Monday, 4 February 2013

Saint Nelson Mandela

If you want to get a top job in Hollywood, it seems like you have to list "meeting Nelson Mandela" as one of your achievements on your resume.

They line up like desperate puppies at his gate to shake his hand. When they are interviewed years later, they go on about meeting the old terrorist and how his smile "changed their lives".

Statues of Madiba are littered all over the world. But we're not all fooled by the MSM puppet.

This guy was in jail for terrorism and treason. Like hundreds of Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. I don't know why the US hasn't done the same thing to diffuse Islamic Terrorism. All you have to do is brainwash one of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, put him under house arrest for a few years and groom him to become a messiah of the oppressed masses. Most people would believe the crap if you keep ramming it into their heads. Even the most anti-Islamic American would - after a few years of indoctrination - believe that the guy was actually a saint.

I believe that the powers that be groomed Mandela to become the messiah. And it was probably a good thing. South Africa would've gone the route of civil war. But Nelson only postponed it. We should never forget that Mugabe was also revered as the messiah of the oppressed masses. Ghana, which was the first African colony to gain independence was "led to majority rule" by Kwame Nkrumah, who ended up a megalomaniac, almost worshiped by the rest of Africa.

I grew up in the most turbulent decade of South Africa's history. And I never even heard Mandela's name. My parents heard about him when he was on trial in the 60's and never again. I can guarantee you that 90% of the blacks in the country didn't know who he was until the powers that be decided that he was the right candidate to lead South Africa to democracy. (African democracy, though - one man one vote, once)

I could go on about the life of Mandela, but it's been done.

I dread Mandela's death. It's going to go on and on and on. We're going to be bored to death by the endless tributes and whining and howling. Flowers and processions and tribute concerts and donations to the foundations. Every celebrity will jump on the bandwagon. I'll definitely turn off my TV for about 6 months.

A lot of people see through the lies and bloated adoration of an ex-terrorist turned messiah. Watch these videos below. We're not all as thick as the MSM would like us to be.

I guess we should give the old fool some credit for not slaughtering all the whites after he took power. But his party is doing a pretty good job today.


  1. A thief will always want to hide his deeds. Corruption, nepotism and plain common theft is rife in our country; it’s obvious you don’t see it.

    Remember the written word of truth will always prevail and will eventually destroy the AK 47 and all its servants.

    The route that the ANC is now embarking on alienates all democrats who once loved the ANC.
    A split is inevitable between communists and democrats.

    Capitalism may be the unequal distribution of wealth but communism is the equal distribution of poverty.

    Beware the Chinese love affair will end in new colonialism and worse oppression than apartheid could ever dream of.

  2. if you hate s.a and blacks this much why dont you get the fuck out of our country.Maybe you are so fucken poor you cant afford to leave,you got the nerve to insult Mandela.We should have killed all of you when we had a chance

  3. Would you have had it in a different ,blacks being granted their freedom through armed struggle , its not like we not aware of what had transpired , trust me we are ! But what I'm asking is what you have rather had it doen in another manner ! !

  4. nelson mandela was and still is a terroist a he and other murderers should all rot in hell hope he dies he is a con man

  5. give me yr address and i come and give yr arse a good hiding

  6. I like what you said last:

    "Beware the Chinese love affair will end in new colonialism and worse oppression than apartheid could ever dream of."

    We need to wake up

  7. Kyle Rasmusson30 June 2013 21:48

    If you are going to make death threats, at least have the balls to post under your real name. You are a coward.

  8. Mandela should be necktied

  9. He and Winnie don't just go after Whites but Christians of all race as well.

  10. This is interesting. Mandela passed today (12/05/2013) and something compelled me to search "the truth about nelson mandela" on and here I am. Granted, I'm one of the ignorant ones who just sort of "knew" of Nelson Mandela (patriot, saved the africans from the oppressed/ended aparthaid, revolutionary), but never really delved into WHY Mandela was considered such a "messiah". Unfortunately this is a reoccurring in recent history with many of these so-called "revolutionaries", who are toted as freedom fighters. I'm sure much more will be coming out (at least, in the alternative media) about "the other side" of mandela.

  11. You are very ignorant

  12. Trevor Johnson17 April 2014 01:22

    Who was the President of South Africa when the most notable corruption incident occurred (the arms deal)..... ??????