.

    Thirdly, I'm not afraid of black women, or coloureds, Indians, the chinese or Japanese, the Jewish or Arabs. Nor of Americans, Brits, Aussies, Germans, Brazilians, Canadians, Tibetans, etc. I am scared of unknown black males though when I'm out alone. So there goes your Xenophobia idea huh?

  13. I never said whites invented it - but they brought it to South Africa. When whites arrived blacks lived in mud huts, wearing animal skins, hunting with spears and NO wheel. And the trade was actually with the Indians and Arabs who arrived HERE. how do you think the slave trade started? The black tribes didn't even know what a horizon was. try reading their own history a little - as written by them.

    And I am rather better educated than you are - seeing as I am able to think not only logically but rationally and analytically without being spoon fed. Let me guess, you're roughly 20/21 and just finishing up a BA?

  14. Oh and how do you presuppose a flourishing trade without a written language or even math hmm? Would be pretty difficult to keep accurate records don't you think?

    And just one last thing - seems like DNA has proven that the Pharaoh's were of Caucasian origin - not black. So where is your wonderful black civilisation? Oh yes, that's right, it didn't exist.

  15. hernandayoleary28 August 2013 22:57

    So what, whites love to kill whites, and England has far more rape than south africa. Most rape of whites is not stranger rape, its drunk white women being reckless and having regret rape.

    Women are almost never prosecuted for lying about rape and get a slap on the wrist like probation if they do. I recall a case in USA I read where when the man got out of prison he recorded the women on tape ADMITTING to making up the whole rape story that he was convicted for. I can't remember if she just got probabtion but it was a slap on the wrist. Nothing significant for fucking up the guys life.

    Yup, Xenophobia. Why live in a black country if you are in fear of blacks? And colored look as black to me as the other blacks.

  16. hernandayoleary28 August 2013 23:16

    Again you ignore basic facts. South africans were trading with Chinese, Indians, Arabs etc. before whites came here. Some of those groups definetly had the wheel, and the word for wheel predates europeans arrivals in South Africa. They had the wheel, and they had the technology, the climate of the country makes proper archaeology for excavation of those type of organic materials difficult but it may have served questionable purpose at best. A wheel in a lot of terrain is useless and a cart of carriage can be prone to break in highly uneven terrain.

    More boer myths. Africans sailed all over the indian ocean before whites came. Last I checked you denied a slave trade. Arabs never engaged in slave raids in South Africa last I checked, it happened more in the Zanzibar region and up north mainly. And what do you think whites were living in, in europe, they were living in mudhuts and shanties until in 1800s as well. Only the filthy rich elite like Napolean was living in a palace or a real house.

    The dogons mathematics and reading of the stars and horizon was far more accurate than Europeans was, they figured out the world was round several thousands years before us.

    I think you have boer education, it is all myths and lies to breed white superiority myths to make low class whites with no self esteem feel good, it doesn't reflect reality. Nope. let em guess your an old racist fart in the wind? You fools want to claim how superior you are when you were shipped to Africa for being the bottom of the barrel. Do you not understand if your ancestors were worth a damn they'd not be going to Africa. They have gotten in somewhere worth a damn like America or switzerland or at the time Argentina. The whites who came to South africa, like Angola, Mozambqiue and the rest of the region where the people who England didn't want, not criminal enough to go to australia but not good enough to stay in europe.

    For a white to criticisize a black about civilization is the epitome of stupidity. Northern Europe has no ancient civilizations and the Germanic and slavs could not even read, write or spell their own grunts until the Romans taught them and the Englsih couldn't read and write until very recently. the renaissance was started by a black italian called alessandro di medici and the medici family and he was the duke of florence. I was in Oslo, Norway, and was on a guide and the Norwegian guide was telling me how poor Norway was until 1960 when they found oil. Most of the world lived in mud huts in the 1800s. and if you think differently your delusional.

  17. South Africa is the rape capital of the world - but then again you don;t read the news so you wouldn't know that.

    And I do not condone women lying about rape - and I do not in any way think that they should be let off any hooks for it. I condemn them just as much as the rapist that ruined a woman's life.

    Lets try this again - Xenophobia is the irrational or unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Almost 28 years in SA - blacks are not foreign nor strange. And irrational fear of a black man by a woman in this country??? You have to be kidding me - the fear is very real and justifiable.

    And you have just showed your own racial bias right there so have discredited every single thing you have ever said "And colored look as black to me as the other blacks." They are NOT the same and if you cannot distinguish between them then you have some of the most biased opinions ever.

  18. hernandayoleary29 August 2013 00:11

    Britain has more rapes. You are just trying to justify your racism, if you are racist, why do you even bother denying it? Nope they all look alike to me. You have a fear of blacks, how can you even leave your house?

  19. Actually merchants were highly educated being emissaries for the monarchy in most instances and as a direct requirement of their duties they had to be able to read, write and count at the very least. Merchants were not exactly your run of the mill peasant.

    Ok, fine. I'll accept your little piece of science there - and then go straight back to saying that as a result of this little piece of evidence, I have just as much right to be here on African soil and to have self-determination in Africa as the next black person. Seeing as its so close right?

    Whites will always have the advantage over blacks (except for birth rates - we don't breed like flies and then watch our kids grow up in squalor with no opportunities and disease) seeing as we have about 10-20 IQ points over them.

  20. hernandayoleary29 August 2013 00:54

    Untrue, merchants had money but were largely illiterate. Very few people could read back then. On a ship of 300 whites, maybe less than 5 could read, write and count.

    Yeah but your ancestors are not khoi san so you don't have a right to be downhere, go back to north africa, LOL.

    Nope, IQ is cultural bias test and doesn't relate to real life success. I know a guy who tested genius IQ in grade school, and he is not better off than alot who were known dumb. If your claim that whites are inherently smarter is true, then you only offer support for BEE and AA. Because afterall, if whites are inherently superior, the government ought to level the playing field by implementing these programs, maybe mugabe is right. Since whites are smarter, what difference will it make?

    if whites are smarter then why don't we have a single ancient civilization, why did we not develop writing or the wheel or agriculture or civilization. Why does all the great history come from the colored countries like india, mesopotamia, china, nile valley etc?

  21. Cultural bias test? Oh please. Now you are grasping at straws and again making excuses for them.

    Oh did I not mention? I'm more than happy to concede that Asians have higher IQ's than whites - never contended it at all. And Rome is not an Ancient civilisation? Greece? The Norse? Really? Most laws in the world were initially developed by the Romans. Most of the greatest scientific breakthroughs were European.

    And do I support AA and BEE? Sure - just not the way they're implemented now. Right now its a case of give a man a fish every day instead of teaching him how to fish. Start new black owned businesses and facilitate skills transfer instead of forcing companies to give away a majority to blacks is much better don't you think? And how about making sure that the person with the best skills gets the job? if a black and white have the same skills by all means give it to the black, but if the white is better qualifies give it to him.

    But you don;t want them to actually have to compete and work right? No, they should be given everything on a silver platter. And by doing that you are in effect saying that they are incapable of competing with whites.

  22. hernandayoleary29 August 2013 01:37

    Nope, you want to write an IQ test in yoroba or igbo or Swahili, I am sure you will fail with flying colors. O now you are making excuses b/c you don't speak those languages.

    Original romans were black, Etruscans, the original italians before the latin arryans were black. Septimus Severus and whole severan dynasty, blacks.

    Asians have higher iq, but again it is cultural bias test. If Asians are so smart then why are half the asian countries like vietnam, burma, cambodia, north korea, mongolia etc dead broker than the black countries and white countries. Wealth has no causation to iq. I know mechanics who became millionaires by opening chains of shops and gifted iq people working in the sales department for the said mechanic. IQ is a learnable test. It cannot measure intelligence and is in the realm of pseudo-science.

    Well you claim whites are all superior, so BEE or AA can't work by giving it to the most qualified because if whites are inherently superior then they will always get the job. Hence, Blacks must be always given the preference to balance out the scale. And there really is no difference in qualification with job applicants. Now a days everyone has a degree. I never recall ever applying to a job where there was a lack of qualified people. My job is in finance, difficult to get, but any 18 year old could my job, its not that complex. In fact I'd wager that an 18 year old could do just about any job short of astrophysics.

    Yes blacks should get everything on a platter because you claim they are so dumb and hopeless its the only way to balance the scale. You told me they have inferior iqs, they are stupider, they have a history of being dumb and stupid, never achieved nothing, couldn't build a wheel or sail a boat. They are criminal prone, violent, have no skills, are not qualified. Well if what you say is true then one would have to logically conclude that they are incapable of competing with whites on an "equal" color blind playing field. So yes, they should be given advantages, given the job if they are "underqualified" and so on. After all you claim whites are all superior so they will succeed anyways.

  23. Oh please - fallacy. Black Americans who have ALWAYS lived in a western environment STILL score lower. Even those that have lived in "privileged" environments. So your argument is invalid.

    And if I'm not mistaken, the test has been conducted thousands and thousands of times. each time blacks score lower.

    Keep telling yourself that blacks were the original Romans - go ahead. Your delusions will catch up with you.

    And simply because ON AVERAGE blacks are less intelligent doesn't mean there aren't outliers and I know some extremely intelligent ones - just like I have met a few really stupid whites - you for instance.

    We do succeed in case you hadn't noticed even when the jobs are going to the unqualified and illiterate blacks who stuff things up royally. Or hadn't you noticed whites still earn more even when excluded from the jobs market? Its because we start our own businesses and make it a success. South African blacks CANNOT do that on the whole and therefore want to take, take, take.

  24. You are just annoying me now. I have to go through the comments and your drivel makes me eyes hurt.

    You've already exposed yourself as either a dumb, ignorant f*ck or a non-South African by claiming that most houses in South Africa have gas lines.

    You suck bullshit facts out of your arse like that the UK has more rapes than South Africa. I think if there's one thing EVERYBODY in the world knows is that SA has the highest number of rapes in the world. I'm sure it's more in the rest of Africa, but they just don't have systems in place to record the number of rapes and the women there just accept rape as something that a black man is entitled to.

    You claim (or suggest) in comments that you are white. Which I doubt, because I have NEVER come across such a self-loathing white in my life. If you're white, why don't you just paint yourself black and change your name to Deshaun and go and live in Liberia, which is the prime example of what a country colonized by blacks ends up like...

    I think you are black. And I think you are not South African. Or maybe the child of one of the ANC "stalwarts" who struggled so hard via correspondence from their cushy homes in the USA and Europe.

    If you are black, then by God, I have never met a more racist black person in my life.

    If blacks were so fucking amazing, why is Africa a shit hole? That is the only question to ask. Oh, sorry I already know the answer to that. It's the white man's fault.

    But surely if these super-human blacks that you talk about already had the wheel (but just chose not to use it), knew the "value" of the diamonds that were lying on the ground all over the country, were sailing around the Indian Ocean way before us horrible, filthy Europeans, they would've colonized US first.

    You are so full of shit it's almost impossible to believe.

    If you are white, I suggest that you go to an AU conference of some sort and douse yourself in petrol, put a tyre around your neck and set yourself alight, because anyone who hates his own race as much as you do should be the first to kill yourself as an apology to the far superior Africans.

    We will then all follow your example and kill ourselves because we are white and we are to blame for everything that is wrong in the world and because our ancestors were such illiterate, poor, filthy, murderous scum that went around the world pillaging, raping, torturing, enslaving and stealing land from the FAR SUPERIOR blacks.

    Now you can fuck off of my site and go and cry in the corner of your shower because you have a white skin. I'm blacklisting you because if I read any more of the dog shit coming from your IP address (surely invented by the blacks way before we came to Africa, but they just kept it a secret), I'll vomit all over my (black) keyboard.

    Hakuna Matata

  25. Gemma, don't waste your breath on this guy anymore. I've blacklisted him.

    By the way, I tracked his IP address to Toronto, Canada.

    He's got a blog - unless there's another Hernanday O'leary in Toronto.

    "Actually come to think of it, after living in Toronto for over 20 years..." - He's got a lot to say about South Africa for someone who's lived in Canada for the last 20 years.

    "I'd recommend for any decent looking black guy to go to sweden so he can also experience what it is like to drown in Vj jay, complete hotties drool over black men there it is quite comical, I now know what it is like to be a white man in asia or latin america Idea LOL." - I think old Hernanday might have a little sweet spot for black men himself, which would explain a lot.

  26. I checked him out too. He's now stalking me on the Mail and Guardian site and the comments there.

  27. paris a french native girl was found dead by an overdose mix heroin cocain alcohl by the luxury hotel of a member of sa embassy they had spend the night with friends togher than over they had an "after" drinking where the blacks bring death where ever they are